Latina Maid Gets a Raise

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Mexican Housekeeper/The Interview

It all started a few months ago. I went to Las Vegas with my wife and a group of friends for a winter get away. I was thinking of maybe making a hookup with some lady while I was there if I could work it out & slip away from my wife and the group for awhile. I wasn’t thinking of a hooker, but maybe a bored local house wife or such.

I met a woman on line that lived in the area and we exchanged pms & phone text messages prior to my planned trip. She was very friendly and fun to chat with. She peaked my interests and I had hopes of meeting her while I was there, but it didn’t work out. I had a pretty tight schedule with planned shows, dinners & tours etc. The one day I had free to make it work wasn’t a good day for her because of family things. So we did not meet. We did talk on our cell phones a couple of times while I was there which made me want to meet her even more. She has such a sexy voice, it drives me wild when I hear her. I should add here that I am just over 60 & she is in her mid 40s. We continue to text, chat & email each other. So who knows, maybe someday we will actually meet in person.

Any way, by now you are probably thinking what the hell does the title of this story have to do with anything this guy is talking about. Please bare with me & I will explain.

Any honest person, male or female will confess to occasional personal gratification in the form of masturbation. They will also tell you that in most instances, they are not just physically manipulating themselves, but using the thoughts in their mind to enhance the experience. It may be a past actual event, someone they crave but will never be able to have, a taboo situation(such as incest) or even a fantasy totally made up from ones imagination. I am a firm believer that there should not be any limitations or bounds to an individual’s fantasies. I consider my imagination rather a vivid one. See what you think.

It is now several months since my trip to Las Vegas. I have retired a little earlier than I had originally planed due to a company downsizing and a nice offer to get out while the getting was good. My wife is going to continue her career a few more years. I decide to rent a house in the dessert near Las Vegas with the possibility of purchasing the property later if we decide to. This may sound odd to you, but I should tell you a couple of things.

First of all, the Las Vegas trip was a bit of a rarity. Since our children have been grown & off on their own, my wife & I have essentially vacationed separately. We both have friends in other parts of the country we visit & stay with for vacations. She is content with my decision because she knows I enjoy the dry dessert climate there & it offers her a warm place to get away to occasionally when she has a break in work schedules. I will be home a good portion of the year also with holidays & most of spring/summer/fall too. And secondly, hey this MY fantasy!

The house I rented is great. A Spanish style ranch off the beaten path but still far enough from the foot hills to have a great view of the dessert mountains. It has a master sweet consisting of a spacious bedroom, a good sized sitting room, & a beautiful bath, a guest room with bath, large eat in kitchen with a bedroom & bath off it for a servants quarters, a large living room that is open to a formal dinning area and a secluded den/office. The exterior consists of a semi a joined three car garage and a backyard with a shaded cabana by a nice sized pool & attached spa. Probably a little more lavish than I need, but with the lull in the housing industry, its quite affordable. And if we end up buying the place for a part time retirement place, I didn’t want a dump either.

I am not a slob & can grill a good steak or chop if I am hungry, but it is evident to me that I will need a housekeeper/cook to assist me in managing this house. So I start the process of finding a suitable employee.

The real estate agent I worked with makes a suggestion about a lady he is a ware of that might be just what I am looking for. He tells me she is a middle aged lady of Mexican decent & has been working for an elderly lady that has recently passed on. He came into contact with her thru the deceased lady’s children that are in the process of trying to sell the home.

They(the offspring of her former employer) have allowed her to stay on at the house to maintain it & keep it up during the showing & hopefully sale of it. The agent says as he understands it, she is hoping she may acquire employment with the new owners or find a similar position in another home. He says her name is Carollita and seems quite a capable housekeeper. He also surmises thru conversation that although she has been in this country for a long time, she has never attempted to gain legal residency & may be limited on where & what kind of employment she can seek. He tells me that it is not uncommon, but I should be aware of her situation as I go forward. I thank him for the info and he gives the phone number at the house where I can reach Carollita.

My attorney back home is also a personnel friend. I call him & make him aware of what I am thinking about doing. He says he will research the situation and get back to me. When he does call me back, his comments were similar to the real estate agent. Although technically illegal to employ someone with out legal residency, it is not that uncommon for service type employees. He said I should proceed with a little caution, but didn’t think it would ever be a big deal.

He told me to just be careful how I paid such a person and since he did my taxes, we could find a way to still right off most of her housing expenses & salary without providing her name or identity. You just got to love those guys that carry a briefcase when they are on your side, now don’t you! He also said before any legal issues came up to hurt me, he would see about getting her legal status thru some connections he had. Now that’s a bit of info I may be able to make use of.

I call Carollita & tell her of my situation and how I got her name. She sounds very pleasant on the phone. You can hear a sense of urgency in her voice. She wants to find another job rather than taking a chance the buyers of the house she is living in might opt to keep her on. We set up an appointment time for her to come to my house for an interview. She agrees to be at my address at 2 pm the day after tomorrow.

Now the wheels in my brain are turning. I moved here for allurer motives, and if I could have a live in housekeeper that wouldn’t be opposed to occasionally satisfying my sexual needs too, hmmm! I may or may not ever get to meet my lady friend out here, so let’s have some options open.

The Interview.

At 1:55 on the agreed upon day a taxi pulls up in my driveway. I watch as Carollita gets out, pays the driver and proceeds up the walk to the door. She is a plain looking woman, not pretty but not unpleasant to look at either. She is dressed in a simple black skirt & bright orange top with dark stockings or panty hose and practical low heeled loafers. I greet her at the door & invite her in. I ask if her taxi driver had any trouble finding the place? She says no & tells me she has a car at the old house that she may use if she wants, but thought she better not for this reason & that maybe a trained taxi driver could get her here easier than her finding the address on her own. I apologize for not thinking about transportation for her and that I will reimburse her for the taxi & make sure gets back safely at no cost to her no matter the out come of our meeting. She thanks me, but says that is not necessary. I insist and she blushes ever so slightly & looks to the floor. Those turn wheels again, I wonder if she has a submissive side.

I proceed to show her the house & asked her if keeping a place this size clean & cooking for her & I and maybe an occasional guest or two is something she could handle? She compliments me on the house & says she is sure she is capable of providing for my needs, then blushes a little again and looks to the floor. We will see Carollita!

I invite her into the den/office so we can continue the interview. I ask her if I can get her anything while we visit? She says she is fine but thank you. I have her take a seat in front of my desk while I move around & sit in my office chair behind it. I ask her to tell me about her past & her work experiences. Before she can speak, I ask her to be very frank with me. I tell her I have some knowledge of her situation and she needn’t be afraid to be honest with me. Anything she tells me won’t go beyond this room and the only way anything she tells me will hurt her is if she tries to deceive me. This causes a more pronounced flushness in her face as she averts her eyes away from me.

She doesn’t seem to have the darker complexion you tend to think of on a middle age lady of Mexican decent. She is lighter skinned & these occasional blushes are very detectable.

After a few moments, she looks at me & begins to tell me how she entered this country years ago with her boyfriend. They snuck into California when they were in their late 20s to find work & make their life here in the USA. They were very much in love and wanted to get married & have a family here once they got some money built up. Their plans were to obtain legal papers eventually, even citizenship. After they were here for a few years working as migrants, it almost looked like they were close to making their dreams come true.

They had been employed together on the same farm for sometime, saved a little money & were talking about being able to get married finally. Then a terrible accident happened on the farm & her partner was killed. During the on going investigation, it came out that her boyfriend was here without legal status. The farm owners wife was quite fond of Carollita & helped her get away to Nevada and work for the farmer’s sister & her husband here as a housekeeper & cook. That was 19 years ago.

About 15 years ago the husband of the farmer’s sister passed on. She has been the widow’s employee ever since as housekeeper, cook & companion. Now she is concerned greatly as to her future since the sister-in -law of her once friend & benefactor has also died.

I give her a couple moments to compose herself. She seems anxious but also relieved to have told me her story. I get up and pour us both a glass of red wine from the portable bar in the corner. I give her one & thank her for her honesty and tell her to sip her wine as it will make her feel better. I return to my seat and also sip my glass of wine. I tell her I am impressed with her story of her time in this country. I tell her about my conversation with my attorney and her current legal status will not have a bearing on her getting or not getting the job. She is relieved to hear this. When I mention maybe being able to get her legal status here, her eyes really light up. I think it is time to step up my side of this interview.

I tell her that I am not only looking for a housekeeper & cook, but also a personal attendant so to speak. Someone that not only cooks & cleans for me but cares for my personal needs from time to time. She seems a little confused, but that tell tale blush makes me think she is catching my drift more than she is letting on. I ask her if she likes sex & whether she has been with a man in that way since the death of her boyfriend?

After a little silent pause & her downing the remainder of the wine in her glass, she tells me that at one time she loved the sexual contact with her man. That since his death she has only been with a couple other men. They were men that also worked at the other house part time. A gardener a few times & then a man hired to drive the widow around. I get up pour us both a refill in our glasses.

I squeeze her shoulder & caress her neck as I sit her glass in front of her. As I sit back down, I ask her would she still consider taking the job knowing the extra duties that come along with it? She takes a long sip from her glass and sits it down. She looks at me straight in the eyes. A slight grin on her lips turns into a beautiful smile as she says yes. She goes on to ask if I find her attractive enough to want her for the position? I tell her that I find all women attractive in their own way and she shouldn’t short herself because I think she is a very handsome & sweet lady. The biggest blush yet comes across her face & she smiles. I think the wine & conversation is having an effect on both of us.

I ask her if she is willing to continue on to the physical part of her interview now? She smiles & asks what I had in mind? I tell her that I view sex as something that should be enjoyed by both participants. I don’t want to hire someone for the job and find out she can’t stand being with me or for me to touch her. On the other side of the coin I need to know she turns me on & I want to be with her in that way. It is the final step in the interview and if we both feel comfortable with each other afterwards, the job is hers.

Another empting of her glass & as I get up to refill it, she looks over at the bar & asks if I mind if she has something else? I say not at all, what would she like? She tells me she would love a margarita. I mix us both very strong ones.

I sit hers in front of her & she reaches out & grabs my arm and asks how do we proceed? I sit on the corner of my desk off to the side in front of her. I tell her to taste her drink. She does & says it is fine, just the way she likes them. I say good & tell her at her leisure to get up & move to the center of the room in front of me and then please remove her blouse turn around a couple times so I can take in the view.

After a couple sips of her drink, she does as I ask. She unbuttons her blouse & throws it on the back of the chair she was sitting in & turns slowly around in front of me. She has on a brown colored bra. Her tits are much bigger that her lose top revealed. The color of the bra stands out next to her skin tone which is even lighter than her face since it hasn’t seen a lot of sun. The bra fits tight to her and appears to struggle to contain her massive chest.

I ask her what size bra she wears? She says see for yourself as she continues to face me & undoes the three front hooks between the cups, removes it & tosses it at me. The undergarment hits me in the shoulder & face. I grab it and look at the tag. Wow 42DD. I savor her scent on it as I smell the cups & feel it’s warmth from being on her. The whole time my eyes have not left her half naked form in front of me.

Her body frame is bigger than it appeared when completely clothed. But it is just right to support her huge units. Tits of her size would look out of place on a smaller torso. She carries them very well, with the expected slight sag for tits this big on a lady in her early fifties. The areolas around her nipples are much darker than the rest of her, more the skin tone you would expect on a Latino woman. Her nipples appear semi aroused. They are long & thick, just like I like them.

I ask her to step over to me where I still sit on the corner of the desk. I fondle her boobs, lifting them away from her body & letting them fall back into place. There are warm to the touch from being confined. There is a slight dampness under them. I dry her with my finger tips & then lick my fingers. Her salty flavor causes me to lift them up & run my tongue under them sideways right where they meet her body, she responds with a slight but very hearable gasp & moan. Then I suck one of her big nipples into my mouth while I pinch & tweak the other one with my fingers. They harden under the attention, the one in my mouth grows to what seems like double its original size. After a few minutes of switching nipples between my lips & hands, I run my tongue from her skirt top across her tummy thru the center of her boobs until my mouth meets hers for our first taste of each others lips & tongues.

After a few seconds of probing each others mouths, I run my hands down her sides & reach around her to squeeze her ample ass. It also feels much bigger than her skirt has revealed. Then I break the kiss & gently push her back a step or 2 from me. I pick up my drink & hers also & offer it to her. We both take big swallows of the liquor even though both of our breathing has become more rapid. I take both glasses & set them back on the desk.

She looks at me as if to ask what next? I ask her to undo her skirt button & zipper & remove it. She does so readily and places it on the chair by her top. Her dark leggings are panty hose and she has on a pair of off colored full cut panties underneath them. Not full blown granny panties but shorter in the sides & a lower waist. Without me saying a word, she turns around a couple times & stops faced away from me. She bends forward at the waist until her hands grab her legs just above her ankles and then sways her butt at me both in a circular & side to side motion. I’m thinking this lady knows how to impress a interviewer!

After a few moments, she asks me if I think her behind is too big for my liking? I tell her that fat bottomed girls make the rocking world go round. She doesn’t say anything, I guess maybe she has never heard the song. I tell her that I think her ass is just right as far as I am concerned. She giggles and rotates it a couple more times for me. I doubt that we will get to much ass play today, but I make a mental note that this is a playground I want to play in later.

I ask her to stand back up and kick off her loafers. She is still facing away from me. I tell her to remove her panty hose but ask her to leave her panties in place as she does. I tell her do this so I can see her panty clad butt come into view as she wiggles her hose to the ground. She does just as I ask, jiggling her ass at me in the process.

Her legs are plump & full from behind, but muscular, no fat rolls. When she has the hose off & tossed in a crumpled pile to her side, I tell her to turn around. She does so but cups her hands on top of the other in front of her covering her crotch.

She says that I look a little over dressed! This brings a big chuckle & smile from me. I stand up & kick off my sandals. I ask her if there is any way she would like to see me remove other items. She smiles & says just do it as I please. I pull my shirt over my head & throw it aside. Then while resting back against the desk, I undue my belt and the snap on my shorts. I slowly pull the zipper down & look at her. Her eyes are fixed on my waist & her hands are still in front of her panties. I stand up from the desk corner & let my shorts fall to the floor. I kick them in the direction of my shirt.

My cock although not at full attention, is semi hard from what has been going on. It is pressed against the front of my briefs. Carollita eyes are locked on my bulge and I am sure I see her lick her lips. Next I shove my briefs to the floor & let my dick free of it confines.

I ask her to move her hands away from in front of her panty covered mound. She blushes but does what I ask. I can see now why she has been covering up. Her panties are a medium shade of brown & match her bra. She has a distinct wet spot formed in the crotch & on the lower front of them. I am very encouraged by this. She is turned on by what has been happening. This working relationship will go much easier if she is a willing participant rather than a maid/cook that thinks she has to fuck her boss to keep her job.

I tell her to come closer to me again. I put my arm around her & kiss her lips pushing my tongue in to wrestle with hers. I slide my hand down the front of her body massaging & caressing both her tits. Then down father to the top of her panties. I pull the elastic waist band away from the front of her body & let snap back to her which causes her to giggle into my mouth. I am amazed at how flat & firm her tummy is. Sure she has a slight paunch over her panty waist, but nothing like one would expect on a woman with her tits & butt.


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