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    I have to admit i want to see my gf fucked by a guy or guys with much larger cocks than me. Not like in person but in like video. I over heard her talking to her friends once about sucking large cocks before me. And worst part is, I wasn’t intimidated or angered, I was turned on, I wanted to see this happen… and now, I still do, vicariously.

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    Story about me growing up.

    35m Me and my sister were molested by a step father and his family for years and she(my sister) molested me till I was about 13. She is 8 years older than me. One of my earliest memories is watching her being molested by step dad and his brother and a woman that I don’t recognize in the memory. I remember them laughing a lot and egging her(my sister) on cause she kept gagging and she cried when they raped her. I was really scared at the time, I was only 4 at the time. They raped her in another room but they were doing everything else in front of me. She got really slutty though pretty quick afterwards and started molesting me with them… I’m not gay, but she and them(his brother and I guess the girl was his brothers wife) had me sucking dick and the were nutting on me and shit and then making fun of me.. but that didn’t go on for too long and my mom( who I don’t know if she knew or not) divorced him and it all ended. But my sister kept molesting me and turning me out till I was about 9 or 10 and then we actually got close and she stopped making fun of me and just treating me like so circus show for different people and would act like she actually cared about me but kept fucking with my head by fucking me and saying crazy shit and blowing me but she moved out when I was 13 and now she acts like it all never happened

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    My first sexual experience

    Well, I’m still a virgin, but one night after a party I dropped off all my friends except one his name is John. I had been flirting with him for months now over Snapchat: I’d send him dickpics and he’d say what he wants to do to pleasure me. We had toyed with the idea of him giving me a blow job (he was openly gay and I wanted to explore). As I was taking him home, I turned to and asked him if he still wanted to give me a blow job. Half joking, he said yes. My face lit up with joy and excitement. So we pulled over into a church parking lot and went into my back seat at which point I removed my pants and he leaned over and grabbed my cock. I was having trouble keeping it up; I suppose I was scared, but he assured me I was in good hands and sure enough before I could say anything he leaned down and grabbed my balls and fondled them while he flicked his tongue on my mushroom head. I was not only in good hands, but I had a great mouth going up and down exploring my cock as if it was an undiscovered planet. His watering mouth went up down my now fully erect penis. I couldn’t help but let my hand gravitate towards his ass: I grabbed it, squeezed it, spanked it, and caressed it. His mouth was so wet and there was so much saliva all over my cock. I could feel my ass start to tense up from all this euphoria. I was about to cum when I stopped him and asked if we could go outside. That way there would be a higher chance of us getting caught. So he grabbed my throbbing pulsating cock and led me down out of the parking lot and into the grassy field behind the church. He stopped turned to me and leaned in and we made out for five minutes all the while he tightly held my member with his hand squeezing every once in a while and that make me just lean in closer. I wanted more, I wanted him more. He then stopped got on his knees and continued to suck my dick. After a few minutes I told him to stop so I could ask him a question. I wanted him to finger my asshole while he sucked. He said that he really wanted to and was too afraid to ask. He first slipped his pinky in between my ass cheeks and into my ass. That wasn’t good enough; I needed more. I stopped him and I said that’s not enough so he put his ring finger in my ass and I said I want you to put your middle finger in too. He continued to suck me and finger me. I felt so good i grabbed his hair tugging at it first then I pushed his head deeper onto my Cock until I heard him choke. He looked up at me with a gaze that said “keep going I can take it” so I kept holding his head there until his face turned blue. He then started to suck and finger faster. I started to moan. I couldn’t stop moaning. His warm wet mouth felt so good on my cock. I said I’m going to cum, and he nodded saying to go on ahead and bust in his mouth, and fuck did I cum. I came into his mouth with 3 days worth of loads that I had saved up in hopes of this moment. He was about to swallow when I stopped him and asked if I could taste it in his mouth. He looked and and smiled, I grabbed his face and pulled it towards my own. We made out that with my cum still in his mouth. It tasted salty and it was so creamy In his mouth. I’ll never forget how good it tasted and felt. Then his mother called and beckoned him home. As I was driving him home I slid my hand toward his still rock solid dick. I unzipped his pants, and let his dick flop out of his pants and into my hand it felt so good in my hand I could feel it twitching, yearning for my touch. I felt his cock up starting at the balls and working my way up his shaft. I pulled back his foreskin to find a puddle of precum on his tip. I spit into my hand used his precum as lube to stroke him off. I rubbed his cock up and down and he couldn’t help but start moaning. I became rock hard again after I heard him moan it was so hot that I started to moan myself. He then came all over my hand and the dashboard of my car. I took the cum that was on my hand and licked it up: sucking one finger at a time so I could savor the salty delicious taste of his seed. After I finished my serving of his creamy protein I told him it was his turn; I told him that he had to lick up his cum from my dashboard so he did slowly and sensually. We arrived at his house unfortunately I gave him a peck goodbye and he squeezed my ass, ran a finger down my crack, he pulled it out and sucked on it. He went inside and I couldn’t stop smiling and blushing. Nobody knows what we did and that makes it even hotter.

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    I’m in a heterosexual relationship and attracted to another man

    So I’m in an amazing relationship right now with my girlfriend and well I’m still a virgin but one night after a party I dropped off all my friends except one his name is John I had been flirting with him for months now over and we had toyed with the idea of him giving me a blow job, he was openly gay and I wanted to explore, as I was taking him home I turned to him and asked him if he still wanted to give me a blow job half joking he said yes his eyes lit up so we pulled over into a church parking lot and went into my back seat st which point I removed my pants and he leaned over and grabbed my cock I was having trouble keeping it up I suppose I was scared but he assured me I was in good hands and sure enough I was not only in good hands but I had a great mouth going up and down exploring my cock as if it was an undiscovered planet and fuck did I cum I came into his mouth with 3 days load saved up he was about to swallow when I stopped him and asked if I could taste it in his mouth we made out with my cum still in his mouth then his mother called and beckoned him home so I drove him home and that was doing

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    Clubbing too young

    I was at the club once when I was 17, too young over here but the guards didn’t seem too care. A guy came up to me on the dance floor and not too long into dancing with each other we started making out, and he proceeds to finger me right on the dance floor. It got me super wet, so I whispered in his ear that I was becoming VERY horny, so he just called one of his mates and next thing I know I’m in the middle of this huge huddle of like 5 guys and they were all grabbing on me. Then after a while one of the guys said he lived near and asked if I wanted to take the party there and me being super drunk and not really understanding what was going on I just said sure, without even knowing who the guys were. So we all walked to his place and when we got there the guy living there places shot glasses and tequila on the table and after that my memory started fading a little bit not gonna lie lol. But I do remember being on my knees sucking all 5 guys cocks and then after they took turns fucking me for a couple hours they all came on my face. On the next day I woke up in a stranger’s bed with one of the guys from last night fucking me and holding his hand over my mouth. When I look around I see three other guys sleeping on the floor. After the guy cums in my pussy he just slapped my ass and said “ maybe you should go before the guys wake up”. And I rushed quickly out leaving my panties and bra, still one of the best nights of my life.

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    First public sex

    I dated this one girl; Audrey, for awhile. She was a nice girl with a good family and she liked movies and books, and long hikes and three months into our relationship I discovered she liked having sex in public. I had never had that before and I’d rarely even thought about it…but in early September we took a walk down a hiking path that had dirt trail that led to a watch tower three hundred feet up and looked over half the woods. We walked up there and I walked behind her enjoying the view of her blue laced panties. When we got up to the watchtower I looked out the West window and she looked out the east when I turned to her she had her panties in her hands, and was bent over looking out the window. I hesitated for a few moments but her Pussy was wet and dripping and i just said “fuck it” to myself and slid off my shorts as quietly as I could and without a single pause I thrusted my cock into her pussy. No condom. She moaned and screamed and leaned back angling my cock upward and she squirted on my cock and gasped. She was a squirter, and it took it right out of her every time and I grabbed her by the waist and start jackhammering my cock into her pussy triple time and she screamed. I noticed a man and woman walking down the path and I leaned in and said; “you’d better try and keep quiet.” I said as I pointed to the couple walking. She got bright red and I leaned her further out the window so here breasts hung out. I start fucking her deeper and harder and she whined trying to hold back her screams especially when I angled up hitting her “spot” and she squirted again and she turned giving me an angry look of sexual frustration. I smiled and she loved the sadist in me and so I slapped her ass hard and she screamed out and the couple looked up just as I pulled her in. We waited a few minutes before looking down and the couple had walked away. Another younger couple were walking down the path and I grabbed Audrey by the hair and plunged my cock back in again and she whined and I went harder trying to get her to scream as the couple got closer but then the guy pointed up at the tower and they headed our way. Suddenly she got wetter and anxious.
    “They are coming. You gotta cum baby.” She said.
    “I can’t I don’t have a condom.”
    “Just come in my mouth.” She said.
    I turned her around and started fucking her throat deep and she grabbed my ass and gagged a few times but we heard the footsteps coming up the stairs and we had to get dressed and we ran down the tower stairs laughing trying to hide my hard on.
    I didn’t get to cum but it was my first public sex.

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    Fucking Halloween hayride
    It was Halloween and I had decided to spend my night volunteering at a haunted hayride. It was a full two mile hayride with thirty different stands. At the beginning we all got together and ate pizza and pop and then everyone was assigned to their stands. It was a mix of people of different ages. Some in their teens, others in their twenties and thirties but not many in their forties. Everyone was dressed up in black clothes. I was surprised to find that my partner was a woman, Emma. Dirty blonde hair about 5’2 with an average sized ass and breasts but a beautiful smile and blue eyes. She looked like she was in her early twenties. We had the torture chamber stand which had an electric chair, a tomb/casket and shackles and strobe lights and other stuff. We discussed where to set up some of the props and other stuff. The hay rides came in fifteen minute intervals. We got to talking and discussing and I found out she was actually thirty and she was flattered when I told her how old I thought she was. Emma would say something flirty and I’d flirt back. Well anyhow, we set it up that I’d be in the coffin and she’d be in the electric chair. The wagon went by and the kids all screamed and teens oooh’d and ahhhhh’d. I got out of the coffin and found that Emma was gone. I walked to the back of the stand and Emma grabbed me by the shirt and put me against the hollow wall.
    “If I’m wrong about this then I’ll trade stations with someone else but if I’m not…” She didn’t even finish the sentence as I smashed my mouth into hers and we kissed for a solid ten minutes. Kissing her neck and chest and mouth tasting her sweet aroma. Well we heard the wagon come back around and we jumped back to the station and as soon as it passed us we jumped back to making out. I wanted to make the first move but felt hesitant and another wagon rolled up which annoyed me. As it passed us I took a wooden prop and brought it back behind the wall.
    “What’s this for?” Emma asked me.
    “Sit down.” I told her and she did.
    I gave her no explanation as I very quickly ripped off her pants and panties and started eating out her pussy right there. She moaned and whined as my tongue went up and down her pussy and around her clitoris and I sped up the process with my forefinger and thumb and she came in my mouth; squeezing her thighs against my head. The engine of the tractor pulled up and I dashed out to sit in the electric chair and dashed back after it left. Emma took me by the hair set me onto the block and started sucking my cock through my unzipped pants. She sucked it better than any before. Sucking and licking my head and then took my cock right into her throat and deep throated my cock. She gagged and then repeated it and gagged some more and squatted down and took my balls into her mouth and started sucking. My sack was so tight and cock stiff. I loved watching my cock disappear into her mouth. The tractor came around again and I threw on my long trench coat I brought and sat in the chair and dashed back. Emma was laying on the block ass out and I didn’t even have to think…I tore down my pants with my trench coat still out. Took out the condom from my wallet and plunged my cock into her pussy. She was pretty tight and I went fairly deep. She didn’t even hold back her screams as I fucked her pussy. The tractor was coming around again I went to pull out but she reached around and grabbed my wrist.
    “Don’t you dare. I’m so close. Just fuck me harder and deeper and stand like this.” She said as she showed me how she wanted me to stand while she moved onto her back and propped her legs against my chest and I pushed in even deeper an it felt so good I went faster and harder and even she was surprised. She screamed and whined which was perfect for our torture chamber scene. The tractor rolled on by.
    “Don’t stop! Don’t stop!” She shouted and her cabal squeezed around my cock and at that moment I came and so did she. It felt amazing!
    We went back to the torture chamber and I was still fairly hard. So I removed the seat of the electric chair and moved the wooden box under it and I laid down on it…my semi hard cock popped through the open seat of the chair. With the black curtain that was pinned to the wall she draped it across me and sucked my coxk until I was hard again and sat down on me and rode me off and on for the night.

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    I was meeting my friend at his mother’s house which was a fifteen minute bike ride away. Anyhow I got up to the house and I open the fence and walk into the backyard. His mom is laying out naked on a chair. Her legs open wide and breasts big and plump soaking up the sun. Even her pussy was getting sun. I slip into the house and decide to watch his mom for a bit. Before I know it I’m jacking off and I’m so caught up in the moment I didn’t realize that his older sister was behind me watching my reflection. My friend had told me that he could hear his sister masturbate through the walls at night. She walks up and smiles at me.
    “Seriously? My mom?” She says.
    “Please don’t tell.” I beg.
    “I won’t but I want to see you do it.”
    “Do it? Here?” I ask.
    She grabs my hand and takes me up to her room and closes the door pulls my pants down and says “jerk it.” Hesitantly I start pumping my cock. At that age my cock was about 6 inches long. The more I pumped it the more I noticed she was rubbing her pussy outside of her jeans which were getting wet. She hands me one of her pink and blue panties and tells me to cum on them. I cum three full pumps of thick white cum onto the panties and she takes them from me and sniffs it, licks it and puts them on and pulls them away showing me my thick cum stick against her pussy lips.
    “No I won’t tell anyone.”
    That was not my last sexual encounter with his sister.

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