When She’s All Alone

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Home Alone with My Sister

My name’s Tobias. I’m 25 years old and I’m a part of a big rich German family that lives in America. I’m just that type of guys that aren’t forced to work or study. I got everything I need including money, cars and video gaming setup. So all I do is stay home, play video games, play sports or go the gym, and go to parties. My parents are divorced, I usually stay at my dad’s, and my sister at my mom’s. My sister and I have always been close, we didn’t fight like other siblings, but instead I would play with her, and protect her from bad guys that would keep bugging her or bullying her. That was before, but now most guys keep talking about her body or trying to pick her up. We just ignore them and act like nothing happened. Well, to be honest Vanessa does have a charming body for a 19 old woman, so most of the time, whatever they say to compliment her, it’s true.

It all happened a week ago, when I came home late from a party that didn’t go so well after I broke up with my girlfriend, you know just the typical break up when we’re both drunk and saying random worthless stuff, and then decide to “break up” but in fact we’ll miss each other and get back together as soon as we both get sober and realize what happened. I was drunk and tired, I figured out I should get some water and go to sleep. It must have been around 3 AM by that time. As I walked through the living room to get to the kitchen, I saw human figure on the couch sleeping. My dad never sleeps in the living room, he has everything he needs in his own room. It was dark and I didn’t want to investigate more. I turned on the kitchen lights, opened the refrigerator and took a bottle of cold water. As I turned off the lights and walked upstairs, I saw the person who was on the couch getting up. I heard a voice that I didn’t totally understand, all I heard was: “Tobias, Why… Late?”

I turned the lights on, and it was my sister. When I looked at her, I realized that it was Vanessa’s soft voice that I didn’t understand. My 19 years old sister that I haven’t seen in a really long time. She looked thin as a reed, her blue shirt hanging off her thin frame. Her light brown hair moved in a strawberry-scented cloud as she laughed, I guess she laughed at how I looked. She was a small and cute woman. Her black pants hug her thighs well and showed off her bottom nicely. She gave me a wicked smile and said, “Finally back home, huh?”

My eyes drifted, as usual, to the swell of her hips, swathed in a belly button-length blue shirt that fit a touch too tight for modesty. Vanessa would be in my dreams that night, with every inch of her soft, thin body. Even though my sister was thin, her chest was still generous, and her thick back was just too beautiful to look at. I was drunk, I wasn’t in full control of myself. She noticed how I was looking at her, specially because I didn’t even answer what she asked. She laughed politely and asked, “Do you need me to take you to bed? You look way too tired.”

“N-Naah. I’ll be okay!” I answered.

“Alright, guess I’ll go back to sleep then.”

“Why are you even sleeping here? You should’ve slept on my bed, I don’t mind!”

“Sleep in your bed when you’re drunk? No thanks. Good night Tobias.” She said as she laid down on the couch.

I went upstairs and got into my room. I took off my jeans and T-Shirt, went to bed with only boxers on. I plugged in my charger, drank some water and closed my eyes as I put my head on the pillow. I couldn’t stop thinking about Vanessa, in fact I didn’t even ask why is she here and not with mom. I had to ask a lot of stuff the next day. But for now, I had to sleep it off and get some rest.

I woke up the next day to my sister’s soft voice. As I opened my eyes, I saw Vanessa in a knee-length red dress that fitted her perfectly. She smiled at me and said, “Good morning sleepy head. How was your night? I bet you’re feeling dizzy right now.”

“Oh, Vanessa. Totally forgot you’re here. Good morning.” I said with a low voice.

“It’s 2 pm, get up! You’re so lazy.”

“Man.. I’m not lazy, give me a break! Yesterday was so exhausting.”

“I’ll let you sleep, you’re lucky dad or mom aren’t here, they would be yelling at you.” She added as she was heading outside my room.

“Hey wait up. I forgot to ask you yesterday. Why are you here? Like you never slept at dad’s before.” I asked her.

She turned around and said as she looked at me, “Oh. Mom’s on a business trip, I figured out it would be a great idea to spend some time with dad and you.”

“Fair enough.” I answered.

“I’ll be in the living room if you need anything.” She added as she left.

I sat on my bed and checked out my phone and found 4 missed calls and some messages from my girlfriend, well basically my ex since we broke up yesterday. I knew that she’d get back to talk to me after she gets sober. She apologized and asked if it’s okay to pretend like nothing happened last night and get back together. That time I felt like I’ve had enough, I told her that maybe we really need a break and some time separated.

I got up and went to take a shower. I got out of the shower with only a towel on, and as I opened my room’s door, I found Vanessa doing something on my phone while she was sitting on my bed. As soon as she saw me, she put down my phone and smiled.

“What are you doing on my phone?” I asked her.

“Ugh. Nothing, I was just looking through something on the internet.” She said.

“I don’t believe you, just tell me the truth, I don’t mind.”

“Well I heard your phone ringing and you were in the shower, so I went to check who was it.”

“Oh okay, and uh. Who was it?”

“Linda. She also left some messages.”

“And did you read them?” I looked at her.

“Um. Yes I did. Sorry.”

“First let me change up and then we’ll talk.” I said as I hid behind the wardrobe’s door. I dropped the towel, put on my boxers and a pair of swimming shorts. I didn’t put anything on my upper body which left my six packs and muscular body exposed. As soon as she saw me she said: “I see you’ve been taking care of yourself, have you been hitting the gym lately?”

“I’ve been going to the gym since I got 19.” I answered.

“I can clearly see the difference.” She said with a low voice

“So, what did you see on those messages?”

“Well, You broke up yesterday at the party and she’s asking you to give her another chance knowing that you guys were drunk, and you thought that it’s a good idea to take a break. And when you were taking a shower she sent you a message begging. I didn’t know girls actually beg you to stay together. Good job Tobias!” She said with a laughing tone.

“You’ve got a lot of stuff you need to be updated on! Let’s get downstairs first and I’ll tell you every single thing.” I told her as I put on a white T-Shirt.

I took my phone and went downstairs with her as I explained that I haven’t been doing anything but staying home to play video games, going to the gym, hanging out with friends and going to parties. She was surprised since she thought I didn’t like going to parties. I took a seat on the couch in front of the TV.

“How about you? What have you been up to?” I asked Vanessa.

“Well, I’m going to start working soon. Dad said he’ll get me a private office.”

“Oh really? Congratulations, you’ve made it! My sister’s becoming a doctor, hooray!” I said with a big smile on my face as I hugged her. After we hugged, I could easily see through her red dress that her nipples were hard which made sense since I couldn’t feel her bra when we were hugging.

“So, what’s the plan for today?” I asked a moment later.

“I don’t know.. Dad said he’ll be home in 3 days. He said he’s going to spend some time at the hotel with that whore..”

“Whore? What whore?” I asked suspiciously.

“Didn’t dad tell you about his girlfriend? She’s just a slut that is taking money from him.”

“He never mentioned her. Whatever though, he can handle her himself. Dad’s not dumb.” I assured her.

“I really hope so.” She said with a sad voice.

“Oh come on, cheer up. There’s nothing to worry about. How about we watch a movie? And order a couple of pizzas, I’m really hungry.”

“Hm.. Not a bad idea, I’m down.” She answered with a cute smile that made me admire the beauty of my sister once again.

Her figure sat well on her wafer-thin body. She had a decanter shaped waist and her complexion had an impeccable, chorus hue. Her pencil-thin eyebrows eased down gently to her black, beetle’s-leg eyelashes. A sculptor could not have fashioned her seraph’s ears and pixie’s nose any better.

When she broke into that smile, her beguiling, oyster-white teeth lit up the room. It could jolt you like an electric current when that megawatt smile gave you her full attention. Filed to perfection, her Venus-red fingernails ran through her light brown hair. Spools of it plunged around her photogenic face and hid a swan’s neck, elegant and smooth. I loved her nebulous, grey eyes which were a-sparkle with the ‘joie de vivre’. They were like two beryl-grey jewels melted onto snow.

As she stood up and went to look for a film on dad’s shelf, I took my phone and ordered two pizzas. I knew that Vanessa loves pepperoni pizza, so I didn’t ask her. As I waited for Vanessa to find a movie, I answered Linda and told her that there’s no way we could get back together, and that I’ve decided to move on. I could feel all the people I know asking and calling and texting to know why I did it, but for the moment all I cared about is having a great time with my dear sister.

A few minutes later, Vanessa came back with a romantic-drama movie that she somehow found on dad’s shelf. As soon as the movie started, I heard knocking on the door. Food arrived. I payed the guy and got some plates in case somebody needed them.

She thanked me for the food as she sat down and started eating.

We finished eating in the middle of the movie, we put the rest on the table and kept watching until she fell asleep. It must have been around 4pm. I put a pillow under her head as I lifted it softly, and put a blanket on her since it was a cold day, at least cold for me since I was only wearing a T-Shirt and shorts.

Vanessa have always been a heavy sleeper, she would keep sleeping even if there was a shooting outside.

She wouldn’t know if I touched her, and there’s nobody home, I thought to myself. There would be no harm in checking out my sister’s privates, after all it’s not like I’m going to have sex with her. I couldn’t hold myself anymore. I gently approached her body as I put my hands on her breasts and started gently squeezing them. I exposed her boobs as I put down the top of the dress, and held them. They looked huge and felt so warm and satisfying. They were too perfect for me to stop myself from licking and sucking them. I lifted her skirt, and dropped her panties. Her shaved pink perfect pussy seemed so relaxed. I noticed that it was sticky as I touched it, it must be because of the breasts foreplay. I gently put my finger inside of her and started moving it in and out increasing the speed as she started moaning softly and moving a little bit in her sleep. I stopped later on as I realized that what I’m doing is really wrong, since it’s basically rape and weird because she’s my sister. I put her clothes back on her, and went upstairs to change up. I got dressed and ready to go outside to get some fresh air and refresh my mind. I got into my car and drove off into no where.

Grey clouds began to gather in the sky. The blue shade was beginning to darken into gravel-grey. Large pillows of cloud were forming, blotting out the old-gold color of the sun that was barely shining through the clouds. Their brassy glare drains color from houses and trees and burnished cars in driveways, leaving neighborhoods tinted bronze in the faltering light. The air grows heavy and the humidity presses down, suffocating. The scent of rain is dark and heady. A stillness falls over the street, and in the silence comes a low crackle of thunder, rolling across rooftops to the pattering of tiny raindrops. For a moment, everything stops. Even the wind holds its breath. A streak of hot silver splits the sky, and the downpour begins. When the rainfall became more intense, A wall of rain moved over and the drops were drumming against the top of the car. So much rain was falling that the sound blurred into one long, whirring noise. It reminded me of the rotor blades on a helicopter. Thunder rolled across the sky, seeming to crack the world in half and reveal the fury of the gods. It reverberated around the green landscape, eerily echoing as I drove through the neighborhoods.

Vanessa was always afraid of thunder and storms. I remember long time ago when our parents were still married, she would come and sleep by my sides in those cold rainy nights. I think that the thunder and the sound of it are the most scary things for her, she always freaks out when she hears it. I figured out she would be crept out right now since she’s home alone and there’s a storm outside. A few moments later my phone started ringing, it was her. I answered and told her that I’m gonna be home really soon. I drove back home as fast as I could. I could see Vanessa looking through the windows waiting to see my car. She opened the door and let me in really fast, I got slightly wet but it didn’t matter.

She took a blanket and put it on me as she asked, “Where the hell did you go in the middle of this storm?!”

“I went outside to get some fresh air, I didn’t know it would start raining.” I answered.

“You know I don’t like being alone when there’re storms, don’t you ever do it again Tobias..” She said with a moody face.

“I promise I won’t.” I smiled as I hugged her. The clock was showing half past five. We sat down at the same couch as she kept watching series on TV. We didn’t have dinner since we kept having snacks from time to time. We talked through the evening and spent it together as the night got colder and the storm got stronger.

As the thunder stopped, and the rain stopped, I told her that it’s a good time to sleep. It must have been around midnight. She refused to sleep on my bed again, even though I offered to let her sleep by her own and to let me sleep on the couch. She kissed me on the cheek as we hugged and wished a good night. I went upstairs, changed into my pajamas and laid down on my bed. I easily fell asleep until the sound of the thunder woke me up. The storm was back. My phone showed 2am. I was expecting Vanessa to come up, since the only thing that breaks her heavy sleeping is the sound of thunder. She didn’t take much time after that, and she opened the door and asked if she could sleep by my sides. I accepted and let her in under the blanket. She kept bringing herself closer to my warm body until there was no more distance and I could feel her heartbeat. We were facing each other, as her face was resting on my chest with her eyes closed, I could feel her warm breath that also smelt like strawberry. I put my hand on her head gently caressing her, as my fingers ran through her soft hair. As I felt that she fell asleep I put my arm around her to be more comfortable so I can sleep. As I rest my arm, I could feel her butt. Her comfy soft ass that looked so thick that it drove me crazy as I felt it between my fingers. I closed my eyes and felt a deep relaxing feeling that made me fade into my sleep.

I wake up the next morning, as I felt her butt sticking into my morning boner. What a great way to wake up. I look at my phone and it was 10 o’clock. Vanessa was still sleeping under the blanket. The weather looked much brighter than yesterday, I could barely look at the blue sky and the shining sun as they were still hiding behind the grey clouds that were starting to disappear slowly. My wild morning thoughts made me think about really nasty stuff, which made me horny. I would usually beat off and make it go away, but this time there’s a woman right by me in my bed. I couldn’t hold on anymore, I totally forgot that she was my sister and started touching her body as if she’s my girlfriend.

I took off my sister’s tight pants that she was sleeping with as I touched her bare butt that felt comfy. I took off her panties and put my middle finger inside of her vagina, her insides were really warm, and I could already feel how good it would be to bury my cock in her. I lifted her shirt and got her fully nude. As soon as I took hold of my staff to put it inside of her, I started having those regretting ideas, I lost my erection and started thinking about stopping all of this. I put back my dick inside of my pants, and closed my eyes to get up. As soon as I started getting up, I felt something holding me back, something that held me by my arm and grabbed me closer to Vanessa. I opened my eyes and looked at Vanessa. She was awake and she was holding my arm to not let me go. She smiled at me as she softly said:”Stop getting me horny and then leaving. Just do it, fuck me.”

I don’t remember which shocked me the most, the fact that she was awake the last time I did it to her, or the fact that she wants me to fuck her. Before I could even think what to do, she pulled me closer and kissed me, we kept kissing in bed for almost a minute, and then she cut it and pulled my dick out. She held it between her soft hands as she slowly jacked it off.

She was going to put her mouth on me. Wrap those soft, sultry lips around my cock and brand me for life. I gripped her shoulder, torn between dragging her away from my hard-as-stone erection and holding her in place.

Her breath whispered against my skin, a pulse-point away from my swollen cock head. “Let me please you, brother.”

It wasn’t the searing heat of her lips as they slid over the blunt tip or the mind-blowing suction as she took me into the back of her throat that sent me staggering backward against the tiled wall. No, what nearly dropped me to my knees was her desire to give me pleasure and the word “brother” that she used. I have always been the one expected to give, the women demanding to receive. No one, not one damn woman who’d paid me for her pleasure had ever given a flying fuck about mine, but my sister did.

She sucked my dick, and played with my balls as her saliva made me fade into a relaxing and orgasmic feeling, until I stopped her and asked her to let me pleasure her this time. She didn’t refuse, but instead she laid down on her back, and opened her legs as she bit her lips begging me to do it.

I started off with kissing her neck and going down on her body until I made it to her vagina. I sensually kissed her inner thighs. I used my right hand to rub her clitoris as I buried my face between her thighs, and started licking her clit. I licked it all the way up and down all around it. I looked up at her and asked her how it felt. She lifts her head up and down as her eyes were closed and she was biting her lips. I ran my fingers down her thighs and grabbed her hips to make it more orgasmic. I buried my face back again, as I sucked her pussy lips and licked her insides. I put my 2 middle fingers inside of her again, as I kept going in and out increasing the speed. As I heard her scream and hold on to the bed sheets, I knew that she came. I let her breath and take a little break, as her pussy was leaking out squirt.

I took hold of my staff as I guided it to her hole, I didn’t wait and instantly penetrated her sticky tight vagina. She felt the shock as she screamed not too high. I fucked her as I held her boobs and gave them some love too, slowly building up speed down there. I don’t come as fast as any other guy, it takes time. I got to the point where I fucked her really deep and in the same time rapidly. She squirted on my dick two times, so I thought that I would give her pussy a break, and maybe give her some good anal sex.

Taking my cock in hand, I guided the massive organ between the silk-smooth cheeks of my sister’s magnificent derriere. It was heavenly to feel the smooth, cushioned flesh slide past both sides of my prick as I introduced my organ into her cleavage, the already parted globes spreading further to admit my hard, swollen manhood.

My penis met the stout resistance of her anal sphincter. Gripping my member more firmly, I pointed the tip of my prick into the dimple between Vanessa’s ass cheeks and pressed forward, resolutely, with my hips. My glans pushed through the opening, followed by an inch of my rigid cock. I continued to push, forcing another inch of my stiff prick through her asshole, and another, and another, until I had buried my erection inside her impaled buttocks to the very root, and my balls were crushed between my pubes and her perineum and scrotum. It felt wonderful to have conquered her ass, to have invaded the sanctuary of her rectum, and to have usurped from her the last vestiges of her own autonomy, making her fully and completely a woman.

Vanessa was moaning and at the same time begging for more as she shouted my name while I slapped her ass. I couldn’t hold anymore, and had to give her my load. I didn’t pull out as her ass felt too great. It also felt bad because I wasn’t able to keep sodomizing her. She could easily hear my breath coming in quick as I came in her asshole a load of sperm.

As I pulled out my cock, her asshole was dripping my sticky white stuff that she deserved. She smiled at me as she put her head on the pillow again, and closed her eyes. Vanessa needed a nap after what she’ve been through.

We haven’t talked about what happened that day, but I’m pretty sure that I still can ask her for sex whenever I want, and she would fade in agreement.


Analee glared at the crystal jets spewing from her bathroom sink in mounting frustration. For the third time this month, something was wrong and water flew in every direction, soaking the 8′ x 6′ room. She’d have to call a plumber this time, instead of looking up instructions on google and trying to fix it herself with multiple trips to the hardware store. Hopefully she could find someone to come out on a Sunday.

Wiping her dripping bangs off her face, she shut off the water supply to the sink and headed for her computer to find a good plumber. 15 minutes and 5 phone calls later, she finally found one who agreed to come out for “only” 150% of his usual fee. He gave her the generic 5 hour window repairmen seem to rely on and hung up abruptly.

With a sigh, she quickly changed out of her wet clothes, the day only getting worse as she discovered she was out of clean clothes and the last thing left in her closet was a silky robe she had bought as part of a lingerie set. The semi-transparent, bright red garment came only halfway down her thighs and had a nasty habit of untying itself and falling open. With another heavy sigh, she sent up a quick prayer that the plumber would be closer to the end of his time frame and tossed a load of clothes into the washer.

Walking back into the bedroom, she stopped to take a second look at the robe. It was stunning on her. With Latina and Native heritage, her skin was naturally light brown all year, and flawless, never requiring any makeup. Her 36DD breasts still held their perky fullness even at 26 and her tight, toned waist showed her addiction to Zumba and Yoga. The long, slim legs were a gift from her mother and she looked absolutely killer in a pair of heels. She reached up and brushed her still damp hair off her shoulders, the ends of her black, silky strands brushing halfway down her back. Her left hand slid slowly down her stomach to her mound, smooth and bare from a recent waxing a few days ago. After urging from a friend last year, she had tried the hair removal technique and was instantly hooked. She loved seeing her slit peaking out from her legs, or her clit in full arousal, glistening from between her lips. She pulled the robe back tight around her naked form before she got too aroused and tightened the tie, even knowing it would need retightened in a few minutes.

Deciding to read while she waited, she grabbed her book of the week from the nightstand and flopped down in the comfy brown suede recliner her parents had donated to her new house when she moved in three months ago. Too bad she didn’t know then why the rent was so cheap!

Only 4 chapters into the erotic romance, her doorbell rang. It took a second ring to startle her completely out of her book and she jumped up and ran to the door, bare feet slapping on the linoleum. She threw it open to reveal the plumber.

Somewhere in his early to mid 30’s, he towered over her 5’4″ frame. Solid muscle and built like a tank, she guessed the brown-haired, blue-eyed man in heavy work boots and blue coveralls was at least a foot taller than her. Gaping at him stupidly, she suddenly realized his eyes had drifted down. Her face turned crimson when she realized the tie of her robe had fallen when she jumped up and she was giving him a free peep show.

“Oh, my God! Sorry!” She squeaked, quickly wrapping her body back up and tying the knot as tight as she could. “My clothes…wet…sink…ummm…sorry!” she stopped her stammering with another heavy blush, stepping back to let him in. “Uh, please! Come in!”

He nodded, stooping slightly to enter her doorway; the 2 bed, 1 bath house seem suddenly half as big. She realized she was staring again when he cleared his throat, the deep, masculine sound shocking her out of her surprise at his overwhelming presence. He radiated sexual energy and she could feel her skin tingle with awareness.

“Oh, um, this way!” She shook herself back to reality and started down the hall to the bathroom, leading him inside and then finding herself trapped between him and the tub in the cramped room.

He looked around, noticing the wet towels covering the floor and the water glistening off the counters.

“So, what’s the story?” His voice was deeper and richer than she remembered from their phone conversation.

“Um, well, this is the third time the sink has just started spewing water,” Analee explained, trying to look at anything but him. “I found a loose seal the first time, then tried replacing a section of pipe the second time. I finally decided I needed an expert when it broke again this morning.” She glanced at his face and saw he was looking at her chest again. With a gasp, she straightened the gaping silk and retied it yet again.

He cleared his throat. “Okay, let me take a look.”

He dropped a heavy canvas bag of tools she hadn’t noticed before on the driest side of the counter and opened up the cupboard under the sink, going down onto his knees and then ducking underneath in a half crouch, half lie.

“Alright, uh, I guess I’ll go check on my clothes,” she said, trying to squeeze past his tree-trunk legs to the door. She paused. “Um, my name is Analee. Can I ask your name?”

He glanced out and up from under the sink. “Raymon.” His eyes slid across her body again and she turned beet red, rushing out with a flush of warmth as she remembered she wasn’t wearing panties and he could probably see her totally bare pussy from his position on the floor.

The washer had just finished, so she transferred to the dryer, checked to make sure her robe was still in place, and returned to the bathroom to see how Raymon was getting along.

As she entered the doorway, she heard a bang, thud and then a curse.

“Are you okay?” she asked, leaning down across his body sprawled on her floor.

“Yeah,” he responded. “I need a different tool. Can you grab me a crescent wrench out of my bag?”

Thanking the internet and her plumbing research for helping her know tool names, she quickly found the desired tool and held it out. His hand, easily twice the size of hers, couldn’t quite reach from his awkward position, so she leaned forward, not noticing her robe gaping again. With his vantage point looking up, Raymon was gifted with quite the view of her firm tits and naked slit.

Having helped, she felt a little better and headed to the kitchen. The phone rang and she answered to find her best friend, Suzette, on the line. The chatted a little bit about Suzette’s latest job as a temp secretary and Analee soon was leaning over the edge of the kitchen counter, back to the rest of the house, as they chattered away. Her robe slid up her thighs, the soft breeze of the central A/C tickling her skin and feeling good. She quickly forgot anyone else was in the house as she leaned, swirling a strand of hair around her finger. Phone call ended, she checked her Facebook on her cell, continuing to lean over the counter, feet slightly spread.

A sudden thump of something heavy falling to the floor behind her made her jump, but she was caught from whirling around by a hard, heavy body slamming into her own and pressing her tight against the counter. Two huge hands came around her body and clamped down on her heaving breasts, nearly enveloping them completely, Raymon’s index fingers and thumbs pinching down almost painfully hard on her abruptly tight nipples.

His breath hot against the side of her face, he hissed into her right ear, “You’re a fucking tease, Analee, that’s what you are!”

Mute, she shook her head hard, denying his accusation.

“Oh, yessss,” he hissed again, his tongue flicking out to draw her earlobe between his teeth. He bit down hard and quickly, then released, sending intense shocks through her body to her core.

“No!” she choked out, wriggling to get away and only succeeding in rubbing all over the front of his body. “I…the laundry…I didn’t have any clean clothes! You think I dressed this way on purpose?”

His hot, dry hand found the front of her robe and slipped inside, cupping a bare breast, her body betraying her with a shudder as she felt her pussy clench.

“I think you’re all alone and lonely for some company, Analee.” His wet mouth and teeth found the spot between her shoulder and neck that never failed to make her wet. She let out a moan. “See what I mean? You want this, Analee! You want to be a little slut for me.”

“Stop!” She fought to get away again, feeling the loss of the battle before she could even begin. “I don’t want this! Stop!”

A low chuckle was his response and she felt his hand slip from her breast and start the journey down. She whimpered and clenched her legs tightly together. With as little effort as it took for her to blink, he pulled her legs apart and slipped a finger into her slit, flicking her clit as it passed to sink deep inside her spasming tunnel. The chuckle turned to a laugh when he brought the glistening digit up to her face.

“Tell me you don’t want this, baby, because your body sure as hell wants my fat cock buried deep inside that wet pussy!” He swirled his wet finger around her nipple, her robe completely pushed open to expose the front of her body.

Another involuntary moan slipped out. She had a definite weakness for dirty talk…and dominance. And it had been too long since her last boyfriend. She’d dumped Andy almost a year ago to focus on finishing her Masters degree, finding she had no time for boyfriends. Not one to have a one-night stand or a friend with benefits, that meant her Battery Operated Boyfriends had been getting a workout. It also meant the touch of calloused, confident hands on her body had her dripping down her thighs.

As she attempted to wriggle away again, she felt his hard cock push against her ass. She froze, feeling him throb against her.

“Mmm, want that, Ana?” He groaned into her ear. “Want to feel that fat dick splitting open your dripping wet pussy? Sliding in and stretching open your tight little slit?” A shiver wracked her body and brought another chuckle out of the man wrapped around her body.

His hand slid away from her breast, leaving her wet nipple to tighten harder in the cool air blowing through the room. His body eased away for a split second and she heard the metallic slip of a zipper opening. Almost simultaneously, her robe fluttered down her arms to the floor.

His hard, hot body was back, this time with what felt like a steel rod poking into her back. She felt a drop of pre-cum slide down between her ass cheeks from the dripping head. He lowered his mouth to her neck again and bit down, her body convulsing as she almost came at the feel of his teeth sinking into her shoulder.

“Ah, ah, ah!” He backed off, spinning her around to face him. “No cumming yet, my little slut tease.”

Analee glanced down, then wished she hadn’t. His cock was proportionate to the rest of his body. The glistening, circumcised rod stood almost straight up from his baseball-sized balls; the massively thick rod measured at least 10 inches long and the purple head glistened with clear fluid. Her pussy clenched, half in anticipation and half in fear. No way would that ever fit!

“You’ll split me in two!” She gasped out involuntarily.

Raymon laughed. “It’ll fit. Don’t worry, baby.” He pressed her back against the counter with his hips, lifting her boobs in his hands and twirling her nipples. “It might be tight, but it’ll fit.” He lowered his head and sucked the right one into his mouth, suckling and flicking his tongue around the tight bud as he continued to manipulate the other with his hand.

Analee let her head fall back, rippling waves of pleasure shooting through her body. With a quick calculation, she remembered she was ovulating this week, which must be the extra contribution to her intense reaction. She let out a groan, which Raymon took as encouragement, sucking harder and sliding his dick against her stomach, smearing more pre-cum into her skin.

“Mmmm, Ana!” He moaned against her boob, hands falling to her hips to pull her closer. With a slight flex of his muscles, he lifted her to the counter and pulled her to the edge, his cockhead nudging her wet lips. He rubbed his hard knob up and down, pressing it against her clit with each pass. Her hands on his shoulders, she was no longer pushing against him, but her body tensed with fear as he pushed the head between her wet lips.

“C’mon, baby, relax,” he murmured, teeth skimming across her sensitive globes, his tongue soothing the sting. He pushed forward a little more, stretching her open, almost painfully.

Her hot, dripping pussy sucked at him, pulling him deeper. With a sudden withdrawal, followed by a hard thrust, half his cock buried itself into her body. Analee let out a squeal as she was opened up and stretched. Two more hard thrusts and his balls slapped against the counter beneath her. He stopped and let her feel him filling her.

She had never felt so completely stuffed. His hard cock filled every inch of her tight pussy. She could feel him tense beneath her hands, fighting for control as he let her adjust to his size. Her pussy involuntarily spasmed and he groaned.

“Oh, babe, you’ll be the death of me!” He grabbed her hips tight and withdrew, thrusting back in hard and fast, setting a punishing pace that left them both panting.

Analee had never cum from penetration, so the tingles racing through her body caught her by surprise. She could feel every bump and vein of his rod as it slid in and out of her tightly stretched flesh. He adjusted slightly and she gasped, each thrust now landing squarely on a spot inside that felt almost as sensitive as her clit, which was mashed between their bodies. She felt waves of arousal washing over her with each driving stab of his hard meat into her body.

“Ah, yesss…..” she gasped, giving in suddenly to the incredible pleasure of their bodies joined together. “Yes, Raymon! Fuck me!” She wrapped her arms tighter around his neck and brought her feet together behind his clenched buttocks.

He let out a growl that only increased her arousal and thrust harder, deeper, faster, his head falling to her neck, teeth grazing her soft skin as she squealed and clenched her pussy tighter around his pulsing dick.

“That’s it, baby! Milk my cock! You feel that thick dick fucking you? I’m going to fill you so full you will never be satisfied by another cock again!” He gave an extra hard thrust. Her head fell back and her eyes rolled as she felt her orgasm building.

Raymon pulled back, his hands grabbing her hips to jerk her close, his pace growing incredibly faster as he hammered her pussy. “I want you to fucking cum for me, slut!” He lunged forward, ramming into her cervix with each stab. “Cum on that fucking cock, tease! Cum on that thick, throbbing cock that’s filling up your slut pussy! Cum for me, Ana! Cum for me!”

With a scream and a spasm, she did, her pussy clamping down so tightly his thrusts slowed as he had to forcibly continue to fuck into her spasming slit.

“Ahhhh, that’s it, slut! That’s it! Ah!” With a sudden cry, he stiffened, his cock jerking and spewing deep inside her pussy, each shot intensifying her own orgasm.

“Ahhhh, fuck!” He gave a couple more slight jerks of his hips as his cock emptied into her, his head falling to her chest. He pulled her hips tight to his, mashing her clit to his body and keeping the climax going, her scream tapering off into a whimper as she collapsed against the kitchen counter.

Vaguely she felt him pull out, a gush of semen following the removal of his cock. She heard his zipper go up, soft footfalls to the table where she had already written out his check and then the door closing behind him. Her brain fuzzily registered the loss of his heat and the passage of time as she lay there, alone.

Memory hit in a chilling wave as she remembered again where she was in her cycle. She sat up quickly, hands covering her naked body, chilled now in the cool A/C air. Oh, please. Not now. But…she let one hand drift to her still tingling clit. Oh, it was worth it. Definitely worth the risk. Maybe her pipes would decide to break again.

I Dropped the Lube!

The sound of the door opening and your chuckle made me shake my head. I rolled my eyes when you said, “Yeah baby.”

“Whatever,” was my response to you.

I heard your tool belt hit the floor, and I turned to look back. Your hands were on your belt.

“Don’t even,” I said, with a smile.

“Well, you can’t greet me like that and not expect something,” you told me.

I wasn’t purposely greeting you like “that”. The view before you was not an invitation. I had been reaching over the couch, trying to grab something off the table behind it, but couldn’t quite reach. So I opted to turn around and face the back of the couch, press my body against it, lean over and grab what I needed. You just happened to walk in, as my ass was up in the air.

Now though, as my fingers grasped what I wanted, the thought of you enjoying the view of my derrière was a tad bit arousing. The kids were no longer living with us; all three had grown up and moved on with their lives, and we were alone again – after 23 years of sharing our space with others.

I grinned and wiggled my butt.

“Now that’s an invitation,” you said.

My lips rose in a smirk as I pretended to hump the couch.

The sound of your belt being pulled from your pants made my pussy tingle. I licked my lips and pushed my ass back. I heard your boots being dropped to the floor, followed by the rustling of your pants and then your shirt.

“You take too long,” I muttered. “You wear more layers than a girl.”

“I work outside and it’s ten below,” you explained. “Nice skirt by the way.”

“Thanks, I dropped off some donations to Goodwill and found this little number when I was browsing through their stuff,” I told him. I wiggled my ass, slid my hands down my backside and looked back to see where you were in the room.

You were walking toward me. Your cock jutted out and my pulse raced.

“What’d you drop anyway?” you asked, as you stood behind me.

I smiled wide, and handed you the bottle of lubricant.

You laughed. “I thought you hadn’t planned this.”

My skin grew warm. “I didn’t. I was going to play,” I nodded my head toward a variety of toys. “I didn’t realize the time,” I admitted.

Your hand slid between my thighs and under my skirt. I opened my legs further, allowing you access. I felt your fingers pull at the string of my thong. The scrape of your nails against my skin made me shudder. I gasped as you ran the tip of your pointer finger down the crevice of my ass. A soft moan spilled from my lips as you reached the base of my pussy and teased the soft smooth flesh.

“Mm, feels nice,” I told you. My pussy grew slick and the juices were easily gathering around my labia.

You pushed one finger into the hole and slowly began to fuck me. I hissed and purred, opened my legs more and felt you accommodate my needs with two more fingers. Your thumb rolled across my clit and my toes curled in response to the shots of heat that skated across my skin.

“Disappointed that I’m here and your toys are left behind?” you asked.

“Hell, no,” I muttered. “You know with the toys I cum faster and the thrill is gone too soon. You – you’re cock is so much better than a toy.”

“Good girl,” you said.

I looked back and grinned. “So what are you waiting for?”

You lifted my skirt, and pushed my thong off to the side. My pussy was slick and hot. I heard you flick the top of the lube open, followed by the sound of the cream squirting onto your fingers. “Going right for it aren’t you?” I asked.

“Yep,” you said.

The firm grip of your hand on my ass, spreading my cheeks open and the cool gel of the cream being rubbed and pressed into my anus made my muscles contract. “Mm, that feels good,” I said. Instinctively my body responded and I pushed back against your fingers.

You pushed one thick digit into my tight channel.

“Fuck, yes,” I whispered.

I felt you slide the knuckle in and then felt the base of your finger and knew you had entered me fully. I rolled my hips, pushed one hand down to my pussy and began to tease my clit. Another drop of lube skated along my ass. You withdrew your finger and pushed the fresh gel inside. Eventually you pulled your finger away and I knew what was coming.

The sound of a generous amount of lubricant told me you were loading your cock with the necessary wetness. I pushed my fingers down into my pussy and began to fuck myself. I love to feel the walls of my cunt tighten around my digits when your cock enters my ass.

Your hands spread me open, and my tight little rosebud was there for your viewing pleasure. When I sensed the head of your cock pressing against my anal opening, I bit my lower lip, and continued to force my fingers in and out of my pussy.

The feel of your cock sliding into the tight entrance made my head spin. I closed my eyes; my lips parted. My jaw grew slack. I pushed back. You held my ass cheeks and eased the head deeper. I felt the curve of the head and then the feel of your solid tool gaining ground.

“Fuck you’re so tight here,” you muttered.

I looked back and smiled.

You winked and slapped my ass.

With your cock inside me, you allowed one hand to slide up my back. I arched my body, just enough so you could grab my thick red hair. Your fingers took a firm hold at the base of my silken locks and pulled me back. “Fuck yes,” I hissed as you drove another inch of your marvelous cock into me.

I welcomed every bit of your hard rod. My muscles contracted around you, almost begging for more, but at the same time rejecting what you offered. I took a deep breath and tried to relax, easing the path for your member. When I felt the base of your crotch rub against my backside, I sighed in pleasure.

You began to retreat. I felt the sensation deep within me, whimpered and then purred when you pushed back in. With slow and methodical movements you began to fuck me. I pushed my fingers deeper into my cunt and tried to match your rhythm.

Your hand in my hair, gave a tug and my body responded as we both knew it would. My ass tightened; my pussy clenched, and my nipples grew hard. With your cock buried deep, you released my ass cheek, and reached around to glide your hand under my sweater. My breasts were free of any and all constricting barriers. No children meant no bra. I felt you begin to massage one of my tits.

The palm of your hand felt strong and the calluses of your fingers brushed across my nipples. I loved the conflicting friction of a firm palm rubbing my soft freckled tits. I gasped softly as you pinched the pink pearl.

With all the touching and caressing of my boob and cunt, I knew my release would be quick in coming, as would yours. I worked to concentrate on the task at hand, claiming your cum, while you worked on giving me my release.

We moved together, working like a well-oiled machine. I kept your cock inside me as best I could, tightening when you tried to draw out, relaxing when you forced your way back in. The feeling of a full ass, coupled with the finger-fucking of my sloppy pussy, had us both grunting and muttering vulgarities that echoed throughout the house.

I blushed as I heard “fuck”, “harder”, “faster” come from our lips. Even though we were alone, it still seemed out of character to scream and shout during sex.

When the first wave of my release washed over me, my body stiffened and my heart seemed to stop beating for a moment. My lungs burned as I held my breath and waited for the waves of pleasure to build up again. We both knew I was worth several more climaxes and you were willing to ride it out while I came over and over again.

Each orgasm made my muscles tighten, my eyes roll back, and my chest hurt. Colors popped behind my lids, and then I felt the hot cream of your cum fill my anal cavity. The steaming liquid splashing into me made my pussy flex and a final wave of release erupted from my cunt. I screamed and you groaned in appreciation.

Your cock pulsated against me, another volley of cum slipped free and I felt it ooze out. I grinned, and smiled as the warm liquid trailed down the crack of my ass, and dripped onto the couch. I loved being fucked like this, free and open -no worries of prying eyes. When you slid out of me, I rolled over and opened my legs for you.

I gazed hungrily at your lips as you dropped to your knees, gathered me close and began to drink the fluids that came from my orgasm. I love having your face buried between my legs, almost as much as I love having your dick buried in my ass.

De-flowering the Babysitter

My name is Carly Cameron. My family and close friends call me CC. I just turned 18 last week. I celebrated by going out to dinner with my parents.

I’m in my last year of high school and I’m an advanced student who gets straight A’s. I’m headed to Uni in the fall to study Criminal psychology. I study hard and don’t really have time to work so I do a lot of babysitting. It allows me plenty of study time and offers good pay.

I work pretty steady for three families. Between them I make almost the same as my friends do working. I’m saving all my money for next year because my classes will be pretty heavy. I don’t want to work but I don’t want to be broke either.

During one of my rare free afternoons I like to get out on the trails and walk. Our city sports hundreds of miles of walking/biking trails and parks. It’s beautiful to go down and hike along the river. I’m a solitary creature, somewhat shy and very reserved. I don’t have many friends because all my hobbies and interests are solitary things. Puzzles, painting, reading.

Up until recently I did have a boyfriend but he got tired of begging me for sex. I’m still a virgin and want to stay that way for awhile longer. Jordan thought that if he waited long enough I’d put out and stomped home in a rage when he figured out it wasn’t going to happen.

It wasn’t that I didn’t like the idea of sex it was just that so far I hadn’t really met the right person. I had yet to meet anyone that turned me on. I had hoped it would be Jordan but it hadn’t. Anyway, He’s now happily humping Amy the head cheerleader at my school. It’s a little uncomfortable being singled out by them in the hallways between classes but I can handle it. I’ve been called worse names than “Ice Queen” and “Elsa the Frozen.”

See the trouble is Amy and I look a lot alike. We could pass as sisters and did when we used to be best friends. We both have long silky blond hair and stormy grey eyes. Hers are a bit more black and mine a bit more blue. We have thick dark lashes and peaches and cream skin. I’m slightly shorter and more petite. I reach 5’5 and weigh 100 pounds. Amy is 5’6 and 120 pounds. Both Amy and I are C cups and I’m a little less curvy but basically we are by many standards beautiful girls. The resemblance ends there.

Amy puts out. I don’t. She is outgoing and vivacious. I hate being the center of attention. She drives. I walk. I could go on. My friendship with Amy ended on bad terms. Because she put out the guys we hung around wanted and expected me to put out too. They pressured me a lot for sex and Amy pressured me to give it up too. Eventually Amy and I fought about it and went our separate ways but not before some vicious name calling, tears and hurt feelings.

I arrived home after another long day. No one was home. Dad worked every day till 6 as a manager at a car plant. Mom did shift work at the hospital as an E.R. Nurse. There was a note for me on the fridge.


Put groceries away, walk Pete and empty dishwasher please. There’s 40 on my dresser for you. Dads not coming home till late. He’s going to the game. I’m on nights remember?

See you at breakfast,


P.S. Mr. Dewitt called. They need you tonight at 7”

I fished my cell out of my back pocket. First I called the Dewitt’s. It was to be a late night. Nick would be home by 11 but Cathy would be later. Both parents had to be there for one of them to drive me home so I was just going to stay over.

Then I called Pete. He is a massive bouvier that likes to sleep on my bed. Preferably with me in it too but he’d happily camp there and wait for me to join him. My parents got him when I turned 16 and I loved him.

Pete and I walked for forty minutes. I gave him fresh water and fixed us our supper. I did my chores quick and collected my money. Then I packed and put my school bag and my overnight bag by the door. Pete and I snuggled on the couch watching a movie while I waited for Mr D to pick me up. The movie I was watching was not that exciting and Pete and I fell asleep.

I woke up to the doorbell. Damn! I meant to be ready! I jumped up and ran to the door looking sleepy eyed and bedraggled. Mr D was there and I could tell he had been there a few minutes. He looked impatient.

“Hey Carly. What took so long? I rang the doorbell a dozen times.”

“Sorry Mr D! I fell asleep with Pete on the couch but I’m ready.”

Mr D laughed. “That hungry looking Jamaican will eat you alive one day Carly. Mark my words!”

I giggled. “Petes a harmless teddy bear Mr D.”

“To you Carly, only to you.”

I said goodbye to Pete who was at the door growling like a savage at Mr. D. Who was standing a healthy distance away. He licked my cheek as I pet him quick and told him to be good. I grabbed my bags, slipped out and locked up. Not that anyone would get in with Pete there but it was the responsible thing to do.

Now that it was safe, Mr D took my bag and walked me to the passenger side door of his car. He opened my door for me and deposited my bag on the back seat. We made conversation on the way back to his place.

“How’s school going?” Asked Mr D.

“It’s okay I guess” I sighed.

“Uh oh” laughed Mr D. “Just ok? Carly our passionate student said school is ok? What happened to ‘School is awesome Mr D’ and ‘Oh fabulous Sir’? He teased.

“I broke up with Jordan.”

Me D lost his teasing tone. “Sorry to hear that Carly.” He glanced over at me. “What happened?”

“Well you remember Amy? She babysat with me a few times in grade 9.”

Mr D’s eyebrows went up. “The one that could pass as your twin?”

“Yes” I said.

“Ok. What about her?”

“She puts out.”

Mr D was strangely quiet. We were stopped at a light. I was very comfortable with him because I had been babysitting for him since I was 12 so I thought nothing of our conversation or what he could be thinking right now.

Of course I noticed that he was very good looking but I wouldn’t admit even to myself that I was crushing on him. At 32 he was blond, very fit and really hot! He was also easy to talk to about anything and very kind. He was a computer scientist which I thought was hot too. We started moving again as the light turned. We drove for a bit before he spoke again.

“And you don’t?”

“And I don’t what?” I was a bit confused. Mr D had been silent long enough for my mind to wander.

“You don’t put out?”

I shook my head no.

“I’m sorry Carly. I thought you did. I thought ALL teenagers did now a days!”

I laughed a light tinkling sound.

“So Jordan is with Your ex best friend?”

I nodded. “Yes. They pick on me a lot about being a virgin. They call me names and carry on in the halls. It’s a bit uncomfortable.”

“Ahhh…” Said Mr D as we pulled into his drive. “Well your better off without him Carly.”


I helped Carly bring her things into the house. My mind was blown. My incredibly hot and sexy teenaged babysitter was a virgin! That information went into my brain filed under ‘hot sexual fantasy: taking the homecoming queen’. My dick woke right up. I had to get away from her before she noticed. The kids discovered her presence right then and provided a great distraction. I slipped away as they climbed all over her.

In my bedroom my wife was getting ready. She was a beautiful business exec. I had fallen for her hard when I met her. A romantic at heart, I ignored all the ‘signs’ that she was a first class bitch until it was too late. I do’s all around and a bun in the oven kept me from walking out but we were far from a happy couple. Well I should say I was far from happy. My wife was content with her perfect ‘2.2 kids, house in the suburbs, better than middle class’ life. We had sex once a month ‘if’ she was in the mood. I was her patsy that was for sure!

“Down tiger.” She laughed her cruel spiteful laugh. “I’m headed to a private exec party and I’m not getting there smelling of sex.”

I wished I could laugh in her face and tell her she wasn’t responsible for the marvelous wood I was sporting but she would only take that out on me later so I acted put out.

“Don’t look so sad ‘Darling’. If I win this contract maybe I’ll let you have some when I get home.” She laughed again as she headed to her walk-in closet looking for shoes to match her ‘little black dress’. Looking at her as she came out of the closet I had to admit she was stunning. Natural red hair piled high, naturally tanned looking skin, green eyes, a tight rockin body, sexy legs and buns of steel. It left me flat. As a romantic her hard face and harder personality failed to move me anymore.

I had thought more than once about leaving but I knew she’d fight me for the kids just because I wanted them and I was afraid that she’d win. She spritzed herself with perfume as Carly reached the door of our room. My two monkeys were literally hanging off of her. They both had their mothers red hair but took after me in looks. My blue eyes, my fair skin. Sarah 8 and Lilly 6 looked huge swinging on Carly’s tiny frame.

“Oh Mrs D! You smell amazing” breathed Carly. “You look fantastic in that outfit too!” Her eyes were wide in her fresh lovely face. She seemed slightly awed by Cathy’s beauty. If only she knew how well she competed. My little babysitter was a delicious little package of pure sex appeal and a sweetheart to boot!

“Hello dear.” Cathy’s voice warmed several degrees. I had to admit that she really was fond of Carly. We all were. My wife was ready and headed for the door. She prattled off instructions for Carly as she went.

“Your to order Chinese for you and the girls Carly. Get a bit extra so I can eat when I get home. I don’t dare even breathe in this dress. Our credit card is on file at the Dragon’s Gate so you won’t need to worry about cash or a tip. Nick will pay you for tonight. He will be home first. Lilly, thumb out of your mouth dear.”

I rolled my eyes at the girls. They all giggled. Cathy didn’t even notice.

“It’s a school night and I haven’t helped the girls with homework or lunches. Do you mind?”

Cathy didn’t even turn around to see Carly shake her head. It was presumed that she was willing.

“Are you free the 25th? I have a thing.”

“Uh hang on…” She checked her phone and shook her head. The poor thing looked so guilty. My heart went out to her.

Cathy turned hard glittering eyes on me as if it were my fault. I objected.

“You’ll just have to cancel Nick. I have to fly to Boston. I have no choice.”

Before I could protest Carly chimed in.

“Well I’m supposed to babysit for the Jamison’s but they have a couple girls they can call on so I’ll cancel and come here instead. Will that help?”

She looked between us. Cathy smiled and said “of course dear. Thank you!”

With that Cathy said good bye. Each child knew better than to mess her up. Three cheeks presented themselves for a kiss. Carly knew from long time experience that if she didn’t get her ‘kiss’ too the girls wouldn’t settle down and that would prolong Cathy leaving. Cathy surprised me with a kiss on the cheek too and without another word flew out the door.

“Gotta get moving too Carly or I’ll be late.”

“Ok Mr D.”

Suddenly pandemonium broke out. The girls were jumping on me screaming. I was kissed, hugged and ticked. I was about to leave when Lilly popped her thumb out of her mouth and said “what about Carly’s Kiss Daddy?”

I froze. Carly was used to this demand so she smiled at me and walked my way. My cock stirred back to life watching this sweet sexy teen saunter my way. Her big smile, happy bright eyes fixed at me. I watched her boobs jiggle slightly as she walked. I was getting hard fast.

As she approached me I got an idea. “Why doesn’t Carly kiss Daddy for a change?” Carly laughed and puckered those juicy plump lips at me intending to kiss my proffered cheek. Her kiss landed right on my lips as I turned my head and claimed a kiss. I sucked her lips with the faintest pressure. Her eyes flew wide and she gasped. I winked at her and the girls and shut the door amid their giggles and squeals.

Once in my car however my smile faded. My dick was rock hard and my lips were tingling. Just one kiss. Just one touch of those perfect plump lips had me fantasizing of them wrapped around my cock. I closed my eyes and moaned. What was wrong with me? Lusting after my 18 year old babysitter! I shook my head but I knew I was done for.

I couldn’t get her soft feminine voice telling me she was a virgin out of my head. It was a deeply rooted fantasy of mine to de-flower a virgin. One I had never had the opportunity to indulge in. Until now.

My wife was very experienced when we met. At the time it was a part of her allure. She knew how to rock my body and my mind. But this, this newly planted seed was hotter than any sex with my wife could be. Just the thought of taking Carly’s virginity had the power to make me orgasm right there in the car! Good thing I was hitting the gym before the game. I had a change of clothes in my bag in the trunk.

Shit. I was sunk.


My tummy fluttered and my pussy tingled. My heart was beating really fast. Mr D had just kissed me! I was so shocked! He was teasing of course. His big smile and flirty wink told me that but it didn’t stop my body from responding as if he’d meant it. I was so lame but it was my first kiss and was going to secretly cherish it even if it was a joke. I couldn’t stop the flood of lighthearted happiness that filled me. The girls weren’t helping either. They were laughing and singing “Carly kissed Daddy! Carly kissed Daddy!”

I got them settled down and ordered Chinese. We sat around the solid mahogany kitchen table and did our homework together while we waited. Lilly really struggled with her reading so I put my books aside and pulled her onto my lap. I helped her with her homework till the doorbell rang. I asked Sarah to put the books on the counter while I answered the door. “You help her ok Lilly?”

When I came back with the food she had the table cleared and was getting plates down from the cupboard. We ate in a fun atmosphere. The girls had great personalities and laughed a lot. After dinner we all loaded the dishwasher together and put the food away. I left Sarah to start the lunches while I got Lilly bathed and in bed. We were just about to read stories when Sarah came into Lilly’s room.

“Lunches are done Carly… Can I have a story too?”

Both girls were asleep before the first story was finished. I left Sarah in bed with Lilly and tucked them in. Shutting the light I went to finish my home work. Settling myself in the den I got to work. I must have lost track of time because I heard the door unlock in what seemed like minutes.

Mr D came in looking young and sexy in his faded blue jeans and his white T-shirt. I was confused because he left in his casual work clothes. Seeing my confusion he explained. “I went to the gym before the game.” My mouth made a silent oh. I smiled.

Mr D sat beside me on the couch. He was so close as his weight shifted the cushions it made me tip over onto his shoulder. I was pathetic. I thrilled at the contact. My nipples got hard and jutted out looking for attention. That had never happened to me before from touching another person, just from being cold. I was so shocked I looked down at my shirt, drawing Mr.D’s eyes there too. Sure enough my rock hard nipples where poking out of my tank top on clear display.

I tried to cover them up with my hands but Mr D stopped me.

“It’s okay Carly. It’s just your bodies natural response to stimulation. It’s beautiful” he said softly.

I blushed and a gentle peach color flooded my skin all over. My nipples got incredibly harder knowing that Mr D was looking at them with me. My pussy was waking up and getting wet at the thought.

He leaned back and put his head on the back of the couch. His feet went up on the coffee table. I looked up at his face. His eyes were closed. His hands cradled his head and his elbow touched my hair. I could smell his deodorant and aftershave. He smelled so good. I wanted to lean back in his arms and put my feet up too but I held myself rigid. With his eyes still closed he asked “How was your night?”

I swallowed hard. His sexy voice seemed to be directly connected to my pussy! I felt myself get wetter as he spoke. I had goose bumps!

“O…okay” I stammered.

Mr D heard that and he opened his eyes and looked at me hard. He was staring at my mouth.

“The girls behaved?”

My mouth was dry so I simply nodded. Mr D studied my face so I looked down at my books. A shiver passed through me hardening my nipples even more. They were screaming for attention.

Suddenly Mr D put his feet on the floor and arched his back. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a wad of cash. He counted out 60 dollars and put the rest back. I couldn’t help but stare at the bulge in his pants. I couldn’t see his face so I didn’t see his eyes follow mine. His bulge got bigger. My eyes widened at the sight.

My body was responding to the visual stimulation of seeing Mr D with a hard on. It grew warm and my breathing got slightly heavier. I was gently panting through my open mouth. I had never felt these feelings before.

I looked up at Mr D’s face. He had sat up and was turned slightly toward me. His one arm almost around me as it lay across the couch. His eyes looked directly into mine. I watched his pupils dilate. We stared at each other for several minutes.

I broke eye contact first. I was confused about what was happening to my body and suddenly I felt exposed. Like he could see everything I was feeling through my eyes. I felt Mr D get up. He put the money down on the table. His soft “Goodnight” was barely audible.

After a few minutes my body settled down and I could think straight. I noticed the 60 on the table. It was too much! I took 40 of it and headed toward the bedrooms. Mr D was just coming out of Lilly’s room and closing the door. The only light in the hallway came from his partially open door down the hall.

“You gave me too much money!”

I stopped directly in front of him and tried to hand back the 40. He put his hand over mine and closed my fist over the money. He was looking in my eyes again making my heart flutter. My tummy turned over at the sexy look on his face.

“Keep it Carly. You bailed me out last minute so I could go to the game. I appreciate that and you earn it keeping my house safe and taking good care of my children.”

His hand was still over mine. His other hand covered my neck and pulled me closer. Mr D kissed my lips. They were slightly open so he sucked my bottom lip briefly. Then he let go of me everywhere. He walked the short distance into his room.

I was frozen in place. This time he had really kissed me. No teasing. My heart was pounding! I was about to turn away when I heard a zipper go down and his groan. I looked back and saw that his door was still opened part way. I crept closer. I could hear Mr D moaning.

I got close enough to see into The room without being seen. Mr D was laying on the edge of his bed. He had his pants down and his huge cock out. His hand was holding it straight up at the ceiling. I had never seen an actual penis before so my eyes grew real wide at the sheer size of it.

Then his hand started stroking it. Mr D was breathing heavy as he beat his cock slowly. I was embarrassed watching and was about to turn away when he moaned my name. My head shot up. Mr D was hard because of me?

I watched him rub his cock and started to tingle down there. I could feel wetness gathering and my nipples hardened again. I had never touched myself. I had never felt turned on or inquisitive about my body before. But I was getting very turned on watching as Mr D’s hand stroked his hard cock. Then Mr D started mumbling. I edged closer so I could hear.

“Oh yes baby. Suck my hard cock Carly. Suck it harder baby… God I want in your tight little pussy so bad Carly. Let me fuck you baby. Let me have your sweet cherry!”

I watched Mr D grab his cock harder and stroke faster. It shocked me to see rope after rope of white cum fly into the air. Mr D didn’t stop stroking until his cock was completely soft. Worried I’d get caught I slipped away quietly.

Back in the den I sat on the couch. I was shaking with confusion and desire. I couldn’t believe Mr D had just beat off because of me. I couldn’t even believe he wanted my virginity! I was so turned on my panties were soaked. At first the idea of giving my virginity to Mr D was unsettling but the more I relived the scene I just watched the more I wanted it. I finally admitted it to myself. I wanted the ever so sexy Mr Dewitt! I was in love with him and had been for a long time.


I was still throbbing. My heart was bounding out of my chest. That was the best orgasm I had had in months. This fantasy I was having about Carly was dangerous. I couldn’t keep her name off my lips. I knew the den was away from my room, I just hoped I was quiet enough as I jacked off to visions of Carly’s sweet lips wrapped around my hard prick.

I jumped in the shower to clean up and ended up cumming to my erotic fantasy again. Feeling clean and slightly more controlled I padded to the kitchen for a beer. I had always been a silent walker so I heard Carly moan before she was aware of my presence. The kitchen was in total darkness which completely hid me from view.

Carly had one of the dim sofa lights on as she got undressed for bed. Her top and bra were already off as she shimmied out of her jean shorts. I watched as she sat on the edge of the sofa and played with her tits. She moaned again. Her tiny hands kneaded her flesh as she worked her nipples and boobs.

I was instantly rock hard! She looked so sweet and so innocent as she fumbled with her C cups trying to figure out what pleased her. I could tell that she had never done this before as she experimented with her body. I watched her emotions chase across her face, each one different from the last. Pleasure, pain and back to pleasure as her hands worked her tender flesh. Had my gentle kiss done this to her?

I could feel pre cum dripping down my erect hard shaft as watching her stoked my inner desire hotter and hotter. My brain was filing this under ‘Hot Fantasy: virgin awakens’ I could hardly breathe as one of her hands slid down her body into her tiny thong. Her fingers fumbled to figure out what to do but I watched her light up and glow with pleasure as she figured it out. She stood and dropped her panties.

After sitting back down she spread her legs wide. I got a glimpse of her beautiful virgin pussy. I could see that her hole was still shut tight confirming her innocence. I came powerfully in my pants without loosing my wood.

She lay back against the couch and lifted her legs up on the edge of the cushions. This spread her wide open. I watched as she slowly brought herself to her first orgasm as she slid her fingers over her clit. I could hear her wetness sloshing as she got wetter and wetter. It really worked me up that she hadn’t figured out to insert her finger in her tight hole. I wanted to be in her first. I stepped into the room as she came calling my name.

I could see fear in her eyes as she saw me. She jumped up and stammered. I hurried to her side and shushed her by placing one finger on her lips. Her wide eyes were still filled with desire as she struggled to cover herself. I pulled her into my arms and devoured her mouth with passionate kisses. Soon she stopped fighting me and just clung on for dear life.

I sat her back against the cushions and positioned her as she had been before. I could feel her embarrassment as I spread her wide. I moved between her legs and kissed her into another frenzy, tweaking her nipples and stroking her clit. Used my hands to hold her legs wide as I switched tracks and kissed and licked my way down her tiny frame to her sodden pussy. I dove right in not giving her a chance to think.

I licked her clit firmly and slid my tongue down her slit. A forced my tongue in her hole and sucked her juices. She moaned my name “oh Nick..” It was so hot it melted my control. I ate her with gusto. I alternated between my tongue and my fingers to open her. She was so tight her cunt was slurping my finger into her, craving it deeper. Her inexperience kept her from calling out to me to fuck her. She had no idea what she craved, just that she needed more. She was gyrating into my face. Her tiny hands grabbed my head and shoved it deeper into her needy cunt as she squirted all over my face.

I left her pussy and kissed her again. I knew I was overwhelming her but I couldn’t help it. I had not seen nor heard anything this erotic ever. I helped her lower her legs and sit up. She lifted timid eyes to me. I asked her if she would suck my cock. She shyly agreed. I felt her tiny hands on my cock and almost came right there.

I stood and took my soaked pajama bottoms off. We traded places. I sat on the couch as Carly got on the floor between my legs.

I looked down at her sweet innocent face, totally unaware of what to do. It was so erotic it rocked my insides.

“Take my cock into your hands Carly.” I felt her tiny hands grab me.

“Good girl. Now move them up and down my shaft like… Oh ya baby… Oh… Ya just like that. Oh good girl. Now put the tip in your… Ahhhh… Ahhhh… Ahhhh.”

She was a fast learner. She couldn’t fit more than half my cock in her mouth. I was huge and she was tiny. My hot rod did not care. She licked and pumped, sucked and swallowed me to completion. I was in bliss!

I grabbed the throw off the back of the couch. Picking her up I lay down with her covering us with the blanket. I held her until she slept.

After she passed out I grabbed my pj’s and shut the light. Closing the door I knew no one would bother her in the morning until she came out herself. I crept down the hall feeling like a king. My semi erect cock bouncing as I walked. In my room I grabbed a quick shower. Naked I fell into bed and dreamed of Carly.


I woke alone as I heard Mrs D come home. I looked at my phone. 6 am?! I stretched. Memories of last night flooded my mind. As I heard his wife in the kitchen I remembered Nick. Nick in my mouth, at my breast, in my pussy! We didn’t make love but I sensed that it was close. I smiled as I recalled his strong arms around me. His steady heart under my ear. His strong confident hands stroking me. I heard a bang in the kitchen and thought of Mrs D. I tried to feel guilty but it wouldn’t happen.

When it was quiet I put on my clothes and headed to the shower. I knew from experience I had an hour alone. I had just finished washing my hair when I heard the bathroom door click open. I froze.

“Lilly honey, it that you?”

The shower curtain opened at the back and my heart jumped. Mr D… Nick got in the shower with me.

“Good morning sexy. I am starved for a taste of you baby.” I swallowed hard as Nick reached for me. He kissed me tenderly but thoroughly. Devouring my mouth. His hard member was sliding all over my body as he rubbed himself on me. Lifting his mouth he turned me around.

Grabbing the soap he washed every inch of me microscopically. Paying particular attention to my nipples and pussy. I was very hot and bothered by the time he was done. He smiled a wicked grin and handed me the soap. When he turned around my mouth went dry. He had the sexiest ass I had ever seen. Well it was the only ass I had ever seen but I couldn’t imagine a better one.

I soaped up my hands and ran them all over his beautiful butt. I massaged every inch of his glorious body as I explored to my hearts content. I even swallowed his load as he fired off shot after shot of cum in my mouth. I had been very attentive in my cleaning of his amazing cock. I was sure not to spill a drop.

We got out of the shower and dried each other off. Nick dressed fully and first. I was still in my towel when he laid me on the floor and hungrily ate my wet, dripping honey pot. I came so hard tears rolled down my face to be tenderly licked and kissed away.

We arrived in the kitchen just as Sarah and Lilly did. I personally thought it was a close call but Nick was relaxed and natural so I relaxed too. Soon Mrs D joined us in the kitchen asking everyone to please be quiet. She had very little sleep and looked terrible. The children were effectively subdued. I poured her a coffee, strong and black, how she liked it. I dropped two extra strength ibuprofen in her hand. “Thank you Carly. Your a dear.”

Before long we were all piled in the car ready to be driven to school. Mrs D took herself in her car. The girls and I piled in with Nick. He quietly asked me what time Mrs D got home. I answered as quietly and he shook his head in anger. We dropped the girls first as their school was the closest. They were so sweet, each hugging and kissing me and their father in turn.

“Bye Carly! Bye Daddy!”

They waved from the yard as we drove off. Two blocks from my school Nick pulled over. He gathered me in his arms and said his good byes. His eyes were Solemn but filled with desire. We were breathing heavy by the time he started the car. I reached over and laid my hand gently on his hard on.

“It’s all yours baby. On the 25th” he said. I smiled. At school he pulled to the drop off, waved and sped away. I felt bereft.

The week took forever to pass but finally Friday night came. I dressed with care and was ready way to early. Trying not to appear to eager I sat on the couch with dad and Pete watching a movie. I jumped up when Nick rang the doorbell. I kissed my dad, reminding him I’d be gone till Sunday. Saying good bye to Pete I slipped out the door.

Nick could barely keep his hands off me as we drove away. Once out of my neighborhood he pulled over and kissed me breathless.

“God I missed you baby” he whispered. I just sighed as he resumed kissing me. We got to the house and it was empty. I was confused.

“Where are the girls?”

Nick was busy pulling my clothes off.

“I picked you up at 5. I pick them up at 8:30.”

I smiled and helped him disrobe.

He took me to his room and laid me on the bed. There was a plush towel in the middle. He placed me in the center of it. His hard member brushed me as he laid on top of me. I welcomed his weight as we kissed and made out.

I felt more confident with his body, less terrified of our nudity. I was ready to explore new things. To initiate the parts I liked. While we kissed, I reached down and stroked his cock. He groaned in my mouth and sucked my tongue in deeper. He tried to touch me intimately but I brushed his hand away.

“I want to suck you. I want your cock in my mouth.”

I shuffled down the bed. Nick was trying to stop me. We ended up in a sexy tussle. He gathered me close kissing my lips, my eyes, my neck.

“That’s cheating Nick!”

“No baby… Let me love you. Let me teach you… Oh God…”

I managed to get his cock into my mouth as deep as it would go and sucked. My two hands worked the flesh my mouth couldn’t reach. Nick literally lifted me off his cock. It slid out of my mouth with and audible pop. He lay on his back on the bed. Turning me around backward he sat me on his chest. I slid down his chest in a puddle of my slick juices. I leaned forward and resumed my love assault on his beautiful shaft.

I felt Nick lift my bum to his face. He kissed my cheeks, each one in turn. Then he delved into my wet hole with passion. He licked and sucked my virgin hole like a man possessed. I was so turned on I was humming on his cock, he moaned into my pussy. The feeling was out of this world. It pushed me over the edge. The vibrations giving me a pulsing climax. I got up and turned around intending to finish him but again he had other plans for me.

He gently tucked me beneath his hard frame one more time and started kissing me. Like the night in his den, he played with my nipples and my clit until I was hot and writhing underneath him. Unsure of what I needed but sure I needed something more.

Then he entered me. I felt his giant bulbous head pushing and poking my wet pussy, trying to slide into me. I was so tight he couldn’t get in.

“Spread you legs wide for me baby” he said.

I opened my legs. He pushed hard and the tip of his cock pierced me. It felt strange and erotic. He sucked my nipple hard as he surged forward. The other as he pulled out. He repeated this sultry onslaught over and over until I was so wet my cum was dripping down my button hole in a sexy slide. Finally he stroked hard right through my maiden head. I cried out in pain as he bottomed out in me. Touching my cervix for the first time ever.

He stopped then as I breathed heavy trying to adjust to having his large pole in me. The pain dissipated and I started to pulse my pussy muscles around his girth. He groaned into my neck and started sliding in and out.

A slow pressure started to build up in me as his cock impaled me over and over. It began to feel really good and I couldn’t keep still. Soon I was thrusting to meet him. His breath hot on my nipple as he slowly nursed it in time to his cock pulsing in me.

I was starting to feel crazy with want now. I was bucking and writhing, searching for my release. Nick picked up the pace and jack hammered my pussy. I screamed as I came.


God, I was so done for. I had just taken Carly’s virginity in my marital bed, while my wife was in Boston and my young daughters were with my mother. I was so depraved. This sexy trusting teen just gave me her most precious gift, without protection, and somehow I’d fallen madly in love with her. What the fuck was I gonna do now? I was married to a power bitch who would not let me leave peacefully… And have my girls.

I looked down at Carly’s beautiful face. She was kissing my chest and nipples and rubbing her still erect nipples all over me. I was semi hard and still in her. If she kept this up I would be taking her sexy ass again instead of letting her rest. I had after all just torn through her cherry and shot a huge load deep into her womb. That thought had me hard in an instant.

She gasped as she felt me go very hard inside her. Fuck it was a sexy sound. I looked her deep in the eyes. I slow fucked her, thrusting into her cervix gently, pulling all the way out till just my head remained. I could feel her creaming, the hot liquid dripping down my balls as I slapped them into her pussy. I started rubbing her hot clit as I rocked into her. She was breathing real heavy now but she maintained eye contact as I ravaged her tighter than fuck pussy hole.

I was trying real hard to take it slow and easy. Tell her with my cock the feelings that were to new to express with words. I started flashing through memories of her for the past 6 years. Little Carly just old enough to babysit baby Sarah. Flash, budding Carly all awkward and pimply with baby Lilly on her hip. Flash, teenage Carly playing with my daughters in the kiddy pool, her string bikini barely there. Flash, adult Carly in my bed, in my head, in my heart.

“I love you” I whispered softly.

The words slipped out. They scared the shit out of me but they felt right. Her eyes dilated. Her breath hitched. She came apart in my arms.

We showered and dressed quietly. I don’t know what I wanted or expected next but this somber woman wasn’t it. I knew she was thinking, processing what I had said to her. I just wished she would do it faster. Be happy about it, reciprocate already. It wasn’t like me to have an attack of nerves but I needed to know I wasn’t over my head alone.

We headed out to pick up the girls. My parents had met Carly many times over the years and liked and approved of her. They invited us in. I was taking off early the next morning for the day leaving Carly with the girls. My parents wondered did Carly want to stay over there with the girls and spend the day? My ‘no’ came out sharper than I intended and made all three of my precious girls jump. Carly laughed her magical tinkling laugh that broke the tension.

“Thank you so much for the offer Mrs Dewitt, but no thank you. I have special plans for the girls tomorrow.”

Carly smiled as the girls went nuts with excitement. We left then, the girls falling asleep quickly. Carly carried Lilly in and put her to bed while I did the same with Sarah. We met in the kitchen. Carly walked straight into my arms clearly upset. Her tears started as my arms came around her. I picked her up and carried her into the den. I really wanted her in my bed right now but I suspected her upset had to do with Cathy so my bed was not going to be an option.

“What’s wrong baby?” I rubbed her back as she cuddled into my arms. At first she just sniffled but I waited quietly and soon she was unburdening.

“I love you and I want to be with you so much it hurts. But, you have a wife and two beautiful children that need their mom and I have University in the fall. If you leave your wife I will always feel like I ruined your life. If I don’t go to school so many people will be upset with us. How can we be together? How can this possibly work” she wailed.

I squeezed her to me tight. Now I did feel guilty. She was in an impossible situation because of my lust, greed and love. I held her and murmured to her until she was calm.

“I love you Carly. I meant that with every fiber of my being. I love how you are with people, especially my children.”

She started to cry again.

“I love how passionate and smart you are.”

I kissed her deeply.

“I love how you are there for the people you care about, supporting them, sacrificing for them.”

She found my hard on. Unzipping my pants she pulled them down. She dropped her panties and lifted her skirt.

“I love how life and laughter radiate out of you all the time.”

She sunk down on my manhood, swallowing my entire length in her hot tight hole.

“I love how willing and ready you are in my arms. No agenda, no motive… Just pure sweet loving.”

She fucked me then, into oblivion.

We lay awake talking late into the night. It was decided that since my wife was not interested in sex with me that I would have sex exclusively with Carly. She of course would be exclusive with me. The discussion was very hard on me. My possessive jealous bone rose more than once during our talk. There was a lot of giggling and teasing on her part.

Carly would go to University as planned. I would travel there to see her as often as I could and she would continue to babysit for us.

And there was this summer to look forward to. Carly was already planning to ‘live in nanny’ for us for July and August because Cathy would be away most of the summer starting the new company in Boston. We could reassess and plan after Carly was done school. With a plan in place Carly was back to her peaceful self. She slept.

The entire conversation turned moot anyway. Cathy came home from Boston and announced that she was needed there full time now. She wanted the family to drop everything and move there next weekend, letting my parents sell our house. No way! I objected. She moved out.

Carly moved in as planned for the summer but never left. Before summer was out I received divorce papers granting me the girls full time. Cathy would take them holidays and summer vacation, if she had time. Turned out she never did. Make time.

Carly and I were married right after Carly’s graduation from University.

We are very happy.

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