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Room of Masks

“Good evening, Mr White.”

I looked up from my screen to see my fellow receptionist, Rachel, smiling warmly at the tall, dark figure approaching our desk. I glanced at my watch and wasn’t at all surprised to see that it was exactly ten o’clock.

The man leaning casually against our desk was at least six and a half feet tall, and nearly as wide, his muscular frame squeezed into a dark grey suit. He wasn’t wearing a tie tonight, and I noticed how thick his neck looked through the open collar of his crisp white shirt.

“Good evening, Miss Kane, and good evening Miss Grant,” he said, only briefly taking his eyes off my colleague to glance over at me, nodding a greeting in his curiously formal manner. He had a rather deep voice with a trace of some kind of accent, maybe eastern European. If I’m honest, I suppose I felt a little jealous; it was clear he was attracted to Rachel.

I’m not bad-looking in a girl-next-door kind of way, petite with hazel eyes and my chestnut hair scraped back into a neat ponytail, although I’d put on a little weight since I started doing these night shifts and fallen out of my usual gym routine. But I wasn’t too surprised that Mr White only had eyes for Rachel with her slim figure and fair complexion, all blonde curls, glossy pink lips and dark blue eyes.

“You’re looking well. How are you?” she said, flashing a bright smile at him as she fumbled beneath the desk for the key to the Peabody suite.

“Fine, thanks. Do you need to see my booking confirmation?” he asked, reaching into the inside pocket of his jacket.

“No, no need, we trust you,” she said, handing him the key, and watching it disappear into his big, meaty hand. He asked this every week, but he was just being polite. We all knew that the bridge club he worked for had a block booking from ten pm until three in the morning, and had rented the Peabody Suite for as long as anyone could remember. Certainly as long as I’d worked at the Grand Hotel, which was over two years.

“Thanks, I’ll hand it back later,” he said with a curt nod.

I waited for him turn and stride off purposefully down the long corridor, then rolled my chair closer to Rachel and nudged her elbow.

“You’re looking so well, Mr White, have you been working out, you great big hunky man?” I whispered in a high-pitched parody of her voice, as I fluttered my eyelashes coquettishly.

“Come on, I’m not that bad!” she protested.

“You are! You’re such a shameless flirt, Rachel!”

“Was it that obvious?”

“Duh, yeah.”

“Well, he is a good-looking man, you can’t deny that,” Rachel said defensively, as we watched his large frame disappear around a corner.

“Yeah, well I suppose if you like your men tall, dark and handsome, dressed in a nicely tailored charcoal grey suit, I mean if that’s really the kind of man that does it for you…” I said.

I got on well with Rachel. I’d moved here to west London from my home town of Bristol a couple of years back, and she’d always done her best to help me settle in at the hotel. Although as I was still relatively new I seemed to get stuck with these ‘graveyard’ shifts. I guess I didn’t mind too much; they paid more and the cost of living here was so much higher than I was used to.

As suggested by its name, the Grand Hotel was well regarded but a little dated. It had been built in the era of Art Decor and although there’d been some recent attempts to modernize it, it still felt stuck in the thirties with its cut-glass chandeliers, large gilt mirrors and garish floral carpets.

Before long, the members of the Hades Bridge Club started to arrive. I smiled politely and said ‘good evening’ as they drifted through the lobby, in groups of three and four. The men smartly dressed in dark suits with open-collared white shirts, and the women in expensive-looking evening gowns, all headed for the Peabody Suite where they’d spend the rest of the night, leaving in the early hours of the morning, towards the end of my shift.

“Don’t you think it’s odd?” I said thoughtfully.

“What?” said Rachel, who was smiling and nodding as a tall lady in a slinky bottle green dress walked past clutching a tiny bejeweled gold handbag, barely glancing in our direction.

“This bridge club, they’re all so well-dressed. Have you ever actually been in there and seen them playing?”

“Well, no, I think Peter keeps out any non-members, that’s kind of his job.”

“Oh, it’s ‘Peter’ now, is it?” I teased, causing Rachel to roll her eyes.

“And that’s another thing: why does a bridge club meet so late on a Friday night and need a bouncer?” I continued.

“He’s not a bouncer, he’s a doorman,” she protested.

“Bouncer, doorman, what’s the difference? He’s there to keep people out, right? To stop people seeing what’s going on in there.”

“Gosh, your imagination! It’s a private, members-only club, it’s just that they don’t want other hotel guests wandering in and out. I mean, what are you expecting?” she replied, shaking her head, her blonde curls brushing against the padded shoulders of her navy jacket.

“Yeah, it’s private alright. Do you know anyone who’s actually been in there?”

“Well, no but…”

“I’m just saying they could be up to anything down there.”

“Come on, just because we haven’t been in there it doesn’t mean anything. I mean, what are you suggesting, Beth? You think it’s some kind of secret kinky sex club or something? Do you think there’s a wild orgy going on in there, people swinging from the chandeliers…?”

“Well no, not a sex club, I’m just saying…” I started to say.

“You know you really need to get out more, Beth. How long’s it been since you broke up with Derek?”

“Two months, nearly three.”

“Well, you should get out there and find yourself another man. Actually, if you fancy it, there’s this new bar…” she started to say, then stopped as a guest approached us.

“Hi, I seem to have lost my key card…” he said, holding out his hands and looking apologetic.

“No problem, Sir, now what’s your name…?” Rachel said, ever the professional.

It was maybe an hour later when I noticed the young woman. She was standing in the middle of the reception area, under the huge chandelier, alternately glancing at a piece of paper that she clutched in her hand and looking around anxiously.

I’d often noticed guests like her, lingering in the reception area before setting off in the direction of the Peabody Suite. They were nearly always women in their twenties or thirties, and often dressed as if they were going to a party. Rachel was on the ‘phone, so I looked over the desk and remembering my refresher training, I flashed what I hoped was a friendly smile.

“Can I help you, madam?” I said.

“Oh! Yes, I’m looking for the Peabody Suite,” she said, as she drifted towards our desk. She was slim and willowy; her toffee-colored hair scraped back and tied in a neat ponytail, held with a black ribbon.

Usually I would have simply directed her towards the long corridor to the right and slightly behind our desk but I saw an opportunity.

“Actually I’m just off there myself,” I said, getting to my feet and straightening my navy skirt. “I’ll take you down there.”

“Oh no, that’s okay, I don’t want to be any trouble,” she said, looking a little nervous and I rounded the desk, and invited her to join me by gesturing towards the corridor.

“Oh, that’s okay, it’s no trouble,” I said, as she fell into step with me. “Are you part of the bridge club?”

“Yes, that’s right, the bridge club. I’m just a guest,” she explained.

Although it was a warm September night, she was wearing a long, beige raincoat, which she unbuttoned as she walked, and I couldn’t help noticing that underneath she was dressed like a schoolgirl.

“So is it some kind of fancy-dress night?” I asked, taking in her fitting white shirt gaping open at the front, a rather short yellow-and-black plaid skirt and a pair of plain, low-heeled black shoes.

“Oh! Um, yes, that’s right, fancy dress,” she said, blushing prettily as she glanced down at her outfit, as if she’d forgotten what she was wearing.

“Well, you’ll certainly turn a few heads,” I said, as we rounded a corner. Mr White was standing in front of the doors to the suite, erect and solid-looking, hands tucked neatly behind his back.

“Good evening, ladies,” he said, looking a little surprised to see me.

“Our guest was a little lost,” I explained as we paused in front of him.

I stood and watched closely as the young woman handed him the piece of paper, her hands trembling slightly. I leaned in close but didn’t have time to read it properly; I was only able to skim the text, picking up words like “invitation”, “discrete” and “private club”.

“Excellent, well welcome to the Hades Bridge Club, enjoy your evening, Cherry,” White said, handing the invitation back then stepping aside and opening one of the large wooden doors.

“Thanks,” the young woman said, smiling nervously as she slipped inside.

I started to follow, but he stepped in front of me, stopping me with a firm hand on my shoulder.

“I can only let you through if you’re a member, or you’ve got an invitation,” he explained.

“But I work here!” I protested.

“Sorry Miss Grant, they’re the rules,” he replied sternly.

“I, um, need to talk to the person in charge. There’s been a complaint about the noise,” I said, trying to think of some plausible excuse as I craned my neck, trying to peer around the edge of the half-open door. A complaint about noise wasn’t likely as there weren’t any guest rooms down here, but it was the best I could think of.

“Well, leave it with me, I’ll pass the message on,” he said, his dark eyes meeting mine as he kicked the door closed.

I was so close yet so far away! A quick glance beyond those doors would surely answer all my questions. I briefly considered trying to shove past him but even as I formed that thought I realized it wasn’t a great plan. Up close, I could see the way White’s suit looked a little too small, emphasizing his muscular frame. If I tried anything, he looked like he’d just tuck me under one of those big arms and carry me kicking and screaming back to reception like a badly behaved schoolgirl.

“Yes well, see that you do,” I said rather lamely as I spun on my heels and headed back to reception.

It was a little more than an hour later when I saw the young woman again. Looking up from my computer, I wasn’t sure how long she’d been sitting there in a little seated area off to one side. It was nearly midnight now and the lobby was a lot quieter, most of our guests having returned to their rooms.

I leaned over the desk trying to catch her eye, as she stood and fastened the buttons of her raincoat.

“Look, it’s her!” I whispered to Rachel, but she shot me a look that expressed her total lack of interest.

I scooted round the desk, eager to find out how her evening had gone, but as I approached she turned away, fishing a mobile from her handbag and stabbing at the screen.

“Yeah, hi Marcy, I’m out now, are you on your way?” I heard her say, as I lingered nearby.

I watched her place her black handbag on her seat as she stood and began to pace up and down.

“Oh yeah,” she giggled, “it really was quite something.”

I knew I shouldn’t, but I couldn’t resist edging a little closer, desperate to hear what she had to say, to get some clues as to what she’d experienced inside the club. I pretended to rearrange the flowers in a nearby vase.

“Oh yeah, totally! You’ve got to try it sometime, I mean seriously!” she enthused excitedly.

As she talked, something caught my eye; there was something not quite right about her handbag. I edged closer, trying to figure out what it was. There was something on top. At first I thought it was a handkerchief, which seemed old-fashioned but as I stood on tiptoe and leaned over, I was able to make out what it actually was: a pair of lace-edged white silk panties, scrunched up and lying just inside the open zipper.

I sneaked back to the desk, but Rachel was distinctly unimpressed when I excitedly told her what I’d found.

“So?” she said. “It doesn’t mean she’s not wearing any. Maybe she just likes to carry a spare pair.”

“Oh, come on, really? Who does that?”

“Well, what are you suggesting?”

“Well, obviously she’s taken them off at some point. I mean, what kind of bridge club requires you to remove your underwear?” I said, as her phone started to ring.

“Oh come on Beth, I haven’t got time for this,” she said, before picking up her phone and signalling the end of our conversation.

And that should have been the end of it. If I’d have stopped there, I wouldn’t have got into so much trouble, but of course, that’s not the kind of person I am. Most people would probably have let it go, but I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I’m the kind of person who spends their evenings reading crime novels and watching black-and-white thrillers from the sixties and I spent the rest of the week going over the events in my mind, and trying to figure out whether there really was something odd or if I was just letting my imagination run wild.

Next Friday, I arrived early and I found myself casually wandering around the Peabody Suite when I should really have been relieving one of the receptionists on the previous shift. ‘Suite’ was a grand word for one of a series of function rooms at the back of the hotel. The Peabody was the largest, consisting of two rooms: the large main suite and a smaller ‘ante-room’ that served as a kind of entrance chamber. Both were wood-paneled with plush burgundy carpets and subtle art decor lighting.

The Peabody had been hired by a local company for the day for some kind of team building workshop, and now the mahogany tables were covered with half-empty coffee cups and bottles of mineral water. A large whiteboard was covered with complicated looking diagrams and post-it notes. I hoped the cleaners would be in soon to tidy up.

I stared at the car park out of the large windows and wondered why I came down here. Perhaps subconsciously I thought I might find some clues to what would be going on later, but of course there was nothing, just a big empty room, filled with the debris of a business meeting. The real action would take place later in the evening and if I wanted any answers, I knew I’d have to find a way of getting a glimpse inside, but of course, the burly Mr White always stood guard outside. If only I could think of a way of distracting him for a few minutes, I thought to myself as I headed back to reception…

Rachel rolled her eyes and sighed as I explained my genius plan. I couldn’t help noticing that she did that a lot recently.

“Come on Beth. I mean, really?” she sighed, shaking her head.

“Yes, really. You know he fancies you, he’ll definitely go for it. One hundred percent.”

“I don’t know…”

“Come on, we just need to distract him for a few seconds.”

“OK, listen. If I do this for you, and it’s a big ‘if’, will you finally stop going on about this bloody bridge club?”

“Absolutely. Cross my heart,” I said, drawing an imaginary cross on the lapel of my jacket.

“Okay, well if an opportunity arises, we’ll go for it. But if I do help you out, I don’t want to hear any more about it, alright?”

“Deal,” I said.

It was much later, when I saw an opportunity to put my plan into action. Like last week, I spotted a woman standing in reception clutching a single sheet of paper as she tried to orient herself. She was a short, plump lady in her thirties. Although it was nearly midnight, she was smartly dressed as if she’d just come from an office.

“Hi, can I help?” I said.

“No, um, I’m not sure” she said anxiously, approaching our desk. She looked edgy, and I watched as she twisted a strand of her long, chocolate-colored hair around one of her fingers.

“Do you want the bridge club?”

“Yes, um, maybe. Listen, can you do me a favour?” she said, seeming to make a decision. “I’m not going to be able to attend tonight. I’ve got something urgent I need to do, would you mind letting them know?”

“Sure,” I said, trying not to appear too eager.

“You might need this to get in,” she said, handing over the sheet of paper.

I watched her hurry away, back though the lobby and disappear into the night before reading it.

“Jade,” it read, “you are cordially invited to attend the Hades Bridge Club on Friday the 22nd of September between midnight and 1am. Please remember to be discrete and we’ll do all we can to make you feel welcome and meet your requirements.”

It seemed like an odd invitation for a bridge club, which only made me more curious.

“Hey Rachel,” I said, with a broad grin. “Looks like we’re on!”

There was a spare photocopier in the corridor near the Peabody Suite that we sometimes used. I loitered next to it, as if I was waiting for something to print, sharing a mischievous grin with Rachel as she walked past carrying a tray of glasses. I watched her smile and nod at Mr White as she passed him, moving down the hallway towards the fire doors. As she reached the doors, she paused as she struggled to push open the door with her foot whilst still balancing the tray.

Mr White watched her struggling for a few seconds, torn between helping her out and holding his position. I watched as he checked the corridors were empty then hurried down the hall towards her.

“Hey, let me help you!” he said.

“Thanks,” she said, flashing him a grateful smile over her shoulder.

Seeing my chance, I skipped after him, keeping my eyes in his broad back as I moved quietly towards the suite’s entrance.

“Thanks, you’re ever so kind,” Rachel said, as he held the door for her then winked at me over his shoulder as I slipped inside, holding my breath as I quietly eased the thick wooden doors shut behind me.

I slipped quietly inside, my heart thumping as I eased the door shut behind me. I held my breath as I pressed my ear to the door, hearing heavy footsteps in the corridor outside, then the creak of floorboards as White re-took his position immediately outside.

I looked around the ante room and was disappointed to find that the large wooden doors leading to the main room were closed. I tiptoed across, pressed my ear to the door, and could hear the sound of a party: the low murmur of conversation, the clink of glasses, high heels on the wooden floor, a loud burst of raucous male laughter. I tried the handle but the doors were locked.

We were never supposed to leave reception unmanned so I knew by now that Rachel would have hurried back and with Mr White’s large frame blocking the way that I’d come, I was now unable to go forward or back, and was stuck in this small, dimly-lit room.

I looked around. I’m not sure what I expected to see, but it wasn’t this. On my left were two racks of clothes, and I couldn’t resist walking alongside one of the racks, running a hand through the clothing. It seemed like a fairly random collection of women’s clothing in a variety of sizes, and as I looked closer I noticed that they were collected together to form different outfits as if for a fancy dress party. A French maid’s outfit complete with fishnet stockings, a nurses uniform complete with a cute white cap, a smart policewoman’s uniform with a pair of toy handcuffs. Curiouser and curiouser, I thought to myself.

On the other side, was a low table on which sat a varied collection of masks, from simple black ‘Zorro’-style ones, which just covered the eyes, to large, colourful ones with feathers and sequins that would cover the whole top half of the face. Again, I couldn’t resist examining them, picking up a light metallic blue one studded with tiny fake sapphires that sparkled in the dim light. It looked well made, the inner side covered with velvet of the same colour.

I was turning it over in my hands when I noticed the note, taped to the table:

“Welcome to the Hades bridge club and congratulations for making it this far! You’re probably feeling nervous. Don’t be! Just remember that you’re a short step away from fulfilling your wildest fantasies with us and if things get too much you can back out at any time using the safeword you entered on your application.

We’ll come and get you soon, so just relax and enjoy the complimentary champagne. If you’re into role-play (or just like playing dress-up!), there’s a selection of clothing behind you. As we make clear on our website, we deeply value anonymity and we insist that all members and guests wear a mask *at all times* (this was underlined). For those guests who haven’t brought their own, you’ll find a wide range to your left.

Have fun exploring, and remember what we always say here: life is short, make sure you experience everything it has to offer.”

Well, I still wasn’t sure what was going on but I’d certainly seen enough to know that this was no ordinary bridge club! I’d started wondering if there was a way I could sneak out when I heard footsteps approaching the door, high heels echoing on the parquet floor. I didn’t want to be recognised as a receptionist so I quickly slipped the sapphire mask over my face. My heart fluttered against my chest and my stomach lurched, as the door opened.

“Hi, I’m Angel, welcome,” the woman said as she stood in the entrance. She was tall and slim, with long, platinum blonde hair, a slinky silver dress hugging her slim frame, her blue eyes shining brightly behind a small white mask decorated with tiny diamonds and pale blue feathers.

“I’m Jade,” I said, my hand shaking as I slipped the invitation from the inside pocket of my jacket and thrust it towards her.

“Thanks,” she said, taking it from my hand. “That’s a lovely mask you’ve selected, it suits you.”

“Thanks,” I said, just about resisting the urge to turn and run.

“Anyway, come along, let’s get you inside,” she continued, clasping my hand between her cool, elegant fingers.

She led me towards the centre of the room, where all the tables had been pushed together to form one long table, the chandelier reflecting brightly off its polished surface. It was darker around the edges of the room, but I could make out smartly dressed men and women, all wearing masks, sat at the small tables or leaning casually against the walls as they sipped at their drinks. Angel handed the invitation to an older man sitting at the head of the long table.

“My name’s Dionysus, welcome to the Hades Bridge Club… Jade,” he said, glancing at it.

“Thanks,” I said, looking around nervously. Similar to the other men, he was dressed in a dark grey suit, with a white open-collar shirt. His face was half-covered by an elaborate mask, his thin greying hair cut close to his tanned scalp. I noticed he appeared to be the only one who had a mask that was gold-coloured. The air was warm and humid, filled with the aroma of warm wax from the candles.

“Can I take this?” Angel said, and without waiting for a reply she slipped my navy blazer from my shoulders and handed it to someone nearby.

“Now then young Jade, let’s have a look at your application and see what we can do for you, hmm?” he said in a curiously high-pitched, almost feminine, voice as a man in wolf-like mask and a black suit emerged from the shadows and handed him a sheet of paper.

I waited anxiously, my clammy hands clutched tightly behind my back as I wondered when would be a good time to confess that I was an imposter. Looking around, I noticed that the women tended to favour colourful, elegant masks, often colour-coordinated with their evening dresses. Whereas the men tended to wear either plain black masks which matched their dark suits, or grotesque masks with a silvery sheen and obscenely long, hooked noses or bulbous cheeks. I shuffled from foot to foot as I looked around the strangely expressionless faces.

“Well, well, you’re quite… daring, aren’t you, hmm? Let’s see, you like amateur dramatics and enjoy characterisation and role-playing. You’re into spanking, light bondage, submission, exhibitionism, uniforms, humiliation… how delightful! In particular, you fantasize about being caught doing something you shouldn’t and being punished in front of a group of people. For example, a schoolgirl being caught cheating and punished in front of class, or a student nurse being spanked in front of her peers by an older doctor, or…”

I cleared my throat, and he paused and looked up at me expectantly.

“Listen, before you go any further I’ve got a confession to make. I mean, there’s been a mistake, you see I work here on reception and I kind of ended up in here by accident.”

He looked up from Jade’s application, his pale, watery blue eyes examining me from behind his golden mask. I waited nervously as they slid over my body, lingering on my white shirt where it clung to my modest yet perky boobs.

“By accident?” he said.

“Yes, I work at reception,” I said, tapping at the breast pocket of my shirt, before realising that my name badge was attached to my blazer. “Listen, your guest ‘Jade’ came into reception earlier and said she was too nervous to go through with it. She handed me her application form so I could bring it down to you and apologise on her behalf.”

“So why didn’t you tell us before? When Angel collected you?”

“Well, I suppose I was kind of curious as to what goes on in here,” I managed to say.

“Ah but if you were a real hotel employee, you wouldn’t have been able to get in, would you? Our excellent doorman, Mr White, would have recognised you and turned you away, wouldn’t he?”

“Well, I sort of sneaked in…”

“You sneaked in?” he repeated, a distinct note of scepticism in his voice.

“Yes, a colleague distracted him, and I kind of slipped in, so, um, I’m just going to…” I said, glancing over my shoulder towards the dim outline of the tall wooden doors where I could escape back to reception.

“I find that hard to believe. Mr White’s been our doorman for years, we’ve never had any issues before,” he said, stroking his chin thoughtfully.

“So, yeah, I’m just going to go now and leave you guys in peace,” I said, smiling nervously as I stepped back, but bumping into something solid. I spun around and jumped as I found my way blocked by the tall man in the black suit and wolf-like mask. Up close, I could see it was quite realistic with a long snout, pointy ears and grey fur. He gently but firmly grasped my shoulders and spun me back around.

“I’m into amateur dramatics and acting, and like to really throw myself into characterisation and role-playing,” Dionysus said, continuing to read from Jade’s application. “I sometimes fantasize about being caught shoplifting, and being forced to undress in front of two security guards who punish me with a spanking before having their wicked way with me.”

“No, really, they’re not my words, I really am…” I spluttered, realising where this was going.

“Bravo, young lady, I think you had us all going there for a second,” he chuckled, wagging a finger as he relaxed, sinking back into his chair. The people around us started to laugh too, sharing the joke. “Congrat’s though, I do admire a young lady who really commits to a role-play.”

“No, please,” I said, shaking my head. I tried to back away, but the man in the wolf mask tightened his grip on my shoulders.

“You fantasize about being caught doing something you shouldn’t and being punished in front of a group of people. Like a hotel receptionist sneaking into a private club, for example, hmm? Very good, I’m impressed. Well, I certainly think Angel and Wolf can help you fulfil that little fantasy, isn’t that right?”

“No, wait…” I said, but Wolf and Angel were already pulling me away from him. The tables had been arranged to form one, long table and I struggled as they pulled me towards the centre.

“Don’t worry,” Angel whispered as I felt Wolf’s strong hands manhandle me, forcing me against the table, my stomach bumping against its edge. “If you want to stop, you just need to use your safeword.”

“Safeword? Oh!” I gasped, the breath rushing out of me as I was forced to bend over the low table, my hamstrings stretched, my bottom sticking up. I felt the cold surface against my cheek as I was pushed down and twisted my head sideways.

“Yes, the safeword you specified on your application. Just say the word and we’ll stop,” she whispered, her lips next to my ear.

“But I don’t… Ow! Stop that!” I shrieked as I felt a firm hand slapping my backside.

Up until that point it had all seemed rather surreal, like some bizarre dream but the sharp slap made my bottom sting hotly, bringing me crashing back to reality.

I twisted around, in time to see Wolf raising his hand again. I tried to straighten up but my hands were grabbed by a couple sitting across from me, a man in a silver mask with a long, pointed nose and a woman with bright red hair, wearing a crimson dress and matching sparkly red mask. They grinned as they tugged at my wrists, stretching me across the table, my boobs crushed, my ponytail brushing its varnished surface as I tried to pull myself free.

“Ouch! No!” I shrieked again, as I felt Wolf’s firm hand slap me once more.

There was a low murmur of appreciation around us, people around us moving in closer now, drawn by the spectacle.

“You’ve got to love her attention to detail, she looks just like the receptionists here,” a voice said.

“Mmm, and such a lovely rounded arse,” I heard a woman giggle somewhere off to my left.

“Imagine having the nerve to sneak into our private club, like some grubby con-woman,” I heard a well-spoken man say, presumably thinking he was helping to play out my fantasy. “Let’s show her what we do to peeping toms.”

“Yeah, skirt up, knickers down, let’s do this properly,” growled another man, his voice behind me but moving closer.

“No, please, wait! I really am, I can prove it,” I pleaded as I tried to twist around, just able to see Angel grasp the hem of my smart, navy skirt.

“Remember your safeword,” she mouthed, pausing for a second before tugging it up over my thighs along with my shirt tails. I struggled, but with my wrists still firmly held there was nothing I could do to stop her easing it up over my bottom, revealing the panties I’d put on this morning. They were my favourite pair, pink and lacy with a cute raspberry-coloured bow on the front, and now everyone could see them stretched tightly over my buttocks. There was a low murmur of appreciation from the crowd gathered around us as I felt Angel sliding a hand over the smooth, pink skin.

“What a lovely plump bottom,” she purred as I felt her fingers squeeze my cheeks before slowly sliding her hands down over my bare legs and tugging at my ankles.

“What are you doing? Stop! Ow!” I gasped as Wolf’s rough hand connected with my now semi-naked buttocks. At the same time, I felt Angel tugging at one of my ankles, and the cold embrace of something metallic around it.

“Ow! I shrieked as Wolf spanked me again, a little harder this time as the people around us crowded in closer. I could feel Angel tugging at my other ankle. I tried to resist but soon felt my legs pulled apart as I felt something cold slipped around it, clicking into place with a metallic snap.

“What are you doing? Let me go!” I said. I was trapped now, my ankles bound by shackles (I guessed) and my wrists firmly held by the couple opposite. I felt myself panic a little, my heart thumping, my breathing reduced to a series of harsh gasps.

“Ow! Fuck!” I gasped as Wolf’s firm hand stung me again. Without the protection of my skirt, it really stung, and made a sharp slapping sound that echoed around the room.

“I really am a receptionist,” I said, meeting the cool grey eyes of the woman in the crimson dress, who was using both hands to hold onto my left wrist as I tried desperately to pull it free.

“Of course you are, you poor dear. And you snuck into our little private party, and now you’re going to get punished with a little spanking,” she said, her glossy red lips curling into a wicked grin as she tugged harder, drawing me further over the table.

“Ow! Ow! Fuck!” I gasped as I felt Wolf’s hand connect smartly three more times, beating a rhythm on my naked buttocks.

“I do love a good spanking,” she said, turning to her partner in the silver mask.

“I know Scarlet, you came like crazy when I spanked you over this table for your initiation, remember?” he chuckled.

“How could I forget? I came three times!” Scarlet said with a throaty chuckle as she turned her face to his and they shared a long, lingering kiss. She was wearing a low-cut lace-edged burgundy evening gown, and I watched as he slid a hand up over her stomach and squeezed one of her shapely breasts until it bulged against her dress.

Behind me, Wolf continued to spank me, ignoring my complaints and slipping into a smooth well-practiced rhythm as I squirmed and wriggled. He wasn’t hitting me too hard now or maybe I’d just got used to it, my buttocks glowing warmly. As my body jerked in response, I felt my thighs rubbing against the edge though my panties and although I didn’t want to admit it to myself, I felt the warmth from my buttocks spreading between my legs, my skin tingling, my pussy moistening.

“That’s it, give it to her good and hard,” I heard a woman say.

“Get her knickers off,” a man growled impatiently.

“Yeah, spank her bare-arsed,” insisted another.

“No! Don’t!” I mewed, but Wolf ignored me, and with my wrists still held firmly I was unable to stop him slipping my panties down. I wriggled helplessly as I felt him roughly tugging at them until they were down around my widely spread thighs, the waistband cutting into my skin, the air feeling cool around my damp inner thighs.

The crowd shuffled closer around us now, and I closed my eyes feeling my cheeks burn red with embarrassment. With my legs held wide apart by my shackles, they’d be able to see every rude, intimate detail of my sex, the swollen purse of my pussy peeping out from between my hot pink buttocks.

The sound of Scarlet moaning drew my attention, and looking up I saw that her partner had eased the strap of her dress over one shoulder and eased one of her full boobs from her dress. She was leaning back in her chair now, eyes half-closed as he groped her pale breast, massaging the soft flesh. I watched as he dipped a finger in his glass of red wine and traced a series of tight circles around her dark pink nipple, then made her gasp hotly as he flicked a wet fingertip back and forth till it was hard and stubby. I felt my own nipples hardening as I watched him use his thumb and forefinger to gently pluck at her hard little teat as she wriggled and moaned hotly.

A series of fierce spanks brought my attention back to my own body.

“No! Ow! Please!” I squealed as I felt the sting of Wolf’s cruel hand, expertly finding the spots to draw a reaction from me: the fleshy part of my already sore buttocks, the inside of my thighs, then gently tapping me between my legs sending jolts of pure pleasure through me. I moaned loudly as pain and pleasure, agony and ecstacy swirled dizzily around my head.

“Such a lovely little pussy,” I heard Angel say, her tongue lapping my ear as I felt her stroking the inside of my thighs.

“No, no,” I kept repeating as I felt her slender fingers stroking my inner thighs, sliding smoothly along the groove of my sex.

“Mmm, she’s already nice and wet,” Angel purred as I felt her fingers trace the contours of my honey-coated lips, first sliding up and down then massaging them in smooth circles. Wolf continued to lightly slap my sore buttocks as I wriggled and squirmed hotly, my brain struggling to cope with the competing sensations of pleasure and pain.

“Fuck! Oh God!” I groaned as I felt her skilful fingers spreading my shamefully wet folds, her fingertip finding my pulsing clit, gently flicking it until my body vibrated with pleasure.

Having Angel caress me like this, in front of all these strangers was more humiliating than the spanking. The spanking was bad enough, but now I couldn’t hide how turned on I was, and I closed my eyes burying my face under my arm as I felt Angel spread my labia, my pink, glistening inner folds exposed, my arousal all too obvious.

“Look at her, she’s loving it, the horny tart,” I heard a man say, his voice thick with lust as he watched Angel expertly, slowly but inevitably bring my body to a simmering boil.

“Please, please,” I begged as she continued to diddle my clit with one fingertip whilst I felt another sliding along my inner lips to toy with my vagina. As she stroked and fondled and caressed my most intimate parts, I felt the pressure begin to build, my breathing reduced to a series of short, sharp gasps as she all too easily slid a finger inside me, not penetrating me fully, just gently frigging the first inch of my tight entrance as I moaned loudly. It was simply unthinkable that I’d experience an orgasm right here in front of all these strangers but even as I formed that thought I knew that I was quickly approaching the point of no return.

“No, don’t! Please!” I gasped as she strummed my clit and slid a finger smoothly in and out of my clasping lips faster and faster, each stroke driving me closer to climax, as my body twisted, my hips bucking up and down, my ankles and wrists straining helplessly until I could take no more.

“Oh no, no!” I heard myself shriek, my body jerking feverishly as I surrendered myself to one of the longest, hardest orgasms of my life.

I collapsed sobbing and limp across the table, listening to the polite round of applause and murmurs of appreciation from the gathered crowd. The couple opposite let go of my wrists, and I covered my face as I felt either Angel or Wolf briefly unfasten my ankles, slip off my black court shoes then slide my pink panties off my legs so that I was naked from the waist down.

When I eventually opened my eyes, I met the Scarlet’s dark eyes examining me from behind her sparkly red mask. She was leaning back in her chair, her boobs still exposed, her eyes half-closed as she sighed contentedly. From my position near the edge of the table and I could see her dress rucked up around her partner’s wrist as his hand moved up and down between her stockinged thighs, his movements subtle but unmistakeable.

“Seems like you enjoyed your spanking, Jade,” she said with a knowing wink.

“I need to go, I should get back to reception now,” I said breathlessly.

“Of course, back to reception!” her partner laughed before making Scarlet gasp as he flicked the top of his tongue over one of her erect nipples.

“But that’s only the first part of your punishment, I mean, don’t you think Mr Wolf deserves a little reward for all his effort?” Scarlet said, as she slid a hand over her partner’s thigh and ran a finger along the hard ridge that had formed in his black suit trousers.

I twisted my head around just in time to see the man who’d administered my spanking easing open his flies. Around us, there were a series of breathless, excited gasps and giggles from the women as he eased his long, thick and extremely hard looking prick free. I gulped as he slowly stretched a transparent blue condom over the thick, bulbous head and slowly rolled the well-lubricated sheath over his fat shaft.

“Fuck!” I said, trying to straighten up but felt his firm hand in the centre of my shoulders pushing me back down.

“Exactly,” Scarlet chuckled as she unfastened at her partner’s black leather belt then unzipped his fly.

Scarlet and her friend had let go of my wrists now but with my ankles re-fastened and Wolf’s strong hand on the back of my neck, I knew there was no escaping my fate. I found myself holding my breath as I felt the thick head of his cock pressing insistently against my tight entrance. I was still very wet from Angel’s caresses and it only hurt a little as I felt him push his cock inside me.

“Fuck!” I gasped as I felt the first inch of him penetrating me, cramming himself inside me, my lips moulding around his rock hard shaft, stretching to accommodate his substantial girth.

I twisted my head to the left as I felt him slowly begin to ease the first few inches of his mighty cock in and out of me. Two ladies moved closer; the younger one was perhaps in her early twenties and dressed in a clingy grey dress that clung to her slender curves; the older one wore an emerald green dress with a plunging neckline that showed off her impressive cleavage.

“I think I could do with a spanking from Wolf,” the older one tittered.

“Yeah, me too,” the younger one purred as she watched him fucking me.

“Maybe, we should spill his drink or something.”

“Yeah, make him angry enough to teach us a lesson,” she said, and they both laughed.

I hadn’t had sex since a one night stand some time ago, and I felt my body responding as he eased his lovely big dick into me, a little deeper each time, as I adjusted to his size. I still felt the need to put up a bit of a struggle though, mewing and trying to twist out of his grasp.

“Hold still!” he growled and I squealed as I felt his hand stinging my already sore, reddened buttocks.

He had one hand on the back of my neck holding me down and I lay there subserviently my bottom throbbing hotly as I let him fuck me, letting him use my body for his pleasure. As he eased into a steady rhythm, I looked around the room where club members moved around in the dim corners outside the centre of the room. To my right, a blonde lady in a lacy back dress reclined on a ruby velvet couch sipping at a glass of white wine, her skirt drawn up high, her legs splayed. A dark-suited man knelt before her, his head buried between her pale thighs as she ran a hand through his slick hair. Behind them, a couple kissed passionately, the lady pressed back against the wall, her shapely leg raised as the man slid her skirt over her thigh exposing dark top of her stockings as he kissed her neck, their bodies pressed together.

Meanwhile, Scarlet had eased her partner’s shorts and trousers down over his thighs exposing his sturdy cock and swollen balls. He was moaning contentedly, his eyes half-closed behind his silver mask as she cradled his swollen, heavy balls in one hand, whilst the other caressed his throbbing shaft.

All this erotic decadence only made me more aroused, and I found myself moaning as Wolf continued to fuck me lustily, his fat cock probing deep inside me, filling me, forcing me higher and higher. He was moving faster now, our moist thighs slapping together, the crowd’s anticipation building as I felt my arousal start to spiral out of control.

“Uh, uh, uh!” I panted, as he slammed into me. Right in front of me, Scarlet continued to stroke her partner’s rock-hard cock, her hand sliding smoothly up and down the full length of his shaft as he moaned encouragingly. Her fingers were long and slender, tipped with long, glossy red nails that matched her dress. She looked up and winked at me as she increased her pace, drawing a series of breathless gasps from her partner as she gripped him a little more firmly, expertly guiding him towards his own personal nirvana.

“That’s it, give it to her good and hard,” I heard the young lady in the grey desk said, a note of envy in her voice.

“Yes, fuck her harder, let’s see her cum,” her friend added.

As Wolf obliged, pounding me faster, I watched as Scarlet shortened her strokes, almost hypnotised by the sight of her jerking the top of his engorged prick as his hands gripped the edge of his chair, his knuckles whitening.

I don’t normally climax without clitoral stimulation but as the crowd gathered closer and Wolf’s lovely big dick fucked me harder and harder from behind I knew I couldn’t last much longer.

“Oh God, keep going, don’t stop!” I pleaded, as I felt the pressure build once more, my body tensing as I felt him fuck me hard, really hard, his muscular thighs driving his thick cock deep inside me, each powerful thrust pushing me closer to the edge.

Through half-open eyes, I watched as Scarlet moved her hand faster and faster till it was just a blur, as her partner’s hips moved in time with her hand and his gasps of pleasure rose in pitch. Suddenly his body was jack-knifing, his head rocking back, eyes closed as he came. Scarlet grinned as the spunk erupted from his cock, shooting high into the air as he roared, then splashing messily over her hand, the thick, creamy globs staining his black suit trousers.

“Oh God!” I cried as the sight of him cumming pushed me over the edge and the wave of pleasure hit me hard. I collapsed onto the table, sobbing happily as the sublime pleasure washed over me, every cell of my body tingling.

Behind me, Wolf continued to thrust into my spent, breathless body, grunting urgently, his hands tightly grasping my hips until he climaxed too and I felt the warmth of his large body against my back, his breath hot against my ear.

I lay there, crushed beneath his weight, my breath slowly returning, a mix of emotions flooding my mind as around me the crowd’s applause faded and I sensed them moving back into the dark corners of the room to pursue their own desires.

“Thank you Jade, that was delightful,” I heard Wolf whisper politely in his deep voice as if he were thanking me for a dance. I felt him stand and ease his softening dick from me, leaving me feeling empty but completely sated. I lay there for a while, a spent, sticky mess until I felt a soft hand on my shoulder and Angel helped me onto shaky legs

“Come on, let’s get you cleaned up,” she said, taking my hand. The light behind her head made her blonde hair shine like a halo.

The ladies’ toilet was larger than I remembered. Angel waited patiently as I used one of the cubicles then splashed water on my face. Without thinking, I reached up to take my mask off but she stopped me with a hand on my arm.

“You should always wear your mask at the club,” she insisted as she handed me my panties and placed my shoes on the floor.

I felt myself blush, embarrassed once more as I quickly wriggled them up under my skirt and slipped on my shoes. As I straightened up, she held out my jacket.

“Thanks,” I said as I slipped my arms through its sleeves.

“You were great tonight, everyone said you made a really convincing receptionist,” she said, taking my hand, her pale blue eyes meeting mine from behind her white, sequinned mask.

“Yes well, it’s, um, all that acting experience from my drama club,” I lied.

“You okay?”

“Oh, um, fine I guess,” I said as she moved closer.

“Anyway welcome to the club. Dionysus said you’re welcome to come back anytime,” she said, smiling as she leaned in close. I stood, hands dangling at my side and briefly closing my eyes and tilting my head up as she pressed her soft lips against mine. I smelt her subtle perfume and felt her arm snake around my waist as she drew me closer. I’m not a lesbian but her embrace was so tender and comforting after all that had happened that I began to kiss her back, finding comfort in the warmth of her body.

“Thanks,” I repeated as our lips parted after several long seconds.

“Oh, and remember to be discrete. A lot of people wouldn’t understand what we do here; we need everyone to make sure it stays our little secret, all right?” she said, squeezing my hand.

“Okay,” I said meekly as she flashed me a grin and disappeared back into the suite.

I looked in the mirror and slowly ran a finger over my lips, where a trace of Angel’s pink lipstick lingered, and realising that of all the new experiences of the evening, her kiss had felt like the most intimate. I took several long breaths and straightened my sapphire blue mask as I tried to persuade myself that I looked normal and that Rachel would never guess what had happened down here.

The members barely noticed as I slipped back into the suite, their attention drawn to the centre of the room where Dionysus questioned a young woman dressed in a smart, burgundy skirt suit, her red hair gathered back in a tight bun, her wire frame glasses glinting in the harsh light.

“Now then,” he said, glancing down at a sheet of paper. “How do you explain these discrepancies in your expenses, hmm? Thirty pounds for a taxi, fifty pounds for stationary, need I go on?”

“I’m sorry Sir, I just wasn’t sure about the rules, I’ll pay it back,” she said, shuffling her feet anxiously.

“You didn’t know the rules around expenses? But you’re the club’s accountant!”

“I’m sorry, I guess I forgot,” she simpered.

“Well, perhaps you need Mr Wolf here to give you something to help you remember,” he said, nodding to the large man looming at her shoulder.

I was so tempted to stay and watch as he led her to a tall chair, forcing her to bend over the back, her hands flat on its seat, her smart skirt stretched tightly over her bottom, riding up over her stocking tops as she meekly awaited her fate. So tempted to stay and see my experience from a different point of view but I could imagine Rachel sitting back at reception, an annoyed expression on her face as she stared at her watch.

I knew I couldn’t go back the way I’d come; the pitbull-like Mr White would be on guard just outside. So I stepped behind the folds of the floor-to-ceiling curtains and quietly unlocked the fire doors that lead to the car park.

It felt like stepping back into the real world with its cool night air making me shiver as I paused getting my bearings as I listened to the sound of traffic coming from the high street. There was a full moon, painting this part of west London in hues of black, silver and petrol blue. I noticed it was drizzling as I stepped away from the building and I hurried across the car park, clutching my jacket tight around me. It was only when I saw my reflection on the glass doors leading to reception that I remembered I was still wearing my mask and I quickly removed it, sliding it into the inside pocket of my jacket.

I pictured an angry confrontation with Rachel, but she was on the ‘phone and I heaved a sigh of relief as I carefully eased myself back into my swivel chair, wincing slightly as my tender buttocks met its harder-than-I-remembered surface.

“Rachel!” she said, spinning around to face me as soon as her call ended, “Where have you been? You’ve been gone for over an hour!”

“Yeah, sorry, it took a bit longer than I thought.”

“So? What did you find out?”

“You were right, it’s just a bridge club, nothing special,” I said, looking down at my shoes, unable to meet her eyes.

“Told you! So how come it took you so long?” she asked, as she sorted through the papers on her desk.

“Oh well, we chatted a little and they let me take part in one of their, um, games.”

“Right, right,” she said distractedly, looking up as she stapled a credit card receipt to an invoice. “So now you can finally stop obsessing about it right?”

“Yeah… although they were so nice I might nip back next week. I mean, just to be polite, you know?”

Masked Stranger

It was October and everyone was planning their upcoming Halloween festivities. I hadn’t planned on going anywhere this year so I didn’t bother with a costume. My best friend, Holly, had stopped by my house to show off her new party outfit. Holly was beautiful. She was about 5’7″ with decent C cups. She didn’t have an ounce of fat on her body. She worked out almost every day and used every chance she could get to show off her work. So when I heard about her Halloween costume, I knew it would barely cover her up.

“What do you think?” Holly asked, as she spun around in her lady devil costume. It consisted of a red bra trimmed with black lace and a pair of tight red shorts that allowed her cheeks to peek out. A headband with devil horns nestled onto the top of her head. Her long, dark brown, curly locks fell around her face and draped over her shoulders. She held up a mask that was mostly red with black swirls and clear crystals that covered the edges. Her dark brown eyes were sparkling with joy as she was obviously very proud of herself.

“You look….amazing!” I said, as I slowly closed my mouth and swallowed the lump in my throat. I had never had the balls to dress like Holly. I was always more conservative and took pride in looking classy. Holly always told me to “let loose and live” but until now, I had never listened.

“Why don’t you come with me to the party, it’ll be fun,” Holly begged, as she skipped over and sat down beside me on the bed. I looked down at my hands and fiddled with my nails. I hadn’t thought much about going out tonight. I planned on staying in and reading a good book and maybe trying out that new hot chocolate that I picked up at the market. Holly reached over and pulled my face up towards her. “You really need to get out and have a good time. How else are you going to meet a man?” She was right. I always complained about how I was never going to meet anyone but all I really did was sit home and dream about it. I looked up at her and for a moment thought about making up an excuse. “OK, but I don’t have a costume.”

She jumped up and ran to my closet, “no worries, it’s a masquerade theme so you really don’t need anything but a mask and lucky for you, I’ve got an extra in the car!”

About an hour later, I stood looking at myself in the mirror. My mother would be so ashamed. I was wearing a solid black spaghetti strap tank that Holly had cut off so that my stomach would show. I felt so naked! I wasn’t wearing a bra since I didn’t have much up top. I unlike Holly wasn’t blessed with big breasts. I was lucky if I found a B cup that would fit. Usually I went braless and they just sort of poked through my tops. Some guys like that, right? The skirt I was wearing was also black and had pleats so that when I twirled around it flew outward and looked like those dancers on TV. The only thing that bothered me about the skirt was that it was entirely too short. I bought it a few years ago without trying it on and realized how short it was once I got home. I never returned it. I refused to wear the thong that Holly had pulled out of my drawer because I wanted my ass to be covered if my skirt flew up. I chose a pair of black bikini cut panties instead.

Holly handed me a pair of red high heels. “These will match the red mask I have in my car.” I slipped them on and headed to the bathroom to throw my hair up. I dabbed on some blush, bright red lipstick, brushed on some mascara and stood back to look at myself. “You look like a slut,” I said to myself as I smiled in the mirror.

My hands were shaking just a little as I rode with Holly to the Masquerade party. Good thing I took a shot of vodka before we left the house or I might be crying for her to take me back home. I was actually kind of excited about getting out and having some fun if only my nerves would loosen up.

Once we pulled up to the club I turned to Holly and said “Listen, don’t leave me once we get inside ok?” She laughed but agreed and we ran towards the door. We showed our IDs to the doorman and walked inside. I could barely believe my eyes. It looked unbelievable. It was mostly dark except for the faint candlelight throughout and there seemed to be a red and black theme which would explain our costumes. Once I got my thoughts together, I turned to ask Holly a question but she was gone. “Dammit,” I knew this was going to happen. Holly had a way of disappearing into the crowds and doing her own thing. I hated being alone and not knowing anyone.

I walked over to the bar and ordered a martini. The bartender was wearing a mask so I had no clue if he was even attractive. Actually, everyone in the entire club had on masks. How in the world was I supposed to find a man when I couldn’t even see what they look like? After three martinis I was starting to feel pretty good. Since I didn’t drink much I was feeling tipsy after the first one but since I was here basically alone – I needed more!

I stood up and walked over to a secluded corner of the dance floor. I figured since I was already here and had a buzz, I might as well enjoy myself. I started moving with the music, moving my hands around in the air and then running them down my sides. I was trying to think of how those hot girls in the music videos danced. They always looked so damn sexy doing it. I tried my best to mimic their actions. After a few songs I was getting the hang of it and I was actually getting turned on! The club was so dark that you could barely see anyone other than their shadows. I had my eyes closed most of the time just feeling the rhythm of the music and moving my body with it.

I felt someone behind me. Could this be a hot young stud or maybe a dirty old man? I honestly didn’t care at the moment. I was so worked up by the alcohol, my hands running all over my body, and the darkness of the club that I could care less who it was. I turned my head slightly but only saw a mask. He had his hands on my hips and slowly grinded his hips into my ass. Damn this felt good. Why didn’t I do this more often? I placed my hands on top of his while still pushing back against him and dancing to the music. I could feel his penis getting harder and pushing into me. This was definitely going to be a great night.

His hands slowly moved towards my stomach. I lifted my hands and placed them behind my head onto the back of his neck. My head was lying on his shoulder. His hands wandered up under my tiny tank. He hesitated but finally went up a bit further so that both hands were covering my tits. I was in heaven with this masked stranger. His hands caressed my breasts. I bit my bottom lip and moaned into his ear. He let out a soft moan and said “this is so fucking hot.” I had to agree. This was by far the most erotic, sexual thing I had ever done and I was enjoying every minute of it.

I felt his right hand travel down my stomach and slip under the waistband of my skirt and panties. He slowly moved downward and touched my wet pussy. He first slipped a finger inside of me and moaned as he felt how wet I was. “So wet, just how I like it,” as he pushed his finger in and out a few more times before sliding up and over my clit. I was so turned on that his touch made me shiver. I could feel myself jerk as he ran his finger back and forth over my clit. It wouldn’t be long before I would cum all over myself. I ran my hands all over my body as he flicked my clit faster and faster. My breathing was becoming heavier and heavier. Just as I was about to cum, he shoved two fingers deep inside of me. Oh my god. I wanted to cum so bad. “Please,” I begged as I pushed my hips forward hoping he’d take his finger back to my clit.

I felt my clit being teased again and I let out a sigh of relief. I was finally going to release this sexual tension that had been building up for more than a year. His finger ran back and forth over my clit as fast as he could. It didn’t take but a few moments and I was covering my mouth so that I didn’t scream out. I came all over his fingers as he plunged them deep inside of me. I pressed my hips into his hands while moaning and breathing into his neck. “That was wonderful,” I whispered into his ear. I could feel his cheek tighten as if he might be smiling.

His right hand was lifted out of my panties and I took a deep breath. I can’t believe what just happened and then all of a sudden I felt him lifting my skirt just enough to pull my panties down to expose my ass. I could feel his hard cock pushing into the crack of my ass. He pushed down on my back so that I was bending over just a tad. He then whispered into my ear, “Spread your legs.” So I did and then I could feel him rubbing the head of his cock back and forth against my soaking wet pussy. Could this really be happening? Was I really going to fuck my masked stranger right here on the dance floor of a club?

Yes. His cock plunged into me so hard and so deep that I let out a loud chirp. He grabbed my hips as he pulled out and slammed into me over and over. It felt so good and so wrong at the same time. I grabbed my tits as I licked my lips. His cock was moving in and out of my tight pussy so fast. I slipped my hand back down into my panties and stroked my clit. I wanted to cum on his cock. He leaned into my neck and whispered “come for me.” His voice turned me on so much that I wanted to come for him. I started rubbing my clit faster and faster as he pounded away on my pussy. I could feel the pressure building as I started to get closer and closer. I turned my head towards him and tried to tell him that I was close but I was too late. My body started convulsing as I pushed out another orgasm. His hard cock still pounding deep inside of me was struggling to keep going. I could feel his body shaking as he grabbed a hold of my hips and slammed into me one last time. I could feel his cum squirting against my insides. It felt amazing. My body filled with my masked stranger’s cum. My body fell limp against him.

“That was incredible,” he said while pulling his softening dick out of my pussy. I could feel the cum oozing out into my panties. I fixed my skirt and turned around to face him. He was still masked and I had no idea who he was or what he looked like but he had just given me one of the best orgasms I had ever had. I leaned over, kissed him and then turned around and walked away.

The feel of my masked stranger’s cum in my panties was turning me on. I looked out into the darkness of the club and headed towards another secluded corner. I was going to try my luck again

Truth or Dare

“Okay, boys, I’m heading out now!” Aaron’s mother, Lauren, called out as he and his father walked into the kitchen.

“I’ll see you later, honey.” Lauren said, kissing Aaron’s father on the lips as she began to step out the door. Before she walked out she turned to Aaron: “And you, young man. You better not get into trouble while we’re gone tonight. We might not come back until very late or early tomorrow morning.”

“I know, I know, mom.” Aaron started, “I’ll just be here handing out candy. My plans got canceled at the last minute anyway. By the way, where were you guys going again?” he said, mostly out of boredom as opposed to actually caring.

“We’ll be at Nicole’s, she’s hosting a party with a bunch of people you may or may not know. Nothing you need to worry about, I guess.” Lauren said flatly. “Now goodbye, sweetie. I’ll see you tomorrow.” With that she headed out the door.

Aaron’s parents were going to a Halloween party at their friend’s house, and his mother had left early to help get set up. They were apparently going her friend Nicole’s from work, and Aaron’s head immediately shot to images of Nicole who came over almost every week and he knew pretty well. His mom’s friend was an absolute bombshell. She was in her 30s, but she was incredibly fit and she was one of the hottest women he’d ever met. She was average height but she had killer tits and an ass to die for. He’d imagined fucking her many times over the course of their acquaintance, and every time he met her she winked at him, seemingly knowing something he didn’t.

Aaron walked upstairs to his room, trying to picture what slutty costume she’d be wearing for Halloween, dreaming about one day being able to hit that. She was married, though. “Too bad,” he thought to himself. He was set for a pretty boring day, and reserved himself to messing around in his room, when after a few hours, he heard the phone ring.

He walked out of his room to get the phone, when the ringing stopped. Aaron stepped down the stairs and saw his father had answered it. He overheard what he was saying.

“Are you sure you need me?” his father asked the voice on the phone, probably some work friend on the phone.

“Yeah, you’re right. That’s a pretty big account. We can’t afford to have anything happen. I’ll come down there tonight. Just let me get my things in order. I can be there in a few hours.” He continued, replying to a voice he couldn’t here. Apparently his father’s work needed him for something. His father hung up the phone and turned around, seeing his son on the staircase.

“Aaron! There you are!” he said, walking toward him.

“What’s up, dad?” Aaron asked, wondering what had happened.

“Oh, nothing. A client got cold feet and wants to be rewalked through everything. I have to go down to the property in Copperopolis. It’s a few hours away. I probably won’t be back until late tomorrow night.”

“Oh shit, really? That sucks… What about your party with mom?” Aaron asked, wondering what he planned to do.

“Yeah, about that. I was gonna ask you if you’d go for me and tell your mother I couldn’t come. I know she’ll just wanna leave if she has to be there by herself, but I could tell she was looking forward to it. Would you mind going there for me and staying for a bit so she can enjoy herself? I know it’s your mother’s friends and it’s kind of a drag, but you’d be doing me a huge favor.” He explained.

Aaron didn’t have anything going on, and he assumed he’d be able to get a look at his mother’s friend Nicole in her skimpy Halloween outfit, so he figured why not? “Sure, dad. It’s not like I’m doing anything tonight, and I don’t want mom to miss out on something she’s been waiting for. Do I need a costume or something, though?” he asked.

“Uh, yeah. Just wear the one I got. I haven’t even worn it yet, and we’re similar builds so it shouldn’t matter. Thanks for doing this for me. Your mother will really appreciate it.”

“No problem. When am I supposed to be there?”

“Try to get there by 6. I have to leave real soon, so I’ll leave the rest to you. Here’s the address. Have fun!” Aaron’s father said, picking up his coat and briefcase, handing Aaron the address before heading out the door.

Aaron went to inspect the costume he was to wear, seeing that it was only a stupid batman thing with a mask. “No problem, I guess.” He was excited to go; he’d been pretty bored all day. Plus, he thought since he was doing his father a favor he’d be able to get away with some drinking. He was only 18 but his parents never seemed to care too much.

Aaron got ready for the party, putting on his costume and seeing what it looked like in the mirror. It fit him barely, he was a tad more muscular than his father, and it was pretty cheap. All in all, it was a fun suit, but the mask covered most of his head save for his mouth and eyes. You could hardly tell it was him.

Aaron himself was a strapping young man. He started for the basketball team in high school; they were an all-state caliber team that had won a few leagues. He was muscular from keeping up with the sport, and throughout high school he was taller than a lot of other players at 6’2″. He had turned 18 a few months ago and was now in his first year of college, he played point guard in a D II college.

As he looked in the mirror, he briefly wondered what his mother would be wearing. His father had forgotten to tell him what costume she was going to be dressed in, and he thought he might be in trouble if she had a mask, like him. Aaron tried to ignore it, but it had not escaped his awareness that his mother was incredibly hot for her age. His friends always ribbed him about what a milf she was, and even he had to admit she looked great.

Aaron’s mother, Lauren, was very petite, barely coming up to about 5’0″, but curvy in all the right ways. She was already 35, but she looked like she was in her late twenties at her latest. She had a pear shaped figure with incredibly wide, sexy hips. She was a yoga instructor at a nearby studio, and as a result was incredibly lithe and fit. She had small, perky B-cup breasts that perfectly complimented her tiny figure, but what really stood out was her incredible ass. She had, even Aaron could see, as ashamed to admit it as he was, an absolutely phenomenal ass. It was perfectly round and bounced with her every step, making the most of her curvy, wide hips. He’d often accidentally find himself staring at her tight ass as she performed her morning yoga in the living room. Even as a mother in her mid 30s, Aaron’s mother was a knockout.

Realizing he’d have no way to know in advance, Aaron decided he’d find his mother at the party and figure out what to do there. He drove to the house and got out of the car, hearing the music blaring even from the outside. He walked up the porch, opening the door and stepping inside.

Aaron looked around as he entered, realizing he probably knew absolutely no one at the entire party. The house was packed, and he could recognize no one that was unmasked. The other half of the people had some sort of mask on and he couldn’t tell who they were even if he did actually know him.

He pushed through a crowd of people before spotting an incredibly hot woman walking towards him in a very revealing Pocahontas costume. He looked the woman’s body up and down, enjoying the eye candy. The costume hardly covered her up, revealing much of her toned legs and hugging her lithe frame perfectly. It was a two piece costume, and the top showed off her perky but small breasts, emphasizing them with its tightness. The bottom was a loose skirt with a slit in it, revealing most of her thigh and only covering up to just below her ass. Finally, he looked up at her face to see who it was, and realized it was his mother!

Aaron was shocked at what she was wearing, and even more so that he had been checking her out, before he was interrupted as she eventually reached him.

“Hey baby!” his mother said, reaching her arms over his neck and pulling his head down towards hers. Aaron momentarily smelt alcohol and wondered what she was doing. His question was soon answered. She pressed her soft, full lips against his, melting in his mouth. She pushed her tongue inside his mouth, meeting his, before he could fully react to what was happening. He was making out with his mother!

His mother continued to passionately press her lips to his, before Aaron broke the kiss abruptly, to her confusion. “What the hell, mom?” he said, realizing she had no way of knowing his father wasn’t coming.

“What the fuck? Aaron? Why didn’t you tell me it was you before we started kissing? Why the hell are you even here, and in your father’s costume?” she asked, seemingly mad.

“Dad got called for a work thing, he told me to come here and make sure you wouldn’t leave on account of him. He wanted to enjoy yourself. I was GOING to tell you before you started mauling me with your tongue! What was that about?” Aaron asked, still surprised and, at this point, slightly aroused.

“Oh shit.” Lauren said, realizing what she’d done. “Sorry about that, baby. I didn’t know it was you. I’m gonna be honest, I’ve had a bit to drink.”

“I can tell.” Aaron said bluntly.

“Anyway, Aaron you really shouldn’t be here. This is more of an adult party-” His mother was cut off by none other than her friend Nicole.

“Lauren! I can see your husband, Rick, has finally arrived. A little naughty to be kissing him like that in front of everyone!” she teased.

“Shit” Aaron thought to himself. She’d just seen his mother kiss him and thought he was his father now. He’d just planned on introducing himself. He hadn’t thought that they might think he was his father.

“Uhh, yeah. Sorry about that. I guess I am a little naughty.” Aaron’s mother blurted out, lying to save herself the embarrassment of revealing she’d just kissed her son.

“Well, you two, come over here and get some drinks!” Nicole said, turning around and motioning towards the bar. Aaron instinctively looked down at his mother’s friend, who was, ironically, wearing a catwoman costume. It was skin tight and really put her amazing ass and tits on display. He could see no visible panty lines and assumed, then, she wasn’t wearing any. He could feel his cock start to stir in his pants, being tantalized by this view of her gorgeous body. She walked towards the bar, Aaron staring at her ass as her hips swayed back and forth.

“Aaron!” his mother said abruptly, snapping him out of his hypnosis.

“Shit, mom!” he said, remembering what had just happened. “What are we gonna do? They think I’m dad.”

“Well, I really don’t want to explain why I was kissing my own son like that, so I think you’re just gonna have to tough it out.” She explained.

“What do you mean?” Aaron said, puzzled.

“Tonight you’re gonna have to act as your father. I don’t want them thinking I’m some weirdo for making out with my son, even if it was on accident. Don’t worry, we won’t have any more of that.”

“Fine,” Aaron said, realizing that was probably the best option. “But I’m gonna go get a drink, then.”

“I’ll let you drink tonight, because of what’s happening, but you better not drink too much!” his mother said, nagging him like a typical mother would.

“I should say the same to you!” Aaron said, walking off in the direction of the bar.

Aaron had a few drinks, enjoying the party, all the while mostly staying with his mom. They kept it clean and simple, dancing innocently, making sure to keep up appearances. As they drank more and more, probably too much, Aaron started to notice his mother once again.

Her costume really didn’t leave much to the imagination. It showed off her wide hips and basically half of her ass, especially when she moved around a lot. He tried not to stare, but as the night went on he became more and more transfixed by his mother’s hot body. He caught himself several times ogling her tits and admiring her ass when she turned around or bent over. His mother could feel it too, as they could both sense a small amount of tension building up between them. It was sexual tension, and it had started with the kiss.

They continued dancing throughout the night, getting closer to one another the more they drank. Eventually, without realizing, Aaron had gotten pretty brave with his mother. His placed his hands on either side of her hips as she turned away from him, dancing to the fast music. She shook her hips to the beat, drawing closer and closer to her son. As the room got more crowded, she realized her ass was pressed against her son’s crotch, and she was grinding against him.

As his mother accidently pressed her round ass into Aaron’s member, he began to get extremely aroused. His cock hardened as he ran his hands over the sides of her hips. They lost themselves in the haze before they were both tapped on the shoulder from the side.

“Lauren, let’s go upstairs! I want to show you something!” It was Nicole again, they noticed, and she was motioning for them to follow her. They stopped dancing and passed through the crowd towards the staircase. Nicole led them up, them both wondering what she wanted. She led them into a room that had three other couples in it, all friends of Aaron’s mother.

The 3 other couples sitting on the floor in a circle; the men were all wearing some sort of masked costume (not that he’d recognize them if they weren’t, anyway). The ladies sat next to them, each in a Halloween costume of their own, all three pretty scantily clad. Aaron couldn’t help but notice that all the women were incredibly hot, even for ladies in their mid to late 30s.

“Sorry for interrupting you guys” Nicole began, sitting down on the bed in the room, giving us a wink. “But I wanted to have a little private game with the 8 of us!”

“What’s that?” Lauren asked, Aaron hoping it was nothing too serious.

“Well, it’s couples truth or dare! A couple chooses truth or dare, and the other three groups choose one for them. They can either tell the truth or do the dare, or refuse and lose. Oh, and you only get to choose truth twice!” Nicole explained.

“Okay, but what’s the point? If we don’t want to do it we just refuse and lose, who cares?” Aaron’s mother asked, wondering why they would want to play in the first place.

“Oh, I almost forgot!” Nicole said, excitedly. “The winner gets this!” she said, pulling out a Prada bag from behind her. Aaron didn’t really know if it was special, but it certainly looked well-made and very stylish. The women, however, instantly lit up with excitement.

“Where did you get that?” they asked.

“Well, I work for a fashion magazine, as you all know, and I was gifted this by one of the designers. It’s a collection piece, so it’s pretty much priceless.. I thought I’d include it as the prize in our game to spice things up!”

Aaron could tell by the way she looked at it that his mother wanted the bag, and she wanted it really bad. Ever since he could remember she was totally into accessories, and she loved to shop. Evidently, it was also her favorite designer.

“So, what do you guys say?” Nicole said, asking everyone.

Simultaneously, the other three women, including Aaron’s mother, said “We’re in!”

Aaron looked at his mother, wondering what she was doing. What had she gotten them into?

“What are you doing, mom?” Aaron said, whispering to his mother.

“I really want that bag, plus this will probably be fun! Just relax and play along with me. I’m sure it won’t be anything too bad.”

“Okay, who wants to go first? How about you two?” Nicole said, motion towards Aaron and his mother.

“Okay, I guess,” Aaron’s mother said, cautiously. “I guess we’ll take truth, just to start it off.”

“Alright!” Nicole said excitedly. “Now let us come up with a question!” The three couples convened, the women giggling, the men obviously not that interested. They broke their huddle and Niccole spoke again.

“Here’s your question. What’s the craziest place you two have had sex?” she said with a grin on her face.

Aaron was absolutely shocked, not realizing the game would be about anything sexual. He immediately got uncomfortable talking about stuff like this in front of his mother. He turned towards her, seeing her blush bright red.

“Why are you asking me that? I’m not gonna answer! That’s private!” she said, turning a bright shade of red.

“Come on, Lauren! This is the game! You chose truth, now do you want to answer or not!?”

Aaron’s mother gulped, looking once again at the bag. Clearly she still wanted it.

“We’ve fucked against the open window in the front of our house before. Also, we do it on the kitchen counter pretty often, of course while our son is away.” She said, to her son’s complete amazement.

Aaron was shocked. Firstly he was surprised she answered the question. Secondly, he was amazed his parent had done anything so exhibitionist. He began to get aroused, picturing himself fucking her brains out on top of the kitchen counter. He shook his head, trying to get the image out of his head, cursing himself for thinking about something so taboo.

“Wow, naughty!” one of the other women spoke up. “I’m sure you two have a lot of fun!” she said, winking at Aaron.

The rest of the round went by, his mother now joining in on the little meetings, each couple choosing truth and being asked something of a similar sexual nature. All four of the couples continued to drink while playing, and they had all gotten noticeable drunker as the turns went around. Finally, it was their turn again, and Aaron and his mother talked for a bit before deciding which to choose: truth or dare.

“I don’t really want to hear you talk about that, mom” Aaron said, frankly. He was too aroused at all the talk of sex, and he decided that wouldn’t do him any favors.

“I agree,” his mother started, “plus, we only have on truth left for the entire game. We should see what a dare is. If it’s just something like a peck, we can handle it.”

“We choose dare this time!” Lauren said, firmly.

“Oooh” Nicole said, smiling mischievously. The other couples convened again, this time really only the three women at all bothering to even lean in, before breaking once again.

“Okay. We dare you to take off your costume top and bottom, Lauren.”

Aaron was shocked once again. Apparently they weren’t trying to do anything light at all; they were gunning for the win.

“What!?” his mother quipped, blushing at the idea even being thrown out. “I can’t do that! I’m not even wearing a bra underneath my top!” This immediately got Aaron’s attention, as his eyes shot to his mother’s perky breasts. He could clearly see her nipples poking through the fabric.

“Oh, don’t be such a prude, Lauren! You want the bag, don’t you? Do it, or forfeit.”

Lauren bit her lip, looking back and forth between the bag and her son, deciding what to do. Finally, she made her decision, blushing as she slowly untied her top, letting her perky breasts fall against her chest. Aaron gasped as her breasts fell into view. She got up, sliding her skirt down her waist, leaving her completely naked save for her tiny, lace panties and the face paint on her cheeks.

The men immediately stared at Lauren’s tits, obviously enjoying the view. Aaron blatantly ogled his mother’s breasts, now completely hard under his suit. They were perfectly sized, big enough to be cupped but not too big for her frame. She had cute, perky nipples that just begged to be sucked on. Aaron’s mouth watered at the thought of fucking his mother’s tight ass from behind while he groped her tits. He could only view her with lust now.

Lauren sat down, blushing as she realized everyone was staring at her. Her panties hardly covered her round ass, and her legs and hips looked incredible as her scantily clad bottom pressed against the cold floor. Without any clothes on, her nipples started to harden, chilled by the air.

“Okay,” she said, breaking the silence. “Who’s next?” she asked, placing her hands over the front of her panties, covering where her pussy would be.

“It’s our turn,” one of the other women spoke up, apparently named Sofia. “But god, Lauren, your tits are so fucking perfect. It must be nice having small, perky ones like that.” She said, grabbing her own breasts, which were much larger. Sofia was a Latina woman with large breasts and gorgeous, sunkissed skin. She had the Latina curves and wore a revealing witch costume.

The round continued, moving around to each couple. Nicole, to Aaron’s delight, had also been dared to take her costume off, revealing her tight body. Unlike Aaron’s mother, however, she was wearing a bra. It barely covered her large, creamy breasts as she unzipped the top part of her suit, sliding it down to her waist.

“Do I have to take the whole thing off?” she asked, hesitant.

“You made up the rules, hon.” Aaron’s mother said, frankly.

“Okay…” she said, slipping the rest of the skin tight suit over her ass and down her legs, stepping out of it. As she rolled it down, Aaron realized he had been right about her not wearing panties. She was wearing nothing underneath, and as she took off her costume she exposed her naked ass and lovely, shaved pussy to the entire group.

Aaron heard the other men gulp as she flashed her pussy to the other couples. Nicole, while hesitant at first, didn’t seem to care that much about being naked. She sat down and crossed her legs, Aaron’s eyes following her puffy pink pussy all the way down. He looked up, making eye contact with Nicole. She winked at him, catching him staring at her pussy.

“Naughty much, Nikki, going with no panties on?” the other woman spoke up. Aaron had learned she was a petite Filipino woman named Marinella. She had small breasts, but wore a slutty maid’s outfit that complimented her darker skin and showed off her legs. She was wearing black thigh highs and the normal white apron that tied around her waist, showing off her figure. She was definitely very cute.

“Says the girl in the slutty maid outfit?” she said, laughing.

“Yeah, but at least I’m not flashing everyone! Anyway, it’s our turn, we choose our last truth.”

The women asked another intimate question, this time a tad more interesting. “Have you ever taken it up the ass?” they asked, giggling.

Marinella immediately blushed, looking away. “Yes, I have. Honestly, it felt really good.”

“What?” the man behind her spoke up, probably her husband. They both wore wedding rings.

“Sorry baby, it was before we met. He had a really big cock and wanted to fuck my ass for his birthday. I agreed.” She said back to him.

Aaron chuckled to myself, amused at the fact they had probably been married for several years and yet they didn’t know that about each other.

“Maybe I’ll let you do it sometime.” Marinella added, kissing him.

After everyone finished going, it was Aaron’s and his mother’s turn again. As they asked truth or dare, Aaron immediately blurted out dare, not waiting for his mother to ask or respond.

“Okay. We dare you to get to 2nd base. Make out with Lauren and suck on her tits.” Nicole answered, smiling.

Lauren’s eyes went wide. “What is this, high school? Daring me to go to 2nd base?” Lauren said, concerned. Aaron tried to hide it, but he was secretly happy.

“Yup. That’s your dare. Do it or not.” Marinella said, speaking up and giggling a bit.

Aaron leaned to his mother’s ear, whispering softly. “It’s fine mom,” he started, to his mother’s surprise. “I know you really want that purse, this will only take a few minutes. It’s no big deal, it’s not like I haven’t done that before.” He said, getting braver.

She was still in shock, but spoke back. “Yeah, but you were a baby then. It’s inappropriate. You’re my son!” she looked over at the Prada bag, admiring it again. “I do really want that purse, though” she added. “Fine, but try to make it quick.” Lauren said, against her better judgement. She’d drank far too much as is, and that allowed her to relax, perhaps too much.

“Okay, We’ll do it.” She said to the group, turning to Aaron.

“Oooh, this should be fun!” Nicole cooed.

Aaron faced his mother, and brought his hand around her waist, pulling her closer to him. He hesitated for a second, before his mother took the initiative. She planted her lips firmly to his, hoping to get it over quick. As their lips touched, her brief intentions scattered away. They both felt electricity as they kissed, and Lauren, drunk as she was, melted into her son’s mouth.

As Aaron kissed his mother, he was overtaken in the lust of the moment. He placed one hand on his mother’s ass and leaned her on the floor, cupping her breast with his other. He pushed his tongue into her mouth, lightly teasing hers. She moaned into his mouth as his rough hands caressed her hard nipple, and she felt herself getting wet. Ignoring everything, she placed her hands on the back of Aaron’s head, and broke the kiss, pushing him down towards her chest.

Taking the hint, Aaron moved his head down towards her breast, admiring them from close. He took one of her perky nipples into his mouth, groping the other with his hand. Lauren arched her back from the sudden wetness on her hard nipple, driving her breast further into her son’s mouth. Aaron sucked on his mother’s firm, perky breasts as he had done once as a baby, flicking her nipple with his tongue.

Aaron, forgetting where he was, slowly reached down to touch her pussy. He lightly ran his finger over her slit, feeling the wetness through her panties.

“Oh, fuck!” his mother gasped out, in a whisper. She started to grind her pussy against her son’s fingers, his mouth and hands still massaging her lovely tits, when she was interrupted by the group.

“Holy shit you guys!” Marinella said, breaking the silence. Aaron and his mother immediately realized where they were, groping each other in front of Lauren’s friends. They had been too into it to even say anything before Marinella had spoken up.

Aaron withdrew his mouth from his mother’s nipple, her areola now glistening from his saliva. He got off of his mother, looking up at the group. Marinella was bright red, even though she hadn’t even been the one doing anything. Aaron then eyed Nicole, realizing her hand was in between her legs. Her pussy was puffier than before. She had just been masturbating!

“Jeez, guys! Get a room!” Sofia now said out loud, chuckling.

Lauren blushed deeper than she had before, embarrassed that she had been paying so little attention. Her hands moved once again to her lap, covering the front of her panties. She tried to hide it, but her panties were now absolutely soaked with her juices. Her son had just been openly rubbing her wet slit, and now she was hornier than ever. Even more so, she was turned on by the fact they had done it while her friends watched. The thought of being touched by her own son in front of her unknowing friends drove her crazy.

“Well, now” Nicole said, removing her hand from between her legs and giving Aaron a slight grin. “I guess you fulfilled your dare!”

It was then Sofia and her husband Ben’s turn. They chose dare, opting to keep their last truth. The women convened again, and once again chose something naughty.

“Give Ben a striptease/lapdance, and make it good. You have strip all the way naked.”

“I don’t know about this, Sofia.” Ben started, not wanting everyone to see his wife completely naked.

“It’s fine, baby. Don’t worry.” She said, reassuring him.

She led him to a chair and gave him a fantastic lap dance, slowly stripping away the slutty witch dress she had been wearing and sensually grinding herself in his lap. She grabbed his hands and placed them on her body as she removed her both her panties and bra, revealing her large, tanned breasts and huge ass. The men, including Aaron, ogled Sofia’s body as she performed the dare, looking at her with lust in their eyes. She finished the lap dance, staying naked, and sitting on the floor. Her large, firm breasts sat out in the open as she once again faced everyone. Ben stood up from the chair, a noticeable erection in his pants. The women giggled at the sight, and then moved on to Nicole and her husband’s turn.

This time, the women got bold. Aaron noticed them giggling abnormally, after Nicole chose to do a dare once again. They broke their huddle and gave the dare. “Nicole, you have to suck on Sofia’s tits.” Lauren said with a sly grin.

“What?” she exclaimed. “Surely you can’t be fine with this, Sofia?”

“I’m game,” she said, giggling. “I love getting my tits sucked,” she said, eyeing Ben.

Both of their husbands gulped, and Aaron could tell they wanted to object but were too excited to pass up the opportunity.

“Fine.” Nicole said, to Aaron’s surprise. He was shocked, but definitely looked forward to watching these two incredibly sexy women get to 2nd base.

“You ready?” Nicole said, nearing Sofia.

“All yours!” Sofia replied.

Taking command, Nicole pushed Sofia onto her back. Slowly, she put one of her legs in between Sofia’s and gently lowered her mouth towards Sofia’s large, perky breasts. Sofia moaned slightly as Nicole flicked her nipple with her tongue before taking her entire areola into her mouth. With her other hand she massaged Sofia’s other breast. As Nicole continued to suck on Sofia’s large, tanned breast, she pinched her nipple with her other hand, causing Sofia to arch her back. Nicole then released Sofia’s nipple, hardened from the cold, and groped her body with both of her hands. She moved her head back up to just above Sofia’s, and pressed her lips against hers. As their tongues touched Sofia moaned into Nicole’s mouth and moved her hand to unclasp Nicole’s bra, revealing her milky, white tits. They continued to kiss as Sofia moved her hands, cupping Nicole’s bare breasts.

Aaron gasped as Nicole’s breasts fell into view. They were breathtaking. They were firm and perky, slightly bigger than his mother’s. They jostled up and down with her every move, hypnotizing him. Aaron stared in awe as two beautiful women made out right in front of him. His cock further hardened as he watched them massage each other’s breasts and swirl their tongues in each other’s mouths.

Finishing their kiss, Nicole pulled up from Sofia’s lips. As she pulled off of her, she bit her lip and smiled seductively at Sofia. “You’re a good kisser, Sophie,” she said, calling her by a cutesy nickname.

“You too, hun” Sofia said, sitting back up, turning to the group. “I guess she finished her dare just fine!” she said, giggling.

The men’s jaws were still on the floor, stunned by what had happened. As they tried to recover, Nicole changed the subject.

“Okay, Marinella. It’s your guys’ turn now!” Nicole said, her breathing still heavy from her arousal. “You only have dares left, right?”

“Oh, nuh uh.” Marinella said, turning a shade of red Aaron had never even seen before. “I’m not doing anything like that! I’m too embarrassed! We’re out!” she said, looking away.

Her husband looked relieved yet slightly disappointed that they wouldn’t be doing anything, but accepted the decision.

“You sure, Nella?” Aaron’s mother spoke in.

“Yeah. We’re gonna stay and watch still, of course.” Marinella added.

“What a naughty slut!” Nicole said, laughing.

“Whatever!” Marinella said, embarrassed. “It’s Lauren and Rick’s turn now, right?” she added, referring to Aaron as his father.

“I guess so,” Nicole said, agreeing. “Truth or dare?”

Aaron’s mother turned to him, whispering to decide what they wanted to do. “I think we should do one more dare, before it gets too serious, so we can keep our truth for a last round if we need it. We’ll try to get them out after our turn with something crazy.”

Aaron just nodded in agreement, too horny to really focus on anything.

“We choose dare again.” Lauren said.

“Okay,” Nicole said, this time not even attempting to decide the dare with the rest of the group. “Give your husband a blow job, right here in front of us.”

Aaron’s jaw dropped. He hadn’t expected it to ever go this far, and while his cock stirred at the thought of getting his cock sucked by his mother, he fully expected her to turn it down.

“You can’t be serious, Nicole! That’s too far. The other stuff was borderline already, but this is basically like having sex in front of you guys! You can’t expect us to accept that!”

“Well, that’s the dare, sweetie.” Nicole said, teasing her. “If you want to win, that’s what you have to do.”

Lauren looked to the other two women for support. They had none.

“Sorry, babe, but no objections here.” Sofia said as she made eye contact with Aaron’s mother. “This is too exciting!”

Marinella was too embarrassed to even be talking about it to acknowledge Lauren looking at her.

Aaron’s mom turned towards him, lost in thought. Aaron, in the middle of this all, tried to discuss it with his mother.

“It’s fine, mom” he started, whispering to her as she drew closer. “This has gone far enough already. There’s no need to do the dare.”

“You’re right, baby. It’s fine.” She replied. Aaron took a deep breath of relief. “Just let me do all the work.” She added.

Aaron’s eyes shot wide as he felt his mother grab his member through his suit. She actually planned to give her son a blow job!

“Holy shit, she’s gonna do it.” Marinella said, her eyes glued to what was transpiring.

Slowly, Lauren unbuckled the fake utility belt Aaron was wearing, and pulled down the bottom of his costume, revealing his boxers. There was a large tent in his pants, with stains of precum all over the underwear. Aaron went to protest one last time as Lauren attempted to pull them down, but she gave him a threatening glare, causing him to back down. He couldn’t believe his own mother was about to give him a blow job!

Aaron’s mother pulled down his boxers in one move, causing his large cock to spring out. Aaron immediately became aware that everyone in the room could see his manhood. The women gasped as it escaped his boxers, and Aaron’s mother, eyes wide, instinctively licked her lips.

“Holy shit, Rick.” Sofia blurted out. “Jesus, that thing is huge.”

“I can see why you married him, Laurie” Nicole said nonchalantly, in front of her own husband. She blatantly stared at Aaron’s cock, and he saw her subtly move her hand between her legs. “That thing’s like half as big as you!” she added, referencing his mother’s petite body.

Lauren ignored them, focusing on the task at hand. She’d never seen such a big cock in her life, and strangely felt proud that she had made such a thing. At the same time, she felt herself get wet at the thought of tasting it. Slowly, she brought her lips to Aaron’s cockhead, and in one move engulfed the tip in her mouth.

Aaron moaned as he felt his mother’s mouth envelop his cock, her tongue swirling around its tip. Aaron watched as Lauren slowly moved her lips down the length of his shaft, attempting to take it all at once. Unbeknownst to Aaron, his mother was exceptionally gifted at giving head, and she also really liked doing it too.

Lauren continued to slide her luscious, red lips down her son’s massive girth. She stopped, taking in as much as she could, and found herself unable to reach the bottom third of his manhood. Aaron moaned at the sight of his mother’s gorgeous, soft lips running over his cock. Seeing his mother, dressed up with her Pocahontas headband and light facepaint, almost choking on his massive cock made him harder than he’d ever been before, and he did everything he could to not cum right there.

Realizing she couldn’t reach the base of his cock, Lauren took her free hands and placed it around the base of her son’s cock, using her other to cradle his large testicles. As her mouth and through adjusted to his size, she began to pump the bottom part of his cock with her dainty hand, unable to even completely wrap her hand around it. She worked his cock with one hand, massaging his balls with the other as she slowly started to move her lips up and down his shaft. She began to pick up the pace as she got more and more used to his size, running her small mouth up and down the length of his enormous cock.

Aaron watched in pure delight as his mother’s lips bobbed up and down over his cock. He noticed her small, perky tits bouncing up and down each time she moved her lips down the length of his member and pumped her hand. It was by far the best head he’d ever been given, and it drove him even crazier that he was being blown by his own mother.

Lauren continued to move her lips up and down her son’s enormous manhood, enjoying the taste of such a young, large cock in her mouth. She pumped his shaft over and over, feeling herself getting wetter as she pleasured her son in front of her close friends. Her tongue expertly worked his cockhead before Lauren felt her son begin to tense up. Realizing he was close to cumming, she picked up her pace even more, wrapping her lips tight around his massive girth and engulfing as much of his length as she could, to the point of almost choking.

Aaron could no longer handle his mother’s expert work, and knew he was close to finishing. “Holy shit, mo-” he started, cutting himself off, realizing he needed to call his mother by her actual name. ” Oh Fuck, Lauren. I’m about to cum, babe!” he said, attempting to act like her husband.

Aaron’s mother continued to work in overdrive before he couldn’t take it any more. “Fuck!” Aaron moaned, feeling his balls tighten as he began to release inside his mother’s mouth. Ropes and ropes of his cum shot down his mother’s throat as Aaron felt his balls empty into his mother’s mouth.

Lauren was expecting to swallow his cum, but she wasn’t prepared for how much he actually came. What seemed like buckets of cum shot out of his enormous cock, filling her mouth to the brim. She swallowed her son’s load, but his cock continued to pump out more of his potent seed.

Finally, Aaron began to settle down as he pumped the last of his cum deep inside his mother’s mouth. He groaned at the sight of his mother attempting to finish swallowing his load, a small amount of his cum dripping down her chin and landing on her perky breast. As he finished, she continued to lick the head of his cock, cleaning it entirely of his cum. She swallowed the rest of his load and slowly withdrew her mouth from Aaron’s cock. She looked down at the cum that had fallen onto her breast before gathering it on her finger and licking it off.

Aaron looked at his gorgeous mother, her left breast and chin still dripping with his cum. As he recovered, his mother looked up at him and smiled seductively, giving him a little shrug. Aaron pulled his boxers back up over his semi-flaccid cock.

Immediately, they both once again realized where they were: right in front of three other couples. Aaron’s mother, attempting to tidy herself, took her nearby top and wiped the cum off of her face and body. She sat down on her son’s lap and gave him a peck on the lips, shortly after having just had her own around his cock. Lauren’s panties were completely soaked at this point; she was as horny as she could ever remember, especially after performing such a naughty, taboo act in front of other people. Aaron could feel her wetness in his lap and knew his mother was incredibly aroused.

“Jesus Christ that was hot.” Marinella spoke, apparently too transfixed to be embarrassed further.

“We have to get out of here.” Sofia said suddenly, speaking to her husband Ben. She stood up, grabbing his hand and pulling him up. He had a noticeable erection.

“What are you doing, babe?” he said, obviously confused.

“We have to go, now.” Sofia said, bring her mouth close to his ear and whispering something. His eyes went wide for a moment as Sofia cracked a smile. She gathered the pieces of her costume and started putting them on, forgetting in the moment about her bra and panties.

“Okay, guys. We’re leaving. Have fun!” she said, moving to the door.

Marinella spoke up: “Wait! Don’t you want the purse?”

They opened the door, still continuing to leave. “No thanks, girls. You guys can keep it! Bye!” she said, smiling at us as her husband pulled her out the door, slamming it in the process.

“Oh god” Marinella said, realizing what Sofia went off to do.

Lauren spoke up now, speaking to Nicole. “Okay, Nikki. I completed my dare. Now it’s your turn. Truth or dare?”

Aaron looked at Nicole as she snapped out of her silent haze. Aaron looked down between her legs and saw her finger firmly pleasuring her naked pussy. She removed it as she realized what was happening.

“Such a little horny slut.” Aaron’s mother spoke up, teasing Nicole like she had been doing to them all night. So which is it gonna be?”

“Dare!” Nicole said, blurting it out without speaking to her husband. He briefly tried to protest before Lauren interrupted him.

“Okay,” Lauren said. “Let him fuck you in the ass.” She said, motioning towards Nicole’s husband.

“What?” her husband shouted, speaking up for the first time since the game started. He’d really only been watching until now.

“Okay, honey.” Nicole said, getting up. She walked over to the nearby bed and laid herself over it, exposing both her tight holes to the remaining members of the group. “Let’s go, baby. Fuck my tight little ass.” She said, about as nonchalantly as you possibly could.

To Aaron and Lauren’s surprise, Nicole’s husband spoke up again. “Woah, Nicole. There’s no way I’m doing that in front of everybody. That’s too crazy, even for us!”

“What baby? You’re joking right? Come on, fuck me! I know you’ve wanted to do anal for like ever!” she said, clearly getting impatient and obviously horny. She waved her round ass back and forth, continuing to flash everybody with her pink, puffy pussy and waiting asshole.

“No, Nikki. Sorry. I’m not doing this.” He said, turning to Aaron and his mother, revealing a tent in his pants. “We’re out. You guys win.”

“What baby?” Nicole said, turning around. “No way! I want to win. Just fuck me right now!” she said, walking towards her husband and pressing her perky breasts into his chest. She grabbed his hands and placed them on her ass, attempting to persuade him.

Nicole’s husband groaned audibly as he felt her ass, but remained resilient. “Sorry, Nikki. We can have sex later. I can’t do it in front of your friends.” He said, leaning in to kiss her.

Their lips briefly touched before Nicole broke it, pouting and sticking out her lower lip. “Okay, but you better make it up to me later!” she said, grabbing her husband’s manhood through his costume. She turned to Aaron and his mother.

“Okay, I guess you guys won.” She said, still pouting slightly. She walked back towards the bed, this time to get the prize. She picked up the Prada bag and walked back over towards Lauren. “Here’s your prize, hun. I hope you like it. It was fun playing with you; we should do it again sometime.” she said, flashing a mischievous smile and winking at Aaron.

“I guess we’re gonna go home now.” Marinella said, trying to excuse herself room the room. “It was a great party, Nikki, but we have to go. Thanks for inviting us!” she continued, grabbing her husband’s hand and trying to hurry out the door.

“Please, Nella,” Nicole said, picking up her costume off the door. “I know you’re hurrying home so you two can have sex. No need to hide it, babe.” She looked at Marinella with a teasing grin.

“Whatever!” Marinella replied, completely embarrassed again by Nicole’s teasing. “Bye!”

With that, they stepped out the door, leaving Nicole and her husband alone with Aaron and his mother.

Lauren, realizing she was still sitting in her son’s lap, got up, trying to distance herself. Aaron stared at his mother’s ass as she stood up, admiring the enormous wet spot in her panties. He looked towards Nicole who was redressing herself on the bed.

Nicole slowly slid each leg of the tight catwoman suit over hers, pulling it up to her waist, covering her pussy. Aaron stared at her gorgeous body as she reclasped her bra and zipped the front of the skintight leather suit all the way up, over her fantastic tits. Even dressed, Nicole still looked amazing as the tight suit hugged her every curve. Aaron was sad to no longer be able to admire her naked body, but realized it was for the better after he had been ogling the women all night.

Aaron’s mother set her new purse aside, looking to do the same. After gathering both pieces of her costume, began to slide her skirt back up. She was thankful to be able to hide her wet panties as she slid the skirt over her wide hips and round ass. She grabbed her top and placed it over her breasts, attempting to cover her hard nipples while she tied it. She’d realized her mistake in having wiped up her son’s cum with the costume, as its thin material was now noticeably stained with cum. She postponed tying it, leaving it draped across her chest as she looked up towards Nicole and her husband.

“Well, Lauren, Rick, I guess it’s time for us to go back to the party. I see you guys still have somewhat of a “mess” to clean up, so I’ll see you downstairs.” She said, giggling. She took her husband’s hand and led him out the door, chastising him for making her lose. “You better fuck me really hard later tonight after making me lose that!” she said, lightly punching his arm as she left the room and closed the door.

This left Aaron and his mother alone for the first time that night. Lauren, realizing this, quickly tossed the cum-stained top of her costume to the side. She didn’t want to be topless in front of her son, but it was doing her no favors. Aaron’s eyes shot to his mother’s breasts as he stood up, stepping out of his s blatantly staring at her still mostly nude body. She blushed as he stared at her with lust in his eyes, covering her small, perky tits with her arms.

Aaron, now finally out of sight of everyone else in the party, quickly tore off the hot mask and rest of his costume, attempting cool down. Lauren stared at her son’s muscular body as he stripped to nothing but his sleeveless undershirt and boxers. He really had turned into quite the good looking young man.

“Alright, Aaron. Come over here and sit next to me. We need to talk about this.” She said, still incredibly horny but realizing they should stop whatever was happening before it was too late. Aaron, snapping out of his haze as his mother covered her chest, obeyed his mother and walked towards the bed to sit next to her.

As he neared the bed, Aaron felt his foot step on something. He looked down, realizing too late he’d stepped on Sofia’s panties. As his weight shifted, his foot slid out from under him, causing him to fall towards the bed. Lauren, barely reacting to what happened, attempted to catch him as he fell towards her. His momentum led him onto the bed, pushing Lauren onto her back in the process. He finally stopped himself as he realized where he was.

He was lying over his mother’s half naked body, his right hand firmly on her left breast. He’d fallen completely on top of her, and in trying to catch himself he’d inadvertently groped her body. Lauren lay on her back, her face inches from her son’s, very aware of his hand squeezing her firm breast. They stared at each other for a moment before almost instinctually closing their eyes and bringing their heads together. Their lips met in the heat of the moment, sending sparks flying as they kissed passionately for the third time that night. Lauren’s lips parted as her son pushed his tongue into her mouth, his rough hand still cupping her breast.

Lauren moaned as Aaron pinched her nipple between his fingers and immediately moved her hand to feel for his manhood. She grabbed his cock through his boxers, feeling it start to reharden in her hands. She pressed her lips even harder against her son’s as she slipped her hand inside the waistband to feel her son’s massive cock. At this point she no longer cared what she was doing, all she wanted to do was get pounded by a nice cock. She was going to get fucked hard by her own son.

Aaron was too overcome with lust to even think about anything anymore. He broke the kiss, taking his shirt off, and moved his mouth to one of his mother’s small, perky breasts. He flicked her hard nipple with his tongue before engulfing her breast in his mouth once again. He slowly moved his free hand to his mother’s wet slit, running his finger along her lips through her lace panties.

“Oh fuck, baby!” she cooed, shivers being sent down her spine every time her son’s fingers pressed into her sopping pussy.

In one move, he ripped his mother’s underwear completely off, tearing it completely in the process. Slowly, he inserted one finger into her waiting pussy, his mouth still sucking on her small breasts. Lauren moaned as his finger entered her pussy, toying with her with pleasure. She was being driven crazy with lust, hornier than she ever had been before, and it was because of, out of all people, her son!

She regained focus as her son fingered her wet slit, now gripping her son’s manhood firmly inside his shorts. She lightly ran her hand up and down the length of his shaft, pumping his cock as he continued to tease her body. Aaron removed his mouth from his mother nipple, exposing her wet areola to the cold air. He kissed up and down her flat stomach, his free hand roaming over her thin, lithe body. He ran his hand down over her wild, child bearing hips, still pleasuring her with his hand.

Lauren felt herself getting closer and closer to orgasm and started grinding her pussy hard against her son’s fingers. Just as she felt herself getting close to the edge, her son withdrew his hand from her pussy.

“What the fuck, baby? I was about to cum!” she said, begging for relief.

“I know. I’m gonna make you cum on my cock, mom. No cheating.” Aaron said, now in power.

“Fuck, Aaron. Please, just fuck me. Fuck your mother’s tight little pussy!” she moaned, pinching her nipple with her own hand.

Satisfied Aaron pulled down his shorts, once again revealing his huge cock. He grabbed his mother’s gorgeous legs, lifting them up and lining his cock up to her pussy. Before entering, he slid it up and down her wet slit, teasing her one last time.

“Oh god! I need your cock, baby! Put it in me, already!” she cried, unable to wait a moment longer.

With this, Aaron grabbed his mother by the hips and popped the tip of his cock inside his mother’s waiting pussy.

Lauren gasped as she felt his massive girth enter her tight cunt. He was so big it was almost painful. Slowly, she began to adjust to his size as he continued to push farther into her wet pussy. Aaron continued to penetrate his mother’s pussy, his hands roaming over her petite body.

“Holy fuck mom, you’re so tight!” he said, his cock stretching her tight pussy. Finally, he pushed his cock all the way in, completely bottoming out into his mother’s hilt.

Lauren yelped in pain as her son’s massive cock hit her cervix. It hurt badly at first, but slowly it began to fade away into pleasure. His enormous cock was now completely penetrating her tight cunt. Lauren felt like she was being split in half on his massive cock, she was being filled up like she’d never been filled before. Aaron had momentarily stopped moving, allowing her pussy to completely adjust to his size.

Aaron began to withdraw his cock from her velvet sheathe, pulling it almost all the way out. In one movement he pushed back in all the way, filling her up again. He started to pick up a pace, pounding in and out of her pussy, increasing the speed each time. Finally, he fell into a rhythm, impaling his mother’s tight pussy with his massive cock. Lauren yelped every single time he pushed into her, his size continuing to stretch her pussy.

Finally, completely adjusted to his movements and girth, she started to match his rhythm, moving her hips in tune with his as he pumped his cock in and out of her. Aaron continued fucking his mother’s tight pussy, bringing his hands once again to her perky breasts, groping them roughly, and pressing his mouth hard against hers. Their tongues swirled in each other’s mouths, kissing passionately as mother and son. She bit his lip as she felt herself once again nearing her climax.

“Fuck me, baby! Fuck your naughty little slut of a mother! I’m so close to cumming, baby, don’t stop!” she screamed into his neck, her legs wrapping around his waist, urging him to penetrate her deeper. Aaron grabbed his mother’s ass, squeezing it hard and picking her up in the process. Her hard nipples pressed into his naked chest as continued to slide his cock in and out of her pussy.

“Oh fuck mom, your ass is so fucking fantastic. Your hips are so god damn sexy!” Aaron yelled, still groping her tight ass.

Just as Lauren neared the edge of her orgasm, the door knob began to turn. “You guys gonna come down here?” Nicole said before seeing the situation.

Luckily, Aaron was facing the bed, away from the door. Nicole could only see his back and Lauren as he continued to piston in and out of her tight hole.

Lauren, facing the door, saw Nicole’s eyes go wide as she witnessed what happened. Too late, Lauren began to orgasm on her son’s hard cock, unable to stop herself or warn him of anything.

“Oh fuck!” she yelled. “I’m cumming!” she said as she bounced up and down on her son’s cock, hoping Nicole couldn’t tell it was him.

Nicole could see Lauren’s petite body being impaled over and over again, watching her tits jostle up and down as she came on Aaron’s cock. “You naughty slut!” Nicole mouthed to Lauren, still unbeknownst to Aaron.

Lauren, mid orgasm, attempted to shoo Nicole away, motioning with her arm to close the door. This was hard, as she was still convulsing on her son’s cock, the fact that her best friend was watching her fuck her own son driving her even crazier.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Lauren moaned out, each time her son pumped his cock back into her pussy. She continued to shoo Nicole away, trying to get her to leave.

Nicole, seeing his, gave her the “okay” symbol, before starting to close the door. Right before she closed it, however, she brought out her phone and snapped a picture of Lauren, naked, being fucked hard by son who was facing away.

Unable to do anything, still in the middle of her orgasm, Lauren watched as Nicole took the photo, flashed her a smile, and then shut the door.

Lauren’s pussy began to contract as her orgasm came crashing down, squeezing Aaron’s cock like a vice.

“Holy fuck mom! You’re too tight! I’m gonna cum!” he said, continuing to buck in and out of her tight pussy.

Deciding to completely ignore what had just happened, Lauren wrapped her legs tighter around her son’s waist, causing him to push deeper inside her sopping pussy. “Fuck me, baby!” she yelled, her pussy milking her son’s cock for all it was worth. “Cum inside my pussy, baby! I’m on the pill! Shoot your load deep inside your mother’s womb!”

All the encouragement Aaron needed, he set her back down on her back and took her nipple into his mouth, pushing his cock deep inside her one last time. Lauren arched her back as she felt her son tense up, about to cum.

“Oh fuck!” Aaron yelled as started to cum inside his mother’s pussy. Loads and loads of his cum shot deep inside his mother’s fertile womb, coating her walls with his potent seed. Lauren gasped as she felt her son’s balls empty deep inside her tight pussy, filling her up with his hot cum.

“That’s it!” Lauren gasped, “Fill your mommy up with your hot cum! Make me your little cum slut!” She felt her son’s cock completely empty inside her cunt, causing it to overflow with his seed. She contracted her pussy, milking the last drops of cum from his enormous cock, grabbing his head and kissing him passionately once again.

Aaron, his balls now completely emptied inside his mother, collapsed to her side. As they both recovered from their mindshattering orgasms, they cuddled in each other’s arms. She turned his head towards his, pushing her ass into his crotch. Aaron, feeling his, lifted his head up and pressed his lips to hers, cupping her breast once again.

“I love you, baby.” Lauren said, completely satisfied, feeling great to be appreciated by such a young, nice cock.

“I love you too, mom.” Aaron said, kissing her on the cheek. He placed his hand on the side of her hips, squeezing her ass. “You’re so fucking sexy. Your ass is fucking perfect.” He said, rolling over.

Lauren turned around and laid her arm across her son, her hard nipples pressing into the side of his chest as she attempted to recover. They lay together for a few minutes before deciding they needed to get ready.

“We should get back down there,” Lauren started, “Nicole must be wondering where we are.” She didn’t reveal the fact that Nicole had come in and seen them having sex, even going so far as to take a picture. Lauren’s only hope now was that she had no clue it was her son and that she could get her to delete the photo.

They both got up off the bed, and Aaron went to put his costume back on.

“Don’t forget to put your mask back on, honey” his mother said, resuming her duties as his mother.

“I know, I know. People still think I’m your husband. I guess we don’t want them seeing that it was actually your son whose cock you were sucking like a horny slut.” He said, grinning at her. He pulled on his suit, leaving his mask off for a moment as he turned to his mother.

“Hey! I’m still your mother, young man. Don’t talk to me like that!” she said, walking past him to gather her clothes.”

“Yeah yeah.” Aaron said. As she passed him, he brought his hand down and slapped her naked ass hard, causing her to yelp in a combination of pain and pleasure.

“Aaron!” she said, turning around and blushing a deep red. “Don’t do that!” she continued, embarrassed by being treated that way by her son.

“Sorry. Your ass is just so fucking sexy. I couldn’t resist.” He watched her as she attempted to redress, getting ready to go back down to the party.

Lauren picked up her top, still slightly stained with his cum, and tied it around her chest, covering her small breasts. Her hard nipples poked through the fabric, leaving much less to the imagination. She walked over to the bed, picking up her torn panties.

“Did you really have to tear them completely off, baby?” she said, looking at the ripped material. “There’s no way I can wear these now. I really like these ones.” She said, pouting.

“Sorry mom, I just got kinda lost in the moment.”

“What am I gonna do now? I have nothing to cover myself.” Lauren said, looking at the skimpy skirt that would barely cover her bottom.

Aaron walked over to his mother, grabbing her waist and pulling her towards his chest. “I guess you’ll just have to be a naughty little slut and go the rest of the night without panties.” He said, grabbing her ass and pressing his lips against hers once again.

Lauren broke the kiss, biting her lip, and moving to grab her small, revealing skirt. “You make things so difficult.” She said, stepping in to it. She slowly slid the skirt up her legs, her son staring. She blushed as she pulled the skirt over her wide hips, placing it on her waist. She looked dressed, but she could feel the cold air touching her naked pussy under the skirt.

She inspected herself, realizing the skirt covered practically nothing. She was almost showing her naked ass and shaved pussy. She moved carefully towards the door, trying to make sure her skirt wouldn’t blow up as she walked. She felt naughty not wearing any panties as she could still feel her wet pussy oozing with her son’s cum. Getting ready to leave, she moved to the bag she’d won, picking it up and admiring it. “Definitely worth it.” She said to herself, moving her eyes between the bag and her son.

“Let’s go, I guess.” She said, moving to the door.” Aaron watched his mother’s scantily clad ass as she opened the door, pulling him by the hand in the process. They bounced down stairs, his mother revealing her naked ass with every step she took downward. Finally, as they reached the bottom, Lauren pulled her skirt farther down and blushed, hoping no one had seen her naked bottom as she’d gone down the stairs. She set off to find Nicole, hoping to fix the situation.

Lauren led her son through the crowd, looking for her friend. She spotted her at the back by the door, and flagged her down.

“Hey Lauren.” Nicole said, grinning at her mischievously. “Where have you guys been?” she asked, rhetorically.

“Oh, you know, around.” Lauren responded, playing her game. “We just wanted to tell you we were heading out and say our goodbyes.”

“Oh okay. Thanks for coming!” she said, giggling. She looked at Aaron, now wearing the mask once again.

“We had a great time.” Aaron spoke up, saying his goodbye.

“Yes we did.” Lauren added, turning to her son. “You can wait in the car. I have to talk to Nikki for a sec.”

“Okay, baby.” He said, kissing her before leaving. Lauren hoped Nicole still thought it was her husband; she didn’t want to continue the affection if she knew it was actually her son. Aaron took out his keys and headed out the door, walking towards the car.

“What’s up, hun?” Nicole said, smiling, obviously teasing Lauren.

“Delete that picture Nicole!” Lauren said, still gauging Nicole’s reaction.

“Oh, the one of you and your husband fucking on my bed? Why would I do that?” Nicole continued, pulling out her phone.

Lauren breathed a sigh of relief, realizing Nicole didn’t know it was her son whose cock she’d been riding. She still didn’t want her to have the picture, though.

“Come on, Nikki. Delete it. I don’t want Rick to know you took a picture of us!” she said, trying to convince her friend to erase it.

“Sorry, Laurie, but I’m gonna keep it. It’s too hot to erase. You’re a naughty little whore, you know that?” Nicole said, showing her the picture. It clearly showed Lauren’s naked body being pounded by her son, who thankfully was turned around enough to be unable to be identified in the picture. In the picture, Lauren’s tits were perfectly on display, and you could just make out the shape of her son’s cock stretching the entrance to her tight pussy. It was certainly quite a bit more than even a “risqué” photo.

“What are you even gonna do with it?” Lauren asked, blushing after having seen a photo of her so exposed.

“I won’t show it to anyone or tell anybody I have it. It’s just for me, so I always have a photo of my milf of a bestie getting fucked like a horny slut.” Nicole put away her phone, placing her arms around Lauren and hugging her close.

She quickly her soft lips to Lauren’s, giving her a peck, perhaps a little more sensually than would be considered “normal”, and whispered in her ear: “Don’t worry, babe.”

Lauren, realizing she was getting nowhere, just hoped her friend would be true to her word. She had been her best friend for many years, and she trusted her, but she was still uneasy. “I guess that’s the best I’m gonna get” she said to herself.

“Okay, Nikki” Lauren said, eyeing her carefully. “I guess we’re going to head out now. Thanks for the bag” she said, indicating the purse she had around her shoulder.

“No problem, hun. Have a good night!” With that, Nicole stapped back to resume the party, her tight ass cheeks bouncing in the skin tight suit with each step. Lauren stepped out the door, looking for her car.

Lauren spotted her son standing next to their car about 30 yards away, and quickly hurried to him, the cold night air blowing under her skirt. She could feel some of her son’s cum start to drip down her leg, no panties to cover her wet, sopping pussy. As she reached about half way across the street, a large gust began blowing, picking up Lauren’s skirt. Too late to react, the gust completely blew up the sides of her skirt, flashing her bare ass and naked pussy in front of her son. Lauren turned a bright shade of red as she attempted to pull her skirt down, holding it as she walked the rest of the way.

“Windy out, huh?” Aaron said rhetorically, chuckling at his mother’s situation.

“Shut up!” Lauren said, still blushing, as she stepped into the seat. As she sat down, she could still feel some of her son’s cum leaking out of her pussy. She placed her hands in her lap, trying to cover what was happening and attempting to make sure it didn’t leak onto the seat.

Aaron pulled off his mask, finally being alone once again. He started the car and began to drive home. As they drove in silence, Lauren noticed their dynamic was changed. One hand on the wheel, Aaron placed his other hand high up on her thigh. His strong hands caressed her leg, running up and down its length. She was embarrassed at being touched so naughtily by her own son, but was still incredibly aroused.

Slowly, Aaron’s free hand roamed down to just in between her legs. He moved his fingers, lightly running them over her wet slit.

Lauren gasped as her son’s fingers traced her puffy pussy lips. “Aaron!” she yelped as her son pressed one finger into her wetness, feeling his cum leaking out of her pussy.

He removed his hand, pulling into their driveway and stopping the car. He stepped out of the car. Aaron walked around to the passenger side, opening the door to help his mother out. Breathing roughly from his touch, she took his outstretched hand and began to get out. As Aaron pulled his mother up from the seat, he caught a glimpse of his mother’s still sopping pussy.

Lauren, finally getting out, once again brought her hands to her lap, covering her scantily clad bottom. She blushed as she walked towards the door, letting herself in. As she and her son stepped in the house, closing the door, she began to think what they should do about their situation.

Aaron, finally home, quickly stripped off the hot costume, tossing it on the couch. He turned to face his mother as she tried to speak up.

“Aaron. Tonight was amazing, but I don’t think we should do anything like it ever again. You’re my son. I can’t be having sex with you! It’s wrong!” she said, trying to convince herself as well. She’d be lying if she said she hadn’t loved being fucked hard by her son’s enormous cock.

Aaron said nothing, walking towards her apparently something on his mind. As Lauren began to follow up her statement with another, she felt her son pick her completely up off the floor.

“What are you doing, Aaron?” she said, confused. He lifted her hips completely up and set her ass down on the tent forming in front of his boxers. He continued to hold her up with one hand as he tore off her top with the other.

“Stop, Aaron! We shouldn’t be doing this!” she said as he pressed her lips hard against hers, kissing her passionately.

Aaron didn’t care at this point, and breaking the kiss he finally spoke up. “I don’t care, mom. You’re so fucking hot. I’m gonna fuck you like the horny slut I know you are.” He squeezed her ass under her skirt, taking her perky, small breast once again in his mouth. He lightly tongued her hard nipple, causing her to moan with pleasure. He ground his cock hard into her wet pussy, only the thin material of her skirt and his boxers separating their sexes.

“Oh fuck, baby!” Lauren gasped as his large cock pressed into her tight cunt. She arched her back as her son’s mouth continued to work on her sensitive nipple.

Aaron, removing his mouth from her breast, gripped her again and started walking up the stairs towards her bed room. He had no trouble picking up her petite body, and he slid pressed his mouth against her soft, red lips as he moved to her room. His tongue lightly touched hers as he reached her bed, where he gently set her down. Aaron removed his shirt and boxers, revealing his once again hard cock, and leaned over his mother. He pressed the tip of his cockhead into his mother’s tight pussy, still filled with his cum from earlier. He ran his cock along the length of her slit, teasing her in the process.

Lauren let go of all her reservations, and accepted the fact that she wanted to be fucked hard by her son’s cock. “Fuck me, Aaron! Fuck your mother’s tight little pussy!”

Aaron obeyed, grabbing her hips and plunging his thick cock deep inside his mother’s waiting pussy. His massive girth stretched her pussy once again, filling her up to the brim.

“Holy fuck your cock is so big, baby! You’re splitting me in half!” she moaned as her son penetrated her tight cunt.

Aaron began to slide his cock in and out of his mother’s pussy, picking up his pace. He pounded her tight pussy with his enormous shaft, pulling her hips into his with every stroke. He moved groped her naked body with his strong hands, massaging her tits and squeezing her ass, her dainty skirt now flung up above her stomach.

Lauren screamed every time her son’s large cock entered her pussy. She bucked her hips as he pulled her petite body into his. Any pent up frustration melted away as her son used her tight pussy like a toy, ramming her with his cock.

Suddenly, Lauren felt her son’s cock completely withdraw from her sopping pussy. She looked down, wondering what had happened, and met her son’s gaze, noticing the lust in his eyes.

Aaron picked up his mother’s petite body, flipping her on his stomach. “I’m gonna fuck your tight little pussy from behind so I can pound your fucking gorgeous ass!” He reached for his cock, pressing it into his mother’s slit from behind. She arched her back as she felt his cock press into her cunt, propping her tight ass up off the bed. He ripped off the thin skirt, throwing it on the floor by the bed.

Aaron moaned as he once again entered his mother’s sopping pussy, feeling her tightness envelop his cock. “Fuck mom, you’re so tight! He said, gripping her wide hips and ass as he bottomed out deep inside her tight hole. He watched in delight as his cock slid in and out of his mother’s pussy, pressing his crotch into her round ass. As his cock continued to piston in and out of Lauren’s cunt, his balls slapped against her clit.

Lauren laid face down on the bed, her small breasts pressing into the sheet as she continued to get rammed from behind by her son. As Aaron pushed his enormous cock inside her pussy in the new position, she once again felt his massive cockhead hit her cervix. She yelped, this time in complete pleasure, as his cock pressed into her hilt.

“You cock is so fucking big! You’re stretching my tight pussy so much!” Lauren moaned, nearing her orgasm. Aaron bent over his mother, her ass grinding into his crotch, as he reached over to grab her tits. He groped her body from behind, his stiff cock still penetrating her from behind.

“Oh god your tits are perfect!” Aaron gasped, rolling her nipple in between his fingers. Lauren turned her head backwards, placing her hand over her son’s head and bring it closer to hers. She kissed him passionately as he continued to pleasure her petite, lithe body.

“Oh fuck, mom!” Aaron said, continuing to pump in and out of her pussy. “I’m about to cum!”

Lauren could feel her son start to tense up as his cock pressed into her cervix every time he bottomed out in her. “Cum for me, baby! Cum inside your mother’s slutty little pussy!”

Hearing his gorgeous mother speaking like a horny slut pushed Aaron over the edge. “Fuck, I’m cumming!” he said, pushing once again, deep inside her pussy. His balls tensed as he exploded deep insider her womb, filling her again with his massive load.

Lauren, feeling her son’s hot cum filling her pussy again, started to orgasm on his cock. “Oh God, baby, I’m cumming too! Fuck me with your huge cock!” she gasped as she convulsed on his massive erection.

Aaron grabbed his mother’s wide hips, squeezing her ass and kissing the side of her neck as his cock continued to shoot his potent seed inside his mother’s womb.

Lauren came harder than she ever had before, her pussy being completely filled by her son’s massive load. She moaned, rubbing her clit as she shattered on his cock. “Ohh fuck!” she moaned one last time, collapsing on the bed.

Aaron shot the last of his load deep inside his mother’s cunt, falling on the bed as well. They lay on the bed, gasping, as they recovered from their orgasms.

Lauren, laying on her side, her son’s cock still deep inside her pussy. She turned her head, pressing her full, red lips to her son’s. “I love you so much, baby.” She said, her ass still pressing against his crotch.

Aaron kissed her again, cupping her breast with one hand, his other squeezing her round ass. “I love you too.”

They rested, slowly drifting off to sleep in each other’s arms.

Lauren awoke early the next morning with a light headache, no doubt a result of her drinking. She shuffled a bit, slowly realizing where she was. Her son’s arm was still draped across her chest, and his cock was still pressing against the underside of her pussy, touching her tight hole. Slowly, she got out of bed, surveying the situation. She and her son had just fucked in her own bed, and the room was a mess. Her ripped skirt was lying on the floor by the bed, and her son’s undershirt and boxers sat on a nearby chair. The covers were completely messed up, stained with massive amounts of cum.

Lauren turned around, looking into the mirror at her body. Her pussy was incredibly sore from being fucked so hard by such a large cock, and her small, perky nipples were tender after being handled so roughly by her son. Her lipstick was smeared, traces of it still on her son’s cock and chest.

“Hey sexy” Lauren heard from behind her, her son apparently now awake.

Aaron was sitting up in the bed, staring at his mother’s tight ass from behind as she stared in the mirror. He bit his lip, his eye’s running over his mother’s hot body as she turned her waist towards him. He admired his work noting her smeared makeup, and her sore, raw pussy. She had a hickey on her neck, and she rubbed her tender breasts as she looked at him.

“Hey baby.” She said, walking towards him. “I didn’t realize you were up.” She sat on the edge of the bed, next to him, giving him a light peck on the lips. “Last night was amazing.”

Aaron, somewhat sore himself from their long night, sat up further in the bed. “Sure was. Who knew my mother was such a little slut?” he said, teasing her. Lauren blushed, then quickly shook it off.

“So what do you want to do today?” Aaron asked, getting up out of the bed. “Dad said he wouldn’t be here until at the very least late tonight.”

“Well” Lauren said, walking towards the bathroom. “First of all, I’m going to take a shower.”

Aaron watched her ass sway back and forth as she reached the entrance, turning around again. “Care to join me?”

Aaron lit up, stepping towards his mother without saying anything. He reached the door, picking up her by the waist, squeezing her ass. They stared face to face for a second, before Lauren pulled her son’s head towards hers. Their lips met, their tongue’s dancing in each other’s mouths.

Lauren broke the kiss as her son closed the door behind him. He carried her to the edge of the shower, turning on the water. “You don’t mind showering with your dirty little slut of a mother?” she said.

“Of course not” he said, stepping into the tub and pressing her petite body against the tile. He groped her small breast and lined up his hardening cock to her waiting hole. “I’m gonna fuck her tight little pussy until she’s too sore to walk.” In one stroke, he pushed his massive cock deep inside her pussy, bottoming out deep inside his mother, up to the hilt.

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