Helping My Pregnant Sister

My sister Rachel was now living at home with my parents. She ended up getting pregnant while at college. My parents were furious with her as she was going to drop out of her last year at school. My parents tried to get her to tell them who the guy was but she wouldn’t tell. My Dad had steam coming out of his ears for some weeks.

My sister was going to have the baby and then put it up for adoption. While she was at home I was her go-to guy. I was eighteen at the time and my sister was having me drive her around. I was taking her to the doctor’s office whenever she had a checkup. I would look at her baby bump and I hate to admit it, my cock would get hard.

Rachel’s breasts were getting bigger and that was turning me on. One day after I took her to the doctor we got back home in the afternoon. My sister went to her room and closed the door. I knew what she was going to do. I could hear her moaning when she closed the door. I figured she was playing with her pussy. That day she was getting loud. I put my ear up to the door and I heard the sound of a vibrator going.

I stood outside and I was rubbing my crotch. I knew this wasn’t a good idea but all that moaning made me horny. I got my courage up and I cracked the door to Rachel’s room. When I looked in I saw my naked sister working the vibrator all over her opening. I couldn’t take it anymore. I opened the door and stepped inside.

“What are you doing in here Brad?.” My sister’s eyes went wide.

“I heard your noises and I had to see you,” I told her.

My sister turned off the vibrator. Her legs were spread wide and I was staring at her big belly. I did something that changed our relationship. I walked close to the bed. Rachel and I just looked at each other for the longest time. I pulled my shirt off and I undid my pants and pushed them and my briefs down to the floor. Rachel had her eyes glued to my dick. I was already hard and my seven inch cock was standing straight out.

“No Brad,” that was all my sister could say to me.

I didn’t care anymore. I got up onto her bed and I spread her legs even further apart. I had to taste my pregnant sister. I lowered my face and I used my tongue to lick all over my sister’s gash. Rachel didn’t fight me. She began to moan as I used my tongue and mouth to kiss and lick her pussy. I slipped a finger into her hot tunnel. Rachel was wet and her pussy was so warm. I licked up and down her gash. Rachel reached out and put her hands on my head.

I must have been hitting just the right spot. Rachel didn’t want me to pull away. She need me licking her slit. I don’t know how long I licked my sister. I just knew I had to have her. I pulled my head away and got up onto my knees. Rachel knew exactly what I had in mind.

“We can’t Brad, it isn’t right.”

I knew it wasn’t what brothers and sisters should be doing but I didn’t care. I took hold of my rod and I pressed my mushroom to her opening. My sister was breathing hard as I entered her. That was all it took. I was slowly sliding into my sister’s passage. Rachel didn’t try to fight me or tell me to stop. I worked my cock in the whole way and then held my prick in place.

I guess we both lost our self control. I could feel Rachel squeezing my cock with her pussy muscles. I drove my dick in the whole way. My ball sacs were pressed up against her ass cheeks. I was looking at her big belly jiggling as I fucked my sister’s damp hole. I was betting my sister hadn’t had sex since she was impregnated. She was greedy to have a cock inside her.

I went faster, feeding my sister with every inch I had. Rachel tried to wrap her legs around my midsection. She couldn’t quite do it with her big belly. I hadn’t been with many women up to this point. Rachel had to be the hottest fuck I had up until now. She just craved dick, it was obvious to me. I am betting we fucked for nearly an hour. I did my best not to cum.

I wasn’t sure it was the best thing to cum in my sister, but I knew she was already pregnant. It just felt so good sliding my bare cock into her wet pussy. I felt myself getting close. I probably should have said something but I didn’t. I arched my back and I squirted my hot load into her belly. As soon as Rachel felt me unload she screamed. Rachel was shaking as I poured my hot cream into her tunnel.

I must have had a big load stored up. It seemed like I creamed my sister for a good fifteen minutes. When I finally felt empty I left my cock inside Rachel and she worked her muscles to milk the remaining cum from my spent dick. When I got soft I finally pulled out. I looked down to see my seed dripping out of my sister’s pussy. I lowered my face and I sucked on her enlarged nipples. That really made Rachel’s body shake.

“You can’t ever let Mom and Dad know what we did,” Rachel pleaded with me.

Our secret was safe as far as I was concerned. Rachel got up from the bed and went into the bathroom to clean up my spunk. When she came back she got back onto the bed and we had a long, passionate kiss together. Rachel was around six months pregnant at the time. For those next three months we fucked like rabbits. Rachel would take a pillow and rest it under her belly. She would be on her hands and knees when I fed her my cock.

I loved watching her big belly and tits flopping around as I fucked her from behind. I would place my hands on her hip and give her ever hard inch that I could. The beauty of the whole thing was I could give my sister all my loads of cum without any worries. Rachel seemed to be a cum freak. She would tell me she loved it when I erupted into her pussy.

The time is not far off now. Rachel is due in the next week or so. She is telling me she wants to continue making love after she has the baby. I don’t want to wear a rubber after she gives birth. I guess we will cross that bridge when the time comes. did not write this story we found content on internet and thought it was a great read. If this story is yours please email We would love more stories just like this. Thanks: Naughty
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    Just recently finding out that I’m pregnant, I really get horny from rubbing my vagina when it’s smooth shaved and as the warmth from the lips radiate onto my fingers. As I get excited and rub a little harder to get more wet. I love touching my vagina with imagining my husband’s seed deep inside me.

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