How I lost my privileges to shave my vagina

My Dear shaved me fully clean, so I was super smooth and soft. Afterwards, he told me that I no longer was allowed to shave and had to track my pubic hair growth weekly by taking a new picture every Wednesday. The last two weeks, I’ve groomed myself by combing and rubbing in coconut oil to make my hairy vagina extra soft to my Dear’s liking. The sensation with having a hairy vagina is so invigorating and lately discovered a new fetish with loving being hairy. It’s incredibly sensitive as my pubic hair rubs along my Dear’s fresh shaved penis during intimacy. Recently a week ago, I did get a shave grooming by my Dear.

Currently I’m on week 7. Here’s the progression through the weeks:

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6 thoughts on “How I lost my privileges to shave my vagina

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    My “Dear” decided it was time for no more hair. I can’t believe after he shaved me, that I am so so pink and delicately soft a day later.

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            Difference from week 0 to week 8.5. I’m more in love with my little hairy vagina than from when I was told to stop shaving. #noshave #hairy

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