Brother fucks pregnant mom and his sister!

My dad died in a car accident in the year 2000, as I was only sixteen. It was terrible. We were left alone, my Mom Ann, my brother Mike and myself.

My mother was working as a waitress in a hotel restaurant, my brother worked at a gas station. I was finishing school. We lived in a small house on the outskirts of a small town. We had problems with the mortgage on the house. Dad’s life insurance helped a bit but not too much. We decided to try to do the best of it. Mom and Mike wanted me to continue my studies.

Two years passed. I finished school and took a job in a flower shop. To save money we seldom did anything after work. We all came home early; we all read a lot and watched TV. Actually life was quite boring. But we became quite good friends, the three of us. Mom was a beautiful woman, still under forty. She had a fantastic body with curves like few had. Mike too was extremely nice and handsome, only one year older than me. I had got my looks of my mother, quite exquisite if I may say so myself. I have long legs, large breasts and long dark hair. Mike often told us that he couldn’t decide which of us were more beautiful, lovelier. As time passed we came closer and closer to each other. The friendship started to become closer to love. It wasn’t only a love as there usually exists between parents and children, between siblings. I clearly noticed that there was quite a lot of sexuality in the love I felt. And I guessed that the same was the case with the feeling both Mom and Mike felt for the others.

Spending the evenings together got more and more erotically charged. We both, Mom and myself started to wear lighter and sexier clothing when at home. Mike noticed this without commenting on it. As time went by I could notice that there was a change in how Mike looked at us. He tried to avoid staring at us, but I saw that there was lustre in he eyes. His gaze often fell on our breasts or legs. I wandered what he was actually thinking. I started to have fantasies about Mike making it out with either Mom or myself. More and more often I could see that he had a hard on in his pants. Obviously he had his fantasies as well. Also Mom noticed the bulge in his trousers and our eyes met telling that one had seen that the other had noticed the fact. We had a wordless dialog not wanting Mike to know what we had noticed.

The summer came. It was a warm summer. Actually it was a hot summer. It was natural to wear only a bikini during the days in the weekend. Mike was clad only in trunks. We were sitting in the backyard in easy chairs enjoying the sun. We were having some wine and beer.

“Would it embarrass you guys if I took my top off” Mom suddenly asked?

“No, of course not” we both replied.

She removed her top and her fabulous breasts came into view. In order to prevent Mom from feeling embarrassed I too took off my top. Mike was staring trying to seem quite unperturbed, but the pole prodding in his trunks gave him away.

He saw that we had noticed his inconvenience.

“Hey ladies, this just happens with you two lovely ladies around. I’m sorry,” he said with a slightly embarrassed smile.

“It would be very impolite if you didn’t react in any way,” Mom countered. We all laughed.

“I must say that it seems to be quite a big tool you have there,” I said. We all laughed again.

“It must be inconvenient to have it restrained by the fabric,” Mom suggested.

“Why don’t we remove the rest of our garments?” she added.

“I don’t mind,” I said removing my briefs. So did mom. Mike was hesitating.

After a while he just removed his trunks, looking away from us in embarrassment.

It was a most beautiful pole that was exposed. My estimation was nine inches.

I had never seen a real one before, only pictures and in porn movies. I felt something trembling inside me and I realized that I was getting wet between my legs. It was fantastic.

“What are you, Mike, thinking of as you react that that?” Mom asked.

Mike looked even more embarrassed.

“Well, —–, well I’m thinking about touching you both, or you touching me,” he replied with a stammer.

“Naughty boy,” Mom commented with a smile. “Any way, I like the reaction,” she added.

Mike looked very embarrassed. I felt something between pity and horniness.

“What would you like touch on me?” I wagered.

“I wouldn’t mind touching your breasts, perhaps even suck your nipples,” he confessed.

His prick was getting purple red as he looked at us both with a hungry expression on his face. I wanted to feel it in my hands, perhaps even lick it and eventually take it into my mouth. I glimpsed at mom. I needed a sign from her to do something. We were close to incest I realized. Mom was clearly hesitating. Then she nodded lightly. I took my chair and moved it in front of Mike who spread out his legs. The lustre in his eyes was very transparent. I felt extremely horny. I sat down in my chair. I bent forward protruding my breasts towards him as far as I could. Mike reached out and started to caress it very gently. It felt so good. I looked down at his throbbing dick. Carefully I extended my hand to take hold of it. It was rock hard. Some pre-cum was pouring out from the sobbing pole. I moved my hand along the shaft, covered his glands and softly smeared it out around his dick. Mike was intently looking at me straight into my eyes. Now I was able to do soft masturbating moves along the tremendous tool. I was wetter between my legs than ever before. Mother moved her chair to sit beside us intently observing what we were doing. Mike reached out and did some fondling with her tits. I looked up to see Mom’s expression. She looked delighted. I had only time to make a few more stokes along Mike’s cock, then he exploded. His come flew straight into his face. That was a setback. I knew that a prick after an orgasm would soften. But not this time so. It remained as hard as ever.

“Then it’s my turn,” Mom decided.

I let go of the gorgeous one and Mom took hold of the enormous bat. As Mom started to do the thing with his dick I managed to reach Mike’s face and licked his face clean from cum. I liked the taste. It was my first time to sense the salty taste. Mike turned slightly and kissed me on my mouth. It felt good. I responded by trusting my tongue into his mouth. As I sat back, I saw that Mom had bent down and was now sucking his cock. I saw even more lustre on his face.

“I’m in heaven,” he muttered.

My juices were running down my legs. I was so horny. I didn’t know what to do. Even if Mom’s head hadn’t been in my way, I wouldn’t have dared straddling Mike to have his pulsating rammer sink into my eager cunt. That was after all going too far, or was it?

Now Mike had his second orgasm in quite a short while. He leaned back in his chair closing his eyes. Mom gulped down his cum.

“That was nice,” she commented. “Yes, yes, yes,” Mike and I agreed.

We all now leaned back in our chairs. A long silence took over. Nobody knew what to say.

The sun was about setting. The birds sang in the trees.

“I need some beer,” I said breaking the spell of the moment.

I rose and went to fetch a couple of tins. As I returned Mike was walking around wanting to stretch his legs. His dick was hanging half way in a semi hard state still being quite large. As he moved it was bouncing up and down. It was nice to watch its movements.

We all had some beer. Nobody said a word.

“This was something we shouldn’t do, you know, but still, I would like to do it all the time,” Mom finally said breaking the silence.

Again nobody said anything. It was a difficult situation.

“I need some more beer,” Mike said to escape the awkward silence, and went into the house.

“It can’t be so bad if we are nice to each others from time to time,” I suggested.

“Mentally I don’t find it wrong, in spite of the law,” Mom said.

“I agree, but I think we have to discuss about it,” I replied.

Mike returned to the garden with some tins of beer. His cock was again standing straight up.

“We agreed with Susie that we have to discuss this new situation,” Mom said to him.

“I suppose we have to,” Mike agreed. We all looked at his enormous erection.

“What can I do, girls?” Mike just said. He didn’t look that embarrassed anymore.

“This has so far been the best day in my life,” he then added.

“Just jack it off. We have to talk,” I told him. Mom showed agreeing signs.

Mike sat down in his chair and started to massage his rock hard member.

I brought my hand to my cunt and started to caress my clit. Then I saw Mom doing the same. I think it took us some five minutes before we all came letting out different small outcries. Mike’s cum spurted out in a pool into our midst. The pressure hadn’t been the same as the previous times. Understandable I thought.

We then had a lengthy discussion about matters, the opinions going in waves for and against the morality in sex between us. Nobody was clearly opposed to it, but nobody seemed ready to talk for it either. We reached a kind of a stalemate situation.

The sun had gone down so we decided to move inside the house. Mike was still semi-hard. Nobody thought of putting on a dress or something. We just moved to the living room, all of us in the nude.

“Does anyone have a porn-movie?” Mom asked. “I feel so horny,” she added.

No one volunteered.

“Really, no one?” she asked.

“Well, I have a few,” Mike finally admitted.

“Well, can you bring one here? I would like to watch one. Those who aren’t interested can go and do something else. Watching is not compulsory,” Mom explained.

Mike stood up, his prick in a fabulous condition. He went to his room. We sat in silence in the sofa with mom. Mike returned with a cassette. He put it in the slot and started the VHS. Just how it happened this movie was about a young man making love to his Mom and sister.

Mike came to sit in the sofa between Mom and myself. He put up his arms around our shoulders. His very erect cock was almost hitting the roof. On the screen the lovemaking was smooth, no moralist inhibitions shown. The boy was now lying on his back. His thick and longish tool was standing straight up. His sister took her position over his head, bringing her cunt to his mouth. His mother climbed up straddling him and slowly she let his hard cock sink into her vagina. Mother and sister started to kiss each other. They both made slow and rhythmic moves with their abdomens. The only sound that was to be heard was a sucking sound from the region of the young mans cock. This continued for a while.

I brought my hand to Mike’s extremely hard rod. I started to make slow massaging movements along his long shaft. I could feel how the blood was rushing through his fabulous rammer. My other hand found my own crotch. My cunt was pouring wet. I started to finger my clit. The feeling was heavenly. I looked at Mike’s face. He was sitting with his eyes closed. Obviously he didn’t need any additional erotic stimulation from the movie. As I felt that my orgasm was coming closer, I could feel that Mike’s pole was getting even harder which I hadn’t believed possible. I glimpsed at Mom who was also caressing her cunt, clearly giving her clit a nice treatment. On the screen in front of us they all had their orgasms simultaneously. That is something that happens only in movies I thought. I was wrong. Within five seconds we all came in the sofa. Mike’s cum flew up in the air, landing all over us. I could feel how my own cum was flooding out of my cunt pressing down between my legs. We were all crying out with delight. On the screen they were all lying down on the floor to gather some strength. We just lay back in the sofa.

Mom took the remote control and stopped the video.

“I think we must do something to save the sofa,” she exclaimed.

We all stood up, and right she was, there were some fluids here and there on the fabric.

Mom went to fetch something to clean up the mess. It was unbelievable, but Mike’s rod was still rock hard.

“I must say, you really have a marvellous dick. Still hard in spite of all,” I said.

“Thank you, sis, it’s you two that make it excel,” he explained.

Mom came back with a wet towel and stared to clean the sofa. Soon it looked fine.

“I think I’ll have a short shower,” I said, aiming for the bathroom.

“Me too, then we have to make something to eat,” Mom said, following me in my track.

We went into the shower together. The water was running down our bodies. We didn’t use soap. We were only rinsing each other. I took the hand shower and rinsed my cunt.

Mom made a sign and I rinsed her cunt too. I let a finger go into the cleavage between her vaginal lips. Finally I let it dip into her cunt, not very deep, but never the less.

As we were about ready, Mike showed up. He had been watching us for a while. Now he wanted to be rinsed as well. He came into the shower between us and in unison we rinsed him all over. Special care was given to his still very erect love-tool. We didn’t stop the rinsing process until he once again came with a small outcry. This time Mom got the most of his cum on her stomach. So now she needed some more rinsing. Mike took care of that. Now we all took our towels and dried ourselves.

Still nude we went to the kitchen. Mike’s tool was hanging down at present. It looked quite red. I was so happy knowing that we all had enjoyed the day. While we all together were preparing our dinner, I was wandering how the evening would go on. Was there to come some new moralist hesitations, or not. I was ready for anything that would come up.

We had a nice dinner with some wine and beer. It was delightful to sit around the table with the view of mother’s breasts, large and firm, her nipples very red. Mike’s chest was also quite arousing. I was peeping over the table edge to see if his prick was stirring yet.

It wasn’t. That was good, he would need all his strength later on, I hoped. We were chatting about this and that. We didn’t touché the subject of our immoral behaviour. That was a good sign as well, I thought. After dinner we all participated in the cleaning up. As the dishwasher was humming we stood there in the kitchen and looked at each other, no one wanting to take any initiative.

“There is some left of the movie,” Mike finally reminded. He started to stroll to the drawing room. We both women hesitatingly followed. Then Mom disappeared and soon returned with a blanket. Without a word she covered the sofa with the new “protection”.

She then sat down, looking at us expectantly. Mike sat down beside her and reached for the remote control. I took seat beside him on the other side. The screen came to life.

The women started to mouth the cock of the young man on the screen. His prick was soon gaining size. He was letting his fingers run through the hairs of the women. They were all quite obviously enjoying the situation. The younger woman went in a doggy position on all four asking his brother to fill her up. The man took up position behind her, starting to insert his very hard looking pole into her arse. His Mom stepped over her daughter with one leg, thus facing her son, showing her cunt towards his mouth. The penetration of his big cock into his sister’s anus was shown in a very well zoomed picture sequence. One could follow how the glands worked its way through the ring muscle, making the strength of the muscle get weaker and weaker. Then the glands disappeared into her arse. Now the brother slowly pushed and pulled his big tool in and outwards in the sexy hole. The sister was exclaiming in a hoarse and sexy voice, but in my opinion not overdoing it. As the cock was berried all the way into the anal, the picture returned to the mother’s crotch where her son was sucking on her clit the best he could. From a more remote angle you could now see how the man was screwing his sister with short fucking movements so that he simultaneously could keep sucking his mother between her legs.

By now Mike’s cock was again as enormous as it could get. Just as I was about to go down on him to give him a good blowjob, Mom came down on his tremendous dick. She started to moth fuck him in high speed.

“Wait, Mom, not so fast. I don’t want to come at once,” Mike exclaimed. Mom slowed down the speed. I stood up in the sofa and managed to find a free spot for my right foot on the other side of Mike. Thus I stood, firmly holding my hands against the wall behind the sofa, showing my cunt towards Mike’s face. He started licking it. From above I could see how Mike brought his hand to Mom’s back and started to fondle with I don’t know what. Did he reach for her cunt or her arse, which I didn’t know? What happened on the screen, I didn’t know either. Who cared?

I was coming close to an orgasm. Waves of warm lustre feelings were running up from my abdomen. My legs started to tremble slightly. I pressed my clit against Mike’s lips and tongue. He sucked and licked in a beautiful manner. Then I came, my legs almost giving way. I still managed to maintain my balance. I felt how my juices flushed into Mike’s mouth. It was so beautiful. After a while I stepped back and more or less fell down in a sitting position beside Mike while Mom was still sucking on Mike’s very hard, very red-blue meat. The saliva from Mom’s mouth was running down the rod. Mom was pressing down on the base of Mike’s dick, thus making the blood pressure in his cock to increase to its limits. Letting the pole completely out of her mouth from time to time, I could see that it looked larger and longer than ever before. Ten inches wouldn’t have surprised me. It would have been nice to measure it for length, but I didn’t have the means to do so at the time. I moved around the pair of love makers. I could now see that Mike was finger fucking Mom’s cunt. I kneeled down and started to lick Mom’s arse hole. She couldn’t let out a sound, Mike’s dick being deep down her throat at the moment. The Mike came with an explosion. Mom just hang on to his dick, swallowing all of his cum. Then she came. Her juices poured out of her lovely cunt. I managed to lower my mouth, thus being able to lick up a part of her nectar. We all slowed down. I returned to “my place” beside Mike. Again we were sitting side by side in the sofa. Mom was panting. Mike’s cock was still standing straight up.

“How often have you been masturbating?” Mom asked. “It’s unbelievable that you can have a hard on for so long. You must have been practicing a lot,” she added.

“Not very often. Perhaps only once a week. But then I do it for quite some time, and thinking about you two, I can have a hard on for a couple of hours, even with an ejaculation or two in between. The thought of you just makes it possible,” he finished.

On the screen the threesome was finishing up. They were lying around on the floor, looking very exhausted.

Mom shut the TV.

“I need some beer,” Mike stated.

I got up on shaky legs and went for some tins. As I returned, Mike was leaning down and sucking on one of Mom’s nipples. Mom was still having a finger pressing down on the base of Mike’s still very erect rammer. I opened a tin and handed it to Mike, after which I went down on my knees between Mike’s legs and took his gorgeous piece of meat in my mouth. Without any efforts my saliva started to run, running down his long shaft. Keeping my lips just under the base of his glands, I started massage the length of his tool. Mom still kept her finger at the base. With my mouth and with hand I could feel how the high-pressure blood was rushing through the veins of his fabulous prick. I hade one free hand and I brought it to Mom’s lap. She spread her legs, and I could stick two of my fingers into her extremely wet pussy. I heard her grunt with delight. I continued sucking Mike’s lovely rod while finger-fucking my mother. I enjoyed it tremendously.

I was very eager to have Mike coming into my mouth. I had just today tasted his cum, or any cum for that matter, but now I wanted to experience the ejaculation rushing into my very mouth. Mom’s pussy vibrated around my fingers as she came flushing them with a warm sticky fluid. I continued fucking her. Mike’s cock, rock hard as it was, started to tremble, it grew even harder now and I sensed the impending explosion. I put on an additional under pressure around his glands by sucking more than ever as I at the same time added some pressure with my hand around his shaft. In doing so I prolonged his ejection with a few seconds. The he just flooded my mouth with his salty cum. I gulped and gulped. Some of his cum spilled out. I simply couldn’t take it all. It was too much. Perhaps I just wasn’t prepared for the tremendous amount of it. I looked up at Mike who was looking down at me with love and delight showing in his eyes. My tits were so erect that I thought they might burst at any moment. Mike’s forehead was covered by sweat. So was mine, I suppose. I crawled up in a sitting position beside my partners of sin.

My problem was that, in spite of all, I still felt horny. I turned my head and had a look at my partners. They both looked exhausted and satisfied. Were they ready to call this an evening? I reached out and grabbed a tin of beer. With a fizz I opened it. The lovely beer wasn’t that lovely. It had become too warm while we were making it out. Well, you can’t have it all. I put down my tin on the table in front of the sofa, and stood up. I went to the hi-fi and put on some music. It was a nice slow beat and I started to dance to the nice rhythm. I just felt that my breasts were looking terrific as the slightly bounced to the dancing. They were both looking at me in awe. I took softly hold of my breasts and caressed them for a while. I felt very sexy, and horny. Mike’s cock, which had been soft since his last orgasm, began to get harder again. This gave me more courage to continue my dance show. I brought a finger to my lips and licked for a while, and then I brought it down to my pussy and fondled my clit. Slowly I separated my legs more and more. I put two fingers inside my cunt and gently finger fucked myself. Mom had now taken hold of Mike’s again rock hard rammer as she was at the same time caressing her own clit. Mike now slid out of her grip, went down on his knees between Mom’s legs and started to eat her beautiful pussy. Obviously my dance performance wasn’t taking their interest at present. Or ten it had made them hornier again. Anyway I stopped dancing and went down on my knees behind Mike and started to lick him between his buttocks. It felt nice. I took hold of his erect tool between his legs and started to massage it. I pushed his foreskin forwards so that his glands were covered, then I pulled back again. This I repeated a couple of times. With my other hand I was able to cares my clit. It was again a new way of enjoying sex. What all did the coming hours have in store, I wondered. Mother’s outcry told me that she was coming again. I few moments later Mike was coming. He also let a joy filled cry escape from his lips. A few more strokes on my clit had me come as well. I climbed up in the sofa, Mike following me, taking his place between us. There we sat panting. What next I thought.

“Wait a minute,” Mom said and disappeared. Soon she was back with a new blanket and a box. She spread the blanket over the low table in front of the sofa. She brought two serving tables and placed them at certain distance from the blanket-covered table toe feet apart. Then she asked Mike to lie down on the table with his feet on the two separate serving tables. The buttocks were placed at the end of the table. Thus he was in a spread-eagle position, his balls hanging down over the edge of the table. By now he was again fully erect. His penis was absolutely beautiful. From the box Mom exerted a couple of goose feathers. Mike looked at them in bewilderment. So did I. Mom handed over one of the feathers to me. Now she started to tickle Mike’s throbbing tool inviting me to do the same. As I started the tickling she moved her feather down to Mike’s balls, administering the sensation to the perhaps most sensitive part of Mike’s genitals. I actually don’t know which part is the most sensitive one. Mike was whimpering. Still he quite obviously enjoyed his situation. We both, mother and me, smiled at each other while enjoying the sight of Mike’s delight. His cock grew larger and larger. The colour of it became darker and darker. It looked as if his dick would burst into thousand pieces at any moment. Then he exploded, his cum flying all over his face and the floor behind him. We just commenced the tickling. His tremendous meat just remained as large as ever. Tears were coming from his eyes. Mom grabbed in the box and brought out a dildo and a jar of some sort of jelly. She administered some of the jelly to the large rubber penis and brought it to the entrance of Mike’s arsehole. While I was still tinkling his genitals she started to slowly push the dildo into Mike’s arse. He was now crying out loud out of lustre. Mom added some pressure and the toy glands found its way into Mike, penetrating deeper and deeper.

“I can’t stand any more,” Mike exclaimed.

I just tinkled; Mom just fucked him with the toy. Again he exploded. An unbelievable amount of cum again flushed through the air. I didn’t have the stomach to continue the tinkling, and Mom also withdrew the dildo. Mike just lay there completely exhausted. He couldn’t even raise his head to look at us. He was panting heavily.

“Your turn, love,” Mom told me after a while.

Mom went to clean the dildo while I took up my position on the table. With my legs far apart I felt quite vulnerable. Mike was on his trembling knees beside me. His sucked my breast. Mom returned and they took up position at my cunt. Again they started with the feather treatment of my clit and cunt. The tinkling feeling was enormous. I could feel how my juices were running down between my buttocks. I didn’t want them to stop, ever. Then a felt the head of something hard enter the entrance to my pussy. I knew it was the dildo. It went in, deeper and deeper. One of them was tinkling my clit all the time. The dildo went in and out, deeper and deeper. I started to whimper out of lust. It didn’t take long before I came like never before. As I thought that it was over now, the rubber cock was withdrawn and suddenly I felt it being pushed against my arse opening.

So I was to go all the way, I thought. At first I didn’t like the feeling of having my arse bended open, but a little later having it inside me, I realized that the feeling was marvellous. I had never felt so vulnerable before, but as this all happened with the people I loved and trusted the most it was OK. I could fully enjoy the sensation. Soon I exploded again. I cried out aloud. I felt really satisfied. The dildo disappeared. The tinkle stopped. There I lay, my juices running down my buttocks. Mike came up to me and placed a soft kiss on my mouth. Slowly I started to slide down from the table. Mom was looking at us with expectation.

“Now it’s your turn Mom,” Mike said not giving her a chance to ask for it.

I took the wonderful dildo and went to the bathroom to clean it. As I returned Mom had taken the now so familiar position. Then the exactly same treatment, as I had just experienced, was administered to her.

“I love you children,” she cried between her sobs of pleasure.

She too had two tremendous orgasms before we were ready with her.

We were now very exhausted, all of us. In spite of that Mike’s lovely cock was standing up hard as ever. It had a very nice purple colour. Our love juices were to be seen all over the place.

“Time for a night bite before we turn in,” Mom decided. “Perhaps a nice shower before that,” she added.

We all went to the shower, this time using soap as well.

Later we had some sandwiches together with wine or beer.

“Time for bed,” Mom declared.

We all went to our rooms.

In my bed I was considering paying a visit to Mike’s room. Why hadn’t anybody suggested something further? Had we now reached a limit for what we all found appropriate, without having discussed the matter? Or, were we all of us expecting someone to make a move? I couldn’t decide. My breasts were still erect; my pussy was still urging for real meat to fill it up.

A thought struck me; Was Mike supposed to make the next move? If so, whom would he choose, sister or mother? Which would be his criteria for his choice? Surely a young man his age would prefer a beautiful young female closer to his own age. On the other hand, many a boys wet dreams surely was about making it with his mom. But still, after this day that dream should already have had its fulfilment. Or had it? What if he all day had been bewildered by the thought of showing his tremendously erect piston into the cavities of his own mother? That might be one of Mike’s obsessions. The thought of Mom and Mike being at present together made me very sad. I could feel tears coming into my eyes. I tried to listen in the darkness. Were there any sounds that might indicate that my fears were justified? I could not sleep. I tried to caress my clit, but it didn’t feel satisfying. I was thirsty. I decided to go for a glass of juice. As I walked passed the living room I saw a flickering light in the otherwise dark room. I went to check. There was Mike lying back in the sofa watching a porn movie without any sound on. He was lazily fondling his extremely erect member.

“Do you need company?” I asked. He jumped. I had frightened him.

“Come and talk. This was quite some day,” he replied.

I sat down beside him. It was funny. Suddenly after so many years during which we always tried to hide ourselves when being undressed, never addressed any topics coming even close to sex, not to mention porn, we now sat there in the sofa, both nude, Mike with a tremendous erection, and we didn’t feel embarrassed at all.

“What do you think about all that happened today,” he asked?

“I must say it was just lovely. In a way all my wishes came through, almost,” I answered.

“Yes, I agree,” Mike responded.

“But of course we have now sailed over forbidden waters. In a way we did so with Mom’s permission. But can she give permission to such a thing?” I continued.

“Mom is marvellous. It must be very difficult for her. She usually has very high ethics. This what happened today must have set her in turmoil concerning morale and ethic evaluations. She loves us very much. She doesn’t have anybody else and has as a woman been alone since dad died. From her sex-box we can draw the conclusion that she has been trying to satisfy herself in her solitude the best she could. But what does it give one in the long run? It hasn’t been very satisfying for me at least, with all my fantasies about you two. So today Mom let it all go. Away with all the inhibitions, she just decided to take the tremendous risk with all that might follow as a result. It must have been a very tough decision for her to make. As I think that we both, you and me, loved it and also sanctioned it, we should give her a feedback that makes her sure that what she did wasn’t wrong. I do find incest as a bad thing, not in a case like this, where no exploitation is involved. We could have skirted out from the situation very easily if that would have been our preference. But quite obviously her intuition told her, quite correctly, that we both were ready for the threesome, perhaps even longing for it. Now we must think of mom. What do you think, Susie?”

“I fully agree with you. As much as we all love each other, nothing can be wrong, if we show it. I think the laws about incest are right in essence, but there are situations where these laws can be bent. Let’s let Mom out of her misery, that we both believe she is experiencing at the moment,” I said.

Mike’s cock was still fully erect. He had been massaging it all the time during our discussion. I climbed up in the sofa, straddling him pushing my erect breast against his face. I took hold of his throbbing pole and gently inserted it into my well-lubricated cunt.

I gently rode him for a while. Our eyes met.

“It feels absolutely lovely. I wanted to have you in me before we go to see mom. You must concentrate on her as we go there. I didn’t want to feel jealous watching you make love to mom. You have an absolutely marvellous dick, Mike. I love to have it inside me. But for the time being, this is enough. Let’s go and see Mom,” I said pulling myself up to have his tool come free again.

I bent down and licked his rammer clean.

“Let’s go,” I said. And so we did.

Mike knocked softly on Mom’s door.

“Come it,” we heard from inside. She was lying in semidarkness under her blanket. She had tears in her eyes.

“Why are you crying, mom” I asked?

“Well, I have been so nervous not knowing what the happenings of last night might lead to. Have I trodden on your vulnerabilities? Have I mentally hurt you? Have I scared you away from me? Do you feel exploited? Have you lost your trust in me? Have you hated yourselves for your involvement in our incestuous behaviour? Have you hated me for it?

My thoughts are in turmoil,” she explained.

“No Mom, we just discussed it all with Mike and we both agree that we loved it all,” I said going close to her bed. I lifted up her blanket. There she was, looking very beautiful in her nudity. I climbed up in her bed and lied down beside her. Mike stood beside the bed now. His enormous cock was protruding over the bed. Mom looked at it with delight.

“You look marvellous, my son,” she giggled, suddenly glad again.

She must have felt a great relief. All her worries were now gone, it seemed. Hesitantly she gently took hold of his gorgeous tool. She pressed it a few times, and then she made some masturbating moves. Mike got closer and carefully climbed on the bed. He moved, first lifting one of his legs between her legs. She spread her legs wider apart. Now Mike was able to move his other leg between hers as well. To me it looked as if the cock was swelling even more, getting bigger than ever before. Gently Mom pulled on it, slowly bringing it to her expecting pussy. Mike put down his hands on both sides of Mom’s head. Mom was pressing his dick against her clit, then she pushed it back and forth.

“It feels so good,” she whimpered.

Slowly she started to pull his member inside her. Mike now took over, setting the pace.

I could see how the enormous pole sank deeper and deeper into my mother’s lovely pussy. There was a slightly splashing sound. Mom must have been very wet. Slowly Mike withdrew a large portion of his purple meat. I could see a part of his glands at the glistering entrance. It looked big as a tennis ball. Then it disappeared again into the depth of Mom’s beautiful love-box. Mike started to fuck his mother. At first he did so at a quite slow pace. It looked as if his dick grew longer and thicker all the time. I knew very well that this was only my fantasy. I bent down and started to lick and suck one of Mom’s nipples. Mom was gently caressing her other breast. I put one arm around Mike and managed to get hold of his balls. He grunted with delight. He was now adding some speed to the screwing and Mom started to let out small lusty outcries.

“Show your enormous dick into your Mom, Mike,” she cheered him on.

Now the pace was so fast that I had to let go his balls.

Mom got quite red in her face. The exquisite feeling she experienced was about to make her hilarious.

“Oh, I love it, I love it,” she cried out loud.

“I’m coming very soon,” Mike suddenly exclaimed.

“Just, come darling son. I want to have your sperm in me,” she shouted.

From the expression on Mike’s face I could tell when he started to ejaculate. At the very same moment Mom started to have a great orgasm. Watching this wonderful act had made me so horny that I came at that instance. We were all very exhausted by now. We looked at each other with happy smile on our faces.

“I think we can all now go and have a good nights rest. There is a wonderful Sunday ahead of us as we wake up in the morning. Good night my loved ones,” Mom said.

We both got out of her bed, said good night to her, left her room closing the door after us. We headed for our rooms. As we passed Mike’s room I grabbed his hand and pulled him after me to my room. I closed the door.

“Can you spare me a minute, Mike,” I asked? He just smiled at me.

We crept into bed. I was already used to, but still I was amazed to see that his cock again looked bigger than ever before. Again I chose to sit on him. The sensation, when his dick slid into my very wet pussy, was quite fantastic. It pushed the walls of my cunt in every direction. There was very little friction if any at all. It just filled me up as if it was taking the vacant place that had always belonged to it. I could feel how the glands hit the bottom. That was a sensation I would like have every day. Perhaps I could have it every night instead. I started to ride him in a slow pace. I bent down and kissed him on his mouth. Our tongues met. I felt how my juices were running down his shaft. I ended our kissing pushing forward to let him taste my breasts. His way of kissing, sucking and licking my nipples was excellent. I don’t know whether it was his mouth technique or his cock technique that made me come the first time. I tried to make the pressure on his dick as good as possible. I could feel that by letting the pole stand up inside me at precisely the right angle, Mike got out the optimal enjoyment of our fucking. I now tried to do what I have read about. I tried to use my vaginal muscle. After some concentration I could see from Mike’s smiling face that he had observed my efforts. After a while I sensed that Mike was about to come. I put a finger on my clit and helped myself to reach my second orgasm of the session at the same time as Mike came with a highly-strung outcry. We rested for a while. It felt good just to lie there, my breasts pressing against his chest. Then I rolled of and crept down to his now semi-hard sword. I took his balls gently in my hand and his dick in my mouth. I started to suck the cock as I at the same time very gently caressed his balls. In not time he was rock hard again. What a lover!! I turned around reaching the “69” position. It felt so good to feel his tongue sink into my cunt, then suck on my clit. Then he started to tongue-fuck me. I tried to get in as much of his enormous rod as I could. Alas I could manage only about half of its length. This I should train. I had read about women being able to take a dick down their throats without getting suffocated or spewing. I wondered how much of my juices Mike was getting in his face. I just felt how they flooded. The sensation of the moment was so delightful, that I wanted to cry. Mike’s lovely dick engulfed in my mouth prevented me from doing it, though. Then I could feel something building up in the testicles, and soon the fluid-explosion was flooding in my mouth. After a moment I turned around placing my head in his armpit.

“Thanks Mike for being who you are. I love you. Good night,” I tried.

“Are you in a hurry somewhere?” he asked.

“No,” I said smiling up at him.

“Then there is still one little corner of you I think that we should exploit,” Mike declared.

“I thought we might as well save my little arse for tomorrow, don’t you think?”

“Would you prefer that,” Mike asked.

“Yes please, if you don’t mind. I’m really looking forward to it, but I feel quite exhausted.”

“OK, you win, lovely sister, but I don’t know how I will be able to fuck with you enough. You are the most wonderful thing I know of,” Mike finished, closing his eyes.
Perhaps Mike would have chosen his sister after all. That was good to know.

What would tomorrow keep in store?


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