My sister and her friend!

My Brother!!

He keeps spying on me and my friend. He comes in and insisted to watch a movie with us. He is such a dirty pervert, he started touching my best friend inappropriately!!



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My Sister and Her Friends

My sister, Allison, is a stone fox. She is 5’6″, 120 pounds, with long blond hair, blue eyes, and a body that would grace any centerfold. She’s nineteen, a year older than I am, and a freshman at our local junior college.

She’s always been beautiful, even when she was a little girl, with curly blonde hair and a face like an angel. She hangs out with two of her friends, Janice and Barb, who she has known since her childhood. All three of them have treated me like the little brother. Which means a pain in the ass that they had to tolerate.

I’m not so little anymore; I’m 6’1′, 180 pounds with a well-toned body, and like my sister, I’ve got blond hair and blue eyes. Some girls have told me that I’m good looking, but it hasn’t really gotten me anywhere because I’m still a virgin. If what the guys at school say is true, I’m the only male virgin in my senior class.

I haven’t gotten any farther than some heavy make-out sessions. I had a girlfriend, Heather, for awhile, but it was just my luck that she was a goody two-shoes who was going to save herself for marriage. I put my hand on her tit once, and that was it for Heather. And for me.

Janice is tall with shapely legs that go all the way up to her armpits. Her breasts are on the smaller side, but they go well with the rest of her body. She has long auburn hair, green eyes, with a smattering of freckles across her face.

Barb has coal-black hair, dark eyes, and she’s built like a brick shithouse. I notice a girl’s tits. I fantasize about girls’ tits. I’m a total tit man. Well, I’m an ass man too. And I might be a pussy man, if I ever get to see one.

When the three of them are around here together, which is like every weekend, it’s pheromone city, as far as I’m concerned. I guess you could call me kind of a gawker, but if it’s there to look at, I’m going to look at it. And knowing what a horny teenager I am, they go out of their way to flaunt it, and tease the shit out of me.

When she’s at home, Allison often goes bra-less and I can see her tits jiggle and bounce when she walks. Depending on what she’s wearing, her nipples often stick out through the fabric of her top. She wears cut-off shorts, that are so short, the bottoms of her ass cheeks hang out. And what an ass! Perfect round globes. When she walks, her hips twitch and the cheeks bounce.

I haven’t seen her naked boobs yet, but it’s not from lack of trying.

Janice and Barb came over to spend the weekend. Sometimes I think there’s a conspiracy among the three of them to see how much they can turn me on. It doesn’t take a lot.

Janice arrived first. She was wearing a denim mini-skirt that showed off her gorgeous long legs. She wore a low-cut crop top that bared her slender midriff. I had thoughts about kissing that tender young flesh.

“Hey, Mikey, how are you doing?” She put her arms around me and gave me a big hug. Her firm tits pressed into my chest. I estimated they were about a B cup, a really nice handful. I was trying to remember when they started hugging me? Not that I mind, but I sometimes have trouble deciding what to do with my hands. Like I really wanted them around her bare waist, but I was too chickenshit to do it.

I hate it when they call me Mikey, but they’ve been doing it since I was a little kid. I finally got Allison to call me Mike.

I watched Janice go up the stairs to Allie’s room. Half-way up I could see under her short skirt. Jesus! she was wearing a thong. Both globes of ass were completely exposed. My cock started to rise.

Just then the doorbell rang, and I frantically tried to re-arrange the boner in my pants before answering the door. Barb gave me a hug, too, and her big soft tits squashed against my chest. As she pulled me into her, I know she could feel my hard cock pressing against her stomach.

Barb was wearing a pair of tight yoga pants. I guess all yoga pants are tight, but these looked like they’d been painted on her. In the back, the fabric disappeared in the crack in her ass, clearly showing both cheeks. In the front, her pussy was clearly defined; the crotch pulled in between her fat lips in a perfect camel toe.

When the girls all got together in Allie’s room, the laughter and the girl-talk commenced. They had a couple bottles of wine in there, and when they do that, their banter gets a little risquĂ©. I wasn’t privy to their conversations, but I heard about them later.

“Jeez, Allie, when I gave Mikey a hug, I could swear he had a hard-on,” Janice said with a giggle.

“Yeah, me too,” Barb added. “He tried his best to keep his ass backed up so I wouldn’t feel it, but I did anyway.”

“How big is his cock, Allison?”

“I don’t know; I’ve never seen it.”

“You’ve lived with him in the same house, even sharing a bathroom, for eighteen years, and you’ve never seen his dick?”

“Well, I did when we were little, but not since then.”

“God, I see my brother’s all the time. He loves to flash it at me. Ronnie’s a total weenie-wagger,” Barb giggled.

“What do you do when he pulls it out?”

“Sometimes I give him a hand job, sometimes a blow job, and I’m working my way up to fucking him.”

“You’d fuck your brother?”

“Sure, why not? You wouldn’t fuck Mike if you got the chance?”

“I’ve never really thought about him that way. Hmmm.”

“Has he ever seen you naked?”

“Not that I know of. One time he came in the bathroom when I was in the shower, but the doors are frosted, so you can’t see anything but a shape.”

“Is he still a virgin?”

“Oh my God, yes. The poor guy hasn’t done anything more than kiss a girl, and only one girl at that.”

“Have you looked at him lately? He’s turned into a real hunk.”

“Anyone want to guess how big his dick is?”

“Soft or hard?”


“Why don’t we have a pool? One of us take six inches, one seven inches, and one eight. Here, I’ll write the numbers on little pieces of paper and we can each draw one.

“I got seven,” Janice said. Barb got six and Allison got eight.

“I think you ought to seduce him, Allie,” Barb giggled, slightly snockered from all the wine they’d consumed.

“That would really be fun,” Janice added. “Are you up for it, Allison?”

“Shit, why not. How do I start?”

“Start off slowly and work up to it. Like, start off by flashing a little tit.”

And there it began. And here I was, not the aggressor, but an innocent “victim.” Not that I was complaining, mind you.

Allison’s dress became a little looser, a little more revealing. The next time she wore her loose tank top, she wasn’t wearing a bra. I have tit radar; I make it a point to be aware of things like that.

When she bent over to pick something up, her top fell away, and for the first time in my life, I got a look at real tits. They dangled so provocatively, and jiggled when she moved. I didn’t get a real clear view of her nipples, but I could see they were pink. When she stood up again, she looked me straight in the eye and gave me a smile. Then she looked at the tent in my sweatpants, and her smile broadened. All of a sudden, I had new grist for my nightly jerk-off fantasies. Now I wanted to see them totally bare. Whole tits. Naked tits. Allison told her friends what she had done so far, and they decided to help her out a bit.

I came home from my weekend job at the pizza parlor, and the girls were sunning themselves in the backyard. They were wearing bikinis! They were lying on their stomachs and, because they couldn’t see me, I could leisurely scope out three gorgeous asses.

Allison was wearing a pretty small bikini, but I could see almost all of her ass– it is perfect. Round, heart-shaped; I’d love to get my hands on that. I could imagine what it would feel like to touch it, feel it, knead it.

Janice and Barb were both wearing thongs, that left virtually nothing to the imagination. Barb’s ass was big, like her tits, but it is delectable. The string that disappeared between her cheeks, didn’t cover her asshole, which was puckered and brown.

Janice’s ass was tight, but shapely, just like the rest of her body. Her rosebud, was small and cute, and very pink, just waiting to be licked. I wondered if anyone had ever done that to her before?

Hunger finally broke my reverie, and I stopped looking to rummage around in the refrigerator. When I finished my sandwich, I looked outside again, and all the girls had untied their tops. They were still laying on their stomachs and I couldn’t see a whole lot, just a glimpse of the flattened sides of Allie’s boobs, because she was the closest to me.

I kind of skulked behind the curtain, trying to stay out of site, just in case one of them might turn over and get me a look at the real thing. I guess my cover got blown, because Allie turned her head and hollered over her shoulder.

“Hey, Mike, how about bringing us each a beer?”

I went into the fridge and got four beers, one for myself. I was sure they would retie their tops when I came out. But they didn’t. They all sat up and turned right toward me.

Holy shit! There were three sets of live, luscious breasts right before my very eyes. Which were totally bugged out.

“We’re not embarrassing you, are we Mikey?” Barb asked with a smirk.

“Abba abba…. uh…. um, ah n-no.” I suavely stuttered, like this is something I was totally used to


“Sit down and have a beer with us, bro,” Allison said.

I was so flummoxed by what I was seeing, that I completely forgot to check my pants for tell-tale signs of excitement. My board shorts were completely tented out. The girls were having a wonderful time, exchanging smirks and knowing looks.

Barb, by far, had the biggest tits, about the size of cantaloupes, with big brown areolas and brown nipples. They were kind of saggy, but who could expect boobs of that size to stick out straight.

Janice’s were what you’d probably call “perky.” They were smallish, firm, and stood straight out. They were capped with pink, puffy nipples. You couldn’t really tell where the areola left off and the nipple began. Unless they were hard, and I hadn’t seen that yet.

Allison’s breasts were just perfect, the best looking of all of them. A full C cup (I checked out her bra in the laundry) they were round and firm, with a really nice ski-jump uplift. She had pink, quarter-sized areolas with long nipples. I later learned that they were that long because she was totally aroused.

While I watched, they broke out some sun block and began applying it to their fronts. Each of them lingered over their tits, running their hands all over them, lifting them up, and smearing them with oil. They lingered over their nipples, and I watched all of them get hard and stick out.

I couldn’t stand any longer. I was so hot and so hard, I had to take care of it. I got up and, bent over almost double with my hands in front of my crotch, I streaked into the house to the nearest bathroom. It took about three strokes before I shot an enormous load of cum all over the floor.

Since that afternoon, Allie’s demeanor totally changed toward me. The term sexpot comes to mind. She came into my room that evening. She was wearing some kind of shiny dressing gown; satin, I think. And the way her nipples stuck out, she wasn’t wearing a bra.

“So, Mike, did you like what you saw today? Your penis sure liked it.” My face turned beet red.

“Well, um, er, yeah I-I did. I mean, like I’m a typical horny teenage guy. I’ve never seen live tit… uh, breasts before.”

“You can say tits. Whose did you like the best?”

“Um, y-yours.”

“Why mine?”

“Uh, well, they’re just a beautiful size and shape. I mean, you’re so totally beautiful all over, it stands to reason that your tits would be too.”

“Why thank you, Michael; that’s the sweetest thing you’ve ever said to me.”

She hugged me and gave me a firm kiss on the lips. I think that was the first time she ever kissed me, since we were five and six years old, playing house. I hated it that time. Her tits pressed into my chest, and she had on some kind of flavored lip-gloss. The taste stayed with me for the rest of the evening.

“Here, do you want to feel them?” Does a bear shit in the woods?

Before I could answer, she took my hands and placed them right on her boobs. I was so paralyzed for a minute; I just left them in that one place and didn’t move them at all. Then my libido took over like it was guiding my hands by remote control.

I felt them all over, through the sleek satin gown. I put my hands underneath them and lifted them up, feeling their weight. My fingers traced across the uplift on the tops, around the swell at the sides, finally settling on her nipples. When I stroked them, I felt them grow hard under my fingers.

Allison’s breathing got heavy, and she had this faraway look in her eyes. She backed away after awhile and I dropped my hands. Before she left my room, she reached into my lap, wrapped her hand around my cock and gave it a nice squeeze. What the fuck?

Her friends came over the next weekend. They asked Allie what she had done with me, and were disappointed that she hadn’t done more. They wanted her to speed up the process. I heard a bunch of giggling going on, and then they called me into her bedroom.

I was totally flummoxed. Each one of them was wearing some kind of really sheer lingerie. I’m not totally sure what you’d call them, because they were all different. A teddy, or a chemise, or whatever, but the one thing they all had in common was you could see right through them.

One of them was red, another one was black, and Barb wore a white one. They all had the briefest of matching panties underneath them. Like thong brief. Suave, I wasn’t. I stood there with my mouth hanging open, and I wiped it with the back of my hand, just in case I was drooling. Their faces all wore identical smirks.

I found it most interesting that I had seen all their naked tits before, but somehow they seemed a whole lot sexier in the nighties. That’s probably why God invented lingerie.

“So, Mikey, which one do you like best? We want a guy’s opinion.”

“Abba abba, uh, um, well, I like all of them. Maybe the white one?”

Allison was wearing the white one, and I think I was judging the tits more than anything. It kind of felt like a scene in “The Three Bears”– Janice’s were too small, Barb’s were too big, and Allie’s were just right. Besides, I had felt hers, and I really wanted to do it again. Then I noticed they were all staring at my crotch, and my erection REALLY stood out in my basketball shorts.

“So, how big is it, Mikey?” Barb asked.

“Uh, how big is what?”

“How big is your cock?” she asked, pointing right at my hard-on.

I heard giggling behind me, as I turned bright red and fled the room.

Allie knocked on my door and came into my bedroom after the other girls had gone. She was wearing her short satin robe again. I wondered if she still had that lacy little thong under it.

“Did we embarrass you, Mike?”

“Hell yeah. How would you like it if a bunch of my friends pointed at your tits and asked you how big they are?”

“You already know how big they are. You’ve seen them for one thing, and for another, you’ve been messing around with my underwear in the laundry hamper in the bathroom for a long time. You know my bra is a C cup, and you’ve been jerking off into my panties.”

Busted. She doesn’t know about the fresh pair I’ve got hidden under my pillow.

“So, how big is your dick?”

“I don’t know, I’ve never measured it.”

“I want to see it.”

“Why? You’ve seen a cock before.”

“Only Brad’s, and he’s kinda smallish. I think. His doesn’t make near the kind of bulge in his pants as your does. I only touched it once, and it was dark in his car, so I didn’t see a lot.”

” Why do you want to see mine?”

“You’ve seen my tits, it’s only fair. Besides, I want to measure it.”

“What the fuck do you want to measure it for?”

“Because, um, Janice and Barb and I have a pool going on how big it is.” She looked down at the floor when she said that.

“You mean you have a fucking BET on how long my dick is?”

“I’ll make you a deal; you let me measure your cock, and I’ll jerk it off for you.”

“So what length did you bet on?”

“If it’s closer to eight than seven, then I win.”

Jesus! A hand-job from a gorgeous woman. How can a horny red-blooded guy turn that down. Even if she is my sister. She looked anxious, so I thought I’d try to sweeten the pot a little bit.

“Okay, a hand-job, but you’ve gotta be naked when you do it.”

“Why do I have to be naked? You’ve already seen my boobs.”

“Well, I’m going to have my pants off, and that’s naked for me.

Besides, the more inspiration I have, the longer my dick will get.”

“Okay, I guess.”

“One more thing.”

“You’re going to touch mine, so I get to touch yours.”

“Touch my what?”

“Touch your tits and your, um, pussy.”

“You already touched my tits.”

“Not when they’re bare.”

“But I’m going to make you cum.”

“Okay, I’ll make you cum, too. You’ll have to show me how to do it though. You do like orgasms don’t you? I mean you make enough noise when you get yourself off with your vibrator.”

It was her turn to blush crimson. I thought I’d make the first move, so I pulled my tee shirt over my head and dropped my shorts to the floor. I was sporting the biggest boner I ever had in my life.

“Wow! That is a nice big one. Let me get a ruler.”

“Uh-uh. Get naked first.”

Allison took a deep breath, undid the belt on her robe, and let it drop to the floor. She hooked her thumbs under the strings on her thong and pulled it down. My very first pussy! It was as bald as the day she was born. My cock throbbed when I looked at her slit. More like stared at it.

She got the ruler off my desk and put one hand on my cock to hold it down so she could measure it. Her hand was on my boner! Her small soft hand. A jolt of electricity surged through me, and I leaked a little bit of pre-cum.

She messed with my dick in one hand and the ruler in the other, jabbing one end of it into my pubis, right by the root. She studied the markings on the ruler, with furrowed brows, then she let out a whoop!

“Seven and three-quarters. I win!”

As she was bent over, her breasts hung down so totally provocatively, that I couldn’t help but fill my hands with them. I skimmed my palms over her nipples and watched them get hard. When I rolled them between my thumb and forefinger, I heard a soft moan escape from deep in her throat.

She started slowly stroking my shaft, gripping the skin and sliding it up and down. Even though I am circumcised, there’s enough loose skin to pull over my head. I was in ecstasy; no one had ever touched my cock before but me.

“You have to tell me what you like, Mike. I’ve only done it once before, and I didn’t know what I was doing.”

I thought, surely, she’d had more experience than that. Just then I leaked a sizeable quantity of pre-cum, and I told her to rub it all over my crown. She tightened her grip, and my lubricated head now slipped easily through her fist. I showed her where my frenulum is, that little inverted V just at the juncture of my shaft and head, and asked her to rub all over that with her thumb.

“Jeez, Allie, I’m almost ready…. almost… just about there…. AHHHHH!”

I let go with the biggest load I’d ever shot. Spurt after spurt of hot cum splashed all over the front of her; some on her throat, down her chest and a bunch on her tits. We both watched as a glob hung off one of her nipples, finally dripping off and landing on her thigh.

“Oh my God, look at that.” She scooped a bunch of up in her hand and played with it.

“Don’t tell me you haven’t seen semen before?”

“Not really. I told you, I only did one hand job in the dark, and it was soaked up in his shirt.”

“Are you a virgin? I thought sure you and Bill Reynolds were doing the deed.”

“Well, sort of.”

“How are you ‘sort of’ a virgin?”

“Well, I’ve never fucked a guy; that is, I’ve never had a penis inside me, but I don’t have a hymen anymore, cause I’ve had other stuff in there.”

“What kind of other stuff?”

“A dildo and a vibrator. Um, Janice and Barb and me, we, uh, popped each other’s cherries with a toy.”

“You mean you and your girlfriends mess around with each other?”


“Mess around how?”

“Well we started out practicing kissing, then we felt each other’s tits, and then it kind of progressed from there to rubbing our pussies, then licking them, and stuff like that.”

“Wow, I’d really like to watch that.”


“Guys really like to watch girls do each other, it’s kind of a natural guy thing. If they didn’t, there wouldn’t be so much girl-on-girl porn out there.”

“You watch porn on your computer?”

“Yeah. Do you?”

“Yeah, we do watch some.”

“So you could say, then, that we both know what to do, we’ve just never done it.”

“Yeah, you could say that. Now that you’ve got me all hot and bothered, you have to make me cum.”

Allison, still naked, lay back on the bed, lifted her knees up, and spread her legs wide apart. I wasn’t sure exactly what to do, so I just started feeling her mound, letting my fingers trail down to her outer lips. They started to turn pink and swell up.

When I ran my finger up and down her slit, I felt it get moist, and then some pink parts peeked out between her puffy lips. She took her fingers and spread the lips apart, revealing all of her pussy to my hungry eyes.

I knew about finger fucking, so I slid my middle finger into her vagina, and felt all around inside it. It was hot and slippery wet. I sawed my finger in and out a few times, then brought it up to my nose to smell. I’d heard guys say that a pussy smells like fish, but hers didn’t; it had a musky sweet odor to it, and I rubbed some of the juice on my upper lip, just under my nose.

“Show me how to touch you, Allie.”

She made two fingers into a small V shape, and ran them up and down both sides of her clit, then I took mine and did what she showed me. She moaned deep in her throat.

“Now get a finger wet and run in small circles all around my clit.”

She slid her hood back, and I could see her little pearl pop out. I alternated the circles with rapid flicks across it, and her hips started to buck and more juice poured out and ran down the crack in her ass.

“Oh God, yes… yes…yes. Do it just like that… faster… faster. I’m gonna cummmm…. OH nnnggghhh….. nnnggghhh…. FUCK….”

She shouted as she came, flooding my hand with hot liquid. I felt really proud of myself. I wondered if there was more she’d let me do with her. She gave me a big hug before she left; two naked bodies pressed together.

I was hard again, my cock pressed into her belly. She looked down at it and smiled, then broke away to go to her room. The next night, she came into my room again.

“Uh, Mike, when I measured your dick last night, I told you I won the pool. Well, Janice and Barb aren’t going to just take my word for it; they want to verify it.”

“How are they going to verify it?”

“Well, um, they want to measure it for themselves.”

“What if I say no?”

“Then I don’t win the bet.”

“What do you win? It must be pretty good. If it’s money, you’ll have to split it with me.”

“It’s not the prize, it’s the honor.”

“Your honor is hinged on my cock?”


“Well, if I do it, they have to be naked too.”

“What if they don’t want to?”

“It’s up to you to talk them into it.”

“Shit. Well, I’ll try.”

Allison came back in a few minutes.

“They’ll do it, but you have to bring some of your pot. We have some vodka and O.J. and they want to party.”

“How do you know I have any pot?”

“You always have weed. You think I don’t know what it smells like?”

I took off all my clothes and put on a short robe, grabbed a handful of joints, and headed over to Allie’s room. The girls were all wearing robes, too, and there was a giant pitcher of screwdrivers sitting on her dressing table.

“Hey, Mikey,” Janice trilled.

“Okay, we need to get something straight here,” I said sternly. Then I kind of laughed up my sleeve when I realized the double entendre. “I’m not Mikey anymore. If I’m going to show you my cock, you have to call me Mike, or Michael.”

“Okay, Michael,” she replied, handing me a huge glass of screwdriver, “now fire up one of those doobies.”

There wasn’t really anyplace to sit, except Allie’s bed, so we sat in a circle on the soft carpet. Everyone looked a little nervous, especially me. Everybody downed a glass of vodka and OJ, and I lit a joint and passed it around. Allison and Barb sucked theirs down like a couple of pros– I’d never suspected Allie of being a stoner, but then I never suspected her of being a virgin either.

Janice took one hit, and totally choked on it, coughing and hacking and turning red in the face. Barb laughed, and showed her how to take in just a little bit of smoke, and a lot of air. She quickly got the hang of it. Before long everyone was REALLY mellow.

“Okay, so how do we do this?” Allie asked.

“Well, he whips his penis out, and we measure it.”

“But we have to get naked, too. So, on the count of three, we all drop our robes?”

“One at a time, please,” I said, with a Cheshire cat grin on my face.

“Who goes first?”

“We’ll do rock, paper, and scissors for it.”

Janice lost, so she went first, then Barb, and my sister was last. She put a CD on her stereo, a medium tempo soft rock album by some group I didn’t recognize. We had another glass of screwdrivers, and lit up one more joint.

Jan is a total ham, so she decided to put a little pizzazz into disrobing. She stood up and started to dance to the music, swinging and swaying to the beat. She did a 360 degree turn, and when she faced me, she pulled the top of her robe open for a moment, flashing her tits at me. So far, in my teenage life, that was the most erotic thing I had ever seen. Little beknown to me, there was much more to come.

She turned around a couple more times, then stood right in front of me and dropped her robe to the floor. Her firm tight tits just invited my hands to reach out and grab them, but I restrained myself. Her pussy was shaved, just like Allie’s, and I could see a bit of liquid shining on her thigh. She had a deep dimple right above her slit. Her puffy nipples were swelled up and hard.

Barb was next, and she made no pretense of being subtle or teasing; she just stripped off her robe and let it pool at her feet. She had a narrow landing strip down her mound, but her pussy lips were shaved clean. Her enormous tits were staring me right in the face, and when she moved her body to the music, they swayed and bounced all over her chest. I was going crazy with lust, and a big spot of pre-cum stained the front of my robe.

Allison was last, and she didn’t put on a show. She figured I’d already seen her naked, so she just dropped her robe. She did, however, move with the music, and her swaying, bouncing tits were absolutely spectacular. I was literally quivering with anticipation, surrounded by three gorgeous naked girls.

“Okay, Mikey–er Mike, it’s your turn to get naked,” Janice said.

Barb had a ruler in her hand. I had temporarily forgotten the reason for this gathering. I thought I would be shy and hesitant, but it turns out, I must have an exhibitionist gene. I downed my drink in one gulp, and shucked my robe. I arched my back and thrust my pelvis forward, making my boner stick out as far as I could.

“Yum yum,” Barb said, licking her lips.

When she took hold of it, to measure it, it twitched right out of her hand. She giggled and got a firm grip on it. All three girls had their faces right next to it when they checked out my measurements.

“Yeah, I guess you win, Allie, it’s seven and three-quarters all right. Okay, Mike, I know you can’t just stand there with a hard-on and no relief; so why don’t you jack off for us?”

“Why don’t one of us do it for him? We can do a rock-paper-scissors again to see who gets to do it,” Barb said with a lascivious grin on her face.

“I got a better idea. Let’s all do it. We’ll have a contest; each one of us will get three strokes, and the one who makes him cum wins.”

“What do we win?”

“Uh, let’s see…Okay, whoever wins gets him to eat her pussy.”

“What about the losers?”

“Hmm, well, they’ll have to eat each other while he watches.”

Holy shit! Didn’t I have anything to say about this? All of a sudden I was becoming their personal boy-toy. And I was loving every minute of it. Then they had to decide who went first.

Barb won the honors. Her grip was firm when she wrapped her hand around my shaft. She held on tight, and moved the skin back and forth with three long, slow strokes.

Janice went next. I thought it was a little odd the way she was so tentative in the way she reached out for my dick. Come to think of it, it was a little odd the way she kept staring at it. Come to find out, mine was the first she had ever seen, let alone touched. I thought college girls all would have had more experience than that. She grabbed it quickly, gave it three short jerks and let it go like it was a red-hot iron. Actually, it was, but not in that context.

It was Allison’s hand that felt the best. Maybe because it was familiar. Maybe it was because it is my sister’s. Her touch was soft, but it shot a jolt of electricity all through my body. I wasn’t sure how long I could hold out; the touch and visual scenes in front of me were driving me close to the edge. As they bent over me, their tits dangled and bobbed and jiggled.

Each girl had three or four turns, I think. Actually, I was so into the sensation, I didn’t really count. Allie’s turn came again, just as I let go what felt like a quart of pre-cum. She coated my crown with it and started twisting her hand around the head. That was all she wrote.


I swear the rope of cum I shot must have gone three or four feet across the room.

“Shit,” Barb said, “Allison wins again. “I wanted to give him his first taste of cunt.”

Janice didn’t say a word, but just stood there dumbstruck. She stared at the big gob of goo in Allie’s hand, then reached out and scooped up a finger full. She examined it like a scientist would a slide under a microscope.

“EEW!” she screamed, when Barb licked some of it out of her hand. The other girls laughed.

I said I wanted to watch the two losers do each other, before I put my face in my sister’s crotch. Allie told them they had to put on the full show, and we lay, naked, side-by-side on the bed to watch. My cock was instantly hard again.

I hadn’t realized how totally fucking HOT watching two girls together could be. They started out kissing. It was light at first, but then total passion took over. Tongues dancing. Breasts pushed together. Asses caressed. Fingers crept between each other’s legs. Moaning. The ripe scent of cunt filled the air.

They lay down on the bed together, Janice on the bottom, with Barb on top of her. They lay torso to torso, so their tits were lined up with each other’s mouth. Barb, with her large, pendulous breasts, swiped a nipple over Jan’s face, teasing her with it, before dipping her face and taking her nipple into her mouth.

The two girls sucked each other’s tits until they were both moaning. Allison was breathing heavily beside me as we watched. They slid down each other’s body until they were face-to-pussy, in the classic sixty-nine position.

Barb, on top, had her legs spread wide apart, and I could see the backside of her dripping sex, as Janice’s tongue lapped at her clit. I’ve since come to really love the view of a pussy from the rear, with those big fat labia on display. Jan had both hands on her friend’s ass cheeks, pulling her harder into her face.

While we watched the girls moaning and writhing, I started skimming my hand over Allie’s gorgeous round ass, caressing it lightly. “Mmmmm,” she murmured. I slipped my fingers down the cleft between her cheeks, running it up and down, pausing to run a finger around and around her pink rosebud.

Moving my hand down a little lower, I found her pussy lips, teasing and tickling. She moaned again and spread her legs apart, giving me access to all of her sex. Sliding a finger into her slit, I found it wet and slippery. She gasped as my finger entered her vagina, as deep as it would go. When I found her clit, she started bucking her rear up and down. She rolled over on her back, drew her knees up, and spread her legs wide apart.

“NOW, Mike, I want to feel your mouth on me.”

She spread her lips wide apart, and I could see all the way down deep in her vagina. He clit was hard and throbbing, the little pearl just peeking from under its hood. I knelt down on the bed and ran feather kisses on the inside of her thigh, moving slowly down.

I kissed across her mound and down the other thigh, teasing, each time getting closer to her pussy. When I got to her swollen outer lips, I kissed them and nibbled them with my tongue. Allison fisted her hands in my hair, pulling my face down into her center and holding me there.

Her scent was driving me crazy, and I plunged my tongue into her to get my first taste of a woman. Ambrosia! Never having eaten a pussy before, I figure if I did the same thing with my lips and tongue that I did with my fingers, I’d be home free.

The sensation was unbelievable–all those soft folds and secret places. I think my tongue was as hard as my cock. I licked all around her swollen minora, inside and outside, then nibbled them with my lips and drew them into my mouth and sucked on them.

“Oh God, Mike, get to my clit. Please get to my clit.”

She was writhing and moaning and begging me to get her off, but I wanted to go slowly and let her build up her need. The hard tip of my tongue ran up and down both sides of her clitoris, again and again, before I finally slipped it beneath her hood and ran it around her swollen little bud.

“Suck it, Mike. Suck my clit.”

I drew it into my mouth, sucking hard, while at the same time, I flicked my tongue back and forth across it. It didn’t take long after that to bring her to a crashing orgasm.


I’d never heard my normally demure sister utter words like those. And I was really proud of myself for bringing her off like that. I rolled over on my back, and my cock was dripping enough pre-cum to soak the head and run down my shaft. Allie wrapped her hand around it and brought me off with just a few strokes. That was an afternoon that is permanently etched in my memory. And it was just the beginning.

Allison and I treated each other much differently than we had in the past. I couldn’t look at her without picturing what she looked like naked, and, unless it was my imagination, she looked at me the same way. We were always smiling quietly at each other, and I wondered if our parents noticed he difference. And if they did, what were they thinking?

The next weekend, when our folks were out, she tapped on my door again.

“Want to play some more games?”

“What kind of games?”

“Come over to my room and find out.”

I didn’t waste any time. Cavorting with three naked girls is any horny teenagers dream. They were all wearing robes again, and the libation du jour was gin and tonic. We sat in a circle on the floor again, drinks in hand, passing a joint around until everyone was really mellow. And really horny.

“So what are we doing today, ladies?” I asked.

“We’re going to take turns sucking your penis. We each get three head bobs at a time, and the one whose mouth you cum in wins.”

“What does she win?”

“She gets to fuck you first.”

“What do you mean by first?”

“We’re all going to fuck you, but the winner gets to cop your cherry.”

Straight out of Alice in Wonderland, I was standing there with a Cheshire cat grin on my face. Not only was I, Michael Collins, finally going to get laid, I was going to do it three times, with three of the most beautiful girls I’d ever seen. I dropped my robe, and the girls took theirs off. I couldn’t get used to this shit yet, but I was in hog heaven.

All three girls got down on their knees in front of me, and I guess I was supposed to move down the line from one to the other. I was so mesmerized by checking out six tits from the top view, that I almost forgot what we were doing. Six tits. Six nipples. Six HARD nipples. Gaaah!

Barb broke my reverie by grabbing my cock and pointing it toward her mouth. I thrust forward a bit, and she swallowed the whole thing. Deep-throated right at the get go! Her mouth was hot and wet, and she sucked with abandon. She did her three slurps, and with her saliva dripping off the head of my dick, I moved down the line.

Janice saw the spit on my tool, grabbed a tissue and wiped it off, just like a guy wipes off the lip of a coke bottle when it gets passed on to him to drink. She held it with her thumb and forefinger, with her pinkie raised in the air. She closed her eyes, put her mouth around it, barely taking in the head. As quickly as she could, she did her obligatory three gulps, and moved away as fast as she could.

Then Allison took her turn. She gave me a big smile and a wink, pursed her lips, and slid them around my throbbing dick. As she knelt, her long blond hair draped across her breasts, and her nipples poked through the silken curtain. That was the sexiest thing I had ever seen.

All of a sudden, I realized that I had completely fallen in love with my sister.

Her lips were soft; her mouth was warm and inviting. When she took my cock into her mouth, she didn’t immediately bob up and down as the other girls had done; she used her tongue, swirling it around and around my crown, flicking it over my sweet spot, just under the head.

We went several rounds, with each girl taking their turn. I wanted Allison to win. I had been practicing some yoga exercises that I found on the internet, that taught a guy how to prolong his ejaculation, so I had some control over when I chose to cum.

I felt my cream rising, and when Barb and Janice took their turns, I squeezed my PC muscles tight, and held it back. When Allie’s tongue worked its magic on me one more time, I fisted my hands in her hair, thrusting my hips forward.

I let go and shot my load deep into the back of her throat. Her hand kept moving, stroking, squeezing, until every last drop was drained. She tipped her head back and swallowed, catching a drop that oozed out of her mouth with her finger, then licked that clean. Janice, who was watching, had an expression on her face that was a cross between fascination and horror. She was a virgin, in every sense of the word.

So there I was, through a girls’ game, set up to fuck my sister. We were going to cross over the last line in the ultimate taboo. My raging hormones overcame my conscience, but I needed to talk it over with Allison first. We’d done enough fooling around as it was, but intercourse was a big step up.

When we were alone in the house, I knocked on her door and sat down with her on the edge of her bed.

“Are you okay with us fucking each other?” I asked.

“Yeah, I think so. I mean, I know about the incest thing, the taboo, and I thought long and hard about it.”

“I did too, but the thing is, I love you, and I don’t want anything to screw that up.”

“I love you too, Michael; I always have.”

“I guess what I’m trying to say, is that I’m IN love with you.”

“Oh wow. I think I’m in love with you, too. I never expected this to happen, but it has.”

“I want to make love with you, Allison. I want you to be my first.”

“Well, we will; I won the contest. I want you to be my first, also.”

“I really don’t want our first time to be in front of an audience. I want it to be just you and me, in private.”

“Yes. Kiss me, Michael.”

We wrapped our arms around each other, and I pressed my lips against hers; gently, tenderly at first, until our passion rose. My tongue snicked into her mouth and found hers and they tangled and danced together. My hands reached down and cupped both cheeks of her gorgeous ass, and I pulled her into me.

My hard cock pressed into her abdomen, and her firm breasts dug into my chest. We stood there, kissing, embracing, rocking gently back and forth in each other’s arms.

“Undress me,” her soft, sultry voice whispered in my ear.

One by one, I slowly undid the buttons on her blouse, and when it was opened, pulled it off her shoulders and let it land on the floor. She was wearing a lace demi-bra that cupped and lifted her breasts, barely covering her nipples.

My mouth left hers and traveled down her throat, raining kisses across her chest and over the swells of her tits, that spilled over the top of her bra. My tongue dipped beneath the lace, seeking out her nipples, that were now hard and pushing out through the fabric.

Allie reached behind her back, unhooked the bra and let her breasts spring free. So round, so firm, so fucking beautiful! She pulled my face into them, and I used the tip of my tongue to trace circles all around the swollen nubs. She moaned from deep in her throat as sucked one into my mouth, rolling the other between my thumb and forefinger. I felt her gasp and shudder, as a small orgasm ran through her body.

She clung to me for a moment, then backed away and unbuttoned my shirt. We kissed some more, skin to skin, on the upper halves of our bodies. Her warmth radiated through me, and my temperature was rising along with my cock.

Allison was wearing a denim skirt that I unzipped and let pool at her feet. She was wearing a black lace thong that matched her bra; the tiny scrap of fabric in the front was drawn into the cleft between her labia. She pulled the zipper down on my jeans. I slid them down my legs and stepped out of them. My erection was captured by the elastic on my boxers, the head sticking out above them.

My hands caressed the bare cheeks of her ass; her hands slipped inside my shorts and fondled mine. We broke the kiss, and I dropped to my knees in front of her, burying my face in her crotch. I blew my breath through her panties, before hooking my thumbs in the strings on the sides and pulling them down her legs.

Her smooth pussy was right there in my face. I pressed my lips against her mound, kissing all over it. Dropping farther down, I kissed her outer lips, swollen and puffy with her arousal. When my tongue roamed into her slit, she grasped both sides of my head and pulled me up.

“My turn,” she said.

She knelt down in front of me, and before she pulled my shorts down, she kissed the head of my cock that was visible above the waistband. When she pulled my shorts off, my hard-on sprang free, almost hitting her in the face. She took it in her hand and licked it from bottom to top, before standing up to embrace me again.

“God, I love your body, Allison.”

“I love yours, too, Michael.”

Naked, together, we kissed and rocked back and forth. Our hands roamed over each other’s body, touching, caressing.

“Lie down with me,” she panted in my ear.

We lay side-by-side facing each other, and stroked each other, using feather light touches. I ran my hands up and down Allie’s back, as she did mine. My hands caressed her soft round ass, my fingers dipping into the cleft between her cheeks, tickling her rosebud. She wiggled and moaned.

We shifted positions and began to stroke our front sides, with that same soft, gentle touch. She raked her fingernails gently over my balls and my cock, and I ran my fingertips over her breasts. Then down her stomach and between her legs.

My hands caressed her swollen outer lips, kneading and massaging them. She spread her legs apart, and my fingers found the inner folds of her pussy, already wet and ready. She moaned when I slipped two fingers into her vagina. With my thumb rubbing her clit, I sawed the fingers in and out.

“I’m cumming…. cumming….. nngghhh….OH GOD.” She settled back for a minute and caught her breath. “Come inside me, Michael, fuck me NOW.”

I knelt between her legs, my cock pointed right toward my target. Taking it in my hand, I rubbed it back and forth, between her lips and over her clit. I took a deep breath and slipped the head inside her vagina.

I was really going to get laid. I’d been waiting for this ever since I reached puberty. Fantasized about it. Dreamed about it. Jerked off to the image.

Rising up, I pushed my cock farther in; another inch. All my fantasies, all my expectations, never prepared me for the exquisite sensation I felt when I entered a pussy for the first time. It was hot. Tight. My penis was gripped in a liquid velvet glove.

I pushed farther and felt her vagina stretch to accommodate my girth. Allison gasped and thrust her hips up, causing me to plunge even deeper inside my sister.
“Are you okay, babe?” I asked her.

“I’m better than okay. You feel wonderful inside me. I’m filled up, fulfilled, complete; I’m finally a whole woman.”

I rose up again and plunged all the way in. Balls deep. Then I slowly rose out, the walls of her cunt gripping me as I slid through them. In. Out. Slowly. I looked down and I could see her labia curl and dip into her canal on my downstroke, then re-emerge when I pulled up.

I picked up the tempo a little bit, and Allison began to buck her hips in rhythm with my thrusts. She started to moan in earnest, and I matched her with groans of my own. Wrapping her legs around me, she pulled me in even deeper. She was so wet, there was milky-white juice running down all over my balls.

“Oh God, Michael, I feel like I’m gonna cum, but it’s much deeper inside me….oh God…. NOW….nnnghhhh….ahhhh….oooh. You, too? Shit, I can feel you explode, almost into my womb.”

I emptied myself and collapsed on top of her, resting my weight on my elbows. Bending down, my lips found hers, and we kissed, long and deep. We looked into each other’s eyes and smiled. I was besotted, totally in love with her. My sister.

We lay side-by-side, stroking each other again. I trailed a hand over her breasts. She reached between my legs.

“Oh my, you’re getting hard again.”


“Want to do it again?”

“Oh yeah.”

“I want to be on top this time.”

Allie rolled over on top of me and we kissed some more. I totally love kissing her; her lips are soft and supple, her tongue tantalizing. She sat up and straddled my hips, then slid her wet labia back and forth over my shaft. The sensation was incredible.

Each time she moved over me, her tits, dangling full, swayed

with her motion. I cupped them in my hands, kneading gently, running my thumbs over her nipples. Finally, she rose up, placed my cock at her entrance, and came down on me, impaling herself. Completely filled, she slowly rotated her hips; my cock swiveled inside her, stretching and touching all the walls of her vagina.

I grabbed both cheeks of her ass and slid her forward. She started rocking her pelvis, grinding her engorged clit against my pubic bone. She moaned and released another flood of hot liquid that ran down my shaft.

She raised herself up slowly and came down again. And again. And again. My hips rose up to meet her, our tempo increased, faster and faster, until we were in a fucking frenzy. Her tits bounced and flounced in every direction; I was mesmerized watching them.

I put my thumb on her clit and rubbed it as she moved on me. She started to whimper and mewl, and her heated sounds became more intense until, finally she threw her head back and shouted my name as her climax wracked her entire body. Her pussy contracted when she came, squeezing all the cum out of my cock.

She collapsed on top of me, her breath coming in ragged gasps. I ran my fingers through her silky hair and planted kisses all over her beautiful face.

“I love you, Allison,” I whispered in her ear.

“I love you too, Michael.”

I pulled the bed covers over us and we cuddled, spoon-fashion, until we both fell asleep.

Sometime, in the middle of the night, I woke up with a hard-on that lay right in the cleft of my sister’s ass. My arm was around her, and I started stroking her stomach, moving up to her breasts and back down again until it was between her legs. She began to stir, and I could feel that her pussy was wet.

“Mmmmmm….” she murmured, still half asleep.
I lifted her leg up and, from behind, slipped my cock into her. Slowly, gently, I thrust into her. She pressed her butt back into me, and we fucked slowly, deliciously, until we both came and drifted back to sleep.

We both started to stir about the same time in the morning, with the sun streaming in the window. I kissed her and starting fondling her breast. She stopped me and leaped out of bed and, stark naked, headed for the bathroom.

“I need a shower first,” she smiled over her shoulder.

Just looking at her beautiful, sensuous body had me all stirred up again. The way her ass undulates when she walks. The way her tits sway. I heard the water running in the shower, and I followed her into the bathroom.

My bladder was about to burst and I had a bad case of morning wood, always a challenge when you need to piss. The shower enclosure is frosted glass, and I could see just a blurred image of Allison’s body. I found that to be totally erotic, watching a ghostly outline of her body. It didn’t help my hard cock at all.

I stood in front of the toilet and strained and strained, trying to piss through a steel rod. Finally, the screaming need to urinate deflated me enough to meet my need. I looked at Allie behind the glass again, then opened the door and stepped in the shower behind her. She was startled for a moment, then her lips curved into a beautiful smile.

“Oh, good,” she said, handing me the bar of soap, “you can wash my back.”

Lifting her long mane of wet blond hair, I draped it over her shoulder and lathered up her back. The sensation of soap on flesh, someone else’s flesh, totally turned me on. I washed her neck, her shoulders, and on down her back. Slipping. Sliding. Touching. Feeling.

My hands descended to the rounded globes of her ass. I caressed it, all wet and slippery. I heard her whimper a bit when I washed in the cleft between her cheeks, and she pressed herself back against my probing fingers.

I dropped down on my knees behind her and lathered her legs, one at a time, from ankle to thigh. Paying special attention to the insides of her thighs, the back of my hands grazed her pussy.

She moaned and spread her legs further apart, giving me access to her sex from the rear. My soapy hand slid across her outer lips and up to her mons. When I had thoroughly lathered her up on the outside, my fingers probed between her lips, sliding across her minora and now swollen clit.

I rubbed and teased her until I sensed that she was about to cum, then I moved my hands up across her taught stomach. She backed up and pressed her ass against my throbbing hard cock and started rubbing it against me.

“Fuck me, Michael, put your hard cock in me and fuck your sister’s hot wet cunt.”

I never imagined words like that coming out of Allison’s mouth, but the dirty talk just inflamed me even more. She pushed her ass out at me and braced herself against the shower wall with her hands.

With one thrust, I buried my shaft in her slippery hot vagina. I drove into her hard and deep, slamming my hips into her soft round ass cheeks. The hot wet slapping sound reverberated off the walls. I reached around her and grabbed a tit in each hand, squeezing and pinching her slippery, hard nipples as I thrust into her. It didn’t take either of us long, we were so hot and so ready.


My own orgasmic sounds were drowned by hers. She shook so hard, I had to hold her hips to keep her from collapsing to the floor. Her vagina spasmed, clenching my cock in a vise-like grip, milking every last drop from me.

We got out of the shower and dried each other with soft, fluffy towels. Which was another erotic experience in itself. When her hair was dry, she sat naked on her vanity bench, and I brushed it until it was silky soft and shining. I arranged it over her front side, draping it over her breasts so her nipples peeked through her blonde curtain. Tits covered by long hair is now one of my fetishes.

Reluctantly, we put on some clothes and went downstairs for a late breakfast. After I poured us both a second cup of coffee, I sat down to have a talk with her.

“I love you, Allison. I want you. I want us to be lovers.”

“I want that too, Michael. And I love you.”

“So what do we do about Janice and Barb and that bet you got me involved in. I’m supposed to fuck you while they watch, and then fuck both of them.”


“Do you want to go through with it, now that we have each other?”

“I think it would be really hot to have them watch us.”

“I didn’t know you were an exhibitionist.”

“I didn’t realize it either, until this came up.”

“How do you feel about me fucking them?”

“Well, as long as it’s a one-time thing, the thought of watching it turns me on, too. I guess I’m kind of a voyeur as well.”

“So, when are we going to do this?”

“This weekend.”

And to think, just two days ago, I was a virgin.

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