Lonely Adventure In The Woods

This beautiful petite redhead was hiking on a strange path in the woods and got lost. She thought about how exiting it was when she last fucked with her x-boyfriend’s thick hard cock and how good it felt throbbing deep inside of her sweet pussy.Reminising about how good they used to fuck just turned her on. She was wet so she decided to take advantage of being all alone and sought to pleasure her pussy with a long whip she had just made, using a stem which she broke off from a bush.As she began stripping herself naked, she decided that she would also give herself a good whipping, because she liked her ass being spanked and whipped as the nice pain gave her more intense orgasms.

She wet the whip with her tongue thinking of a blowjob and played with her tender nipples until they got hard.

unzipping her tight black leather trousers, she pushed her hand inside it and started rubbing and teasing her wanting pussy, making it so wet with her hot juices.

Then she pulled down her trousers, bending over she began whipping her nice round sexy ass and loving every stroke, as though it was a cock deep inside her pussy. 

She bend over and struck her ass again and again till it was red. Her butt cheeks felt just right from the spanking, as well as her pussy was all turned on and ready for more sexual pleasure. She wanted to cum desperately.

She teased her clitoris rubbing it and massaged it, spreading her hot pink pussy lips until she came. It wasn’t enough, she wanted more so she gave herself another round of flogging. Each stroke her pussy getting wetter with juices.

Then she used her makeshift whip to play with her clit, teasing and stimulating it over and over.

Her pussy lips were shaved tender and warm. She was enjoying this adventurous little outdoor affair alone playing with herself. 

Stooping down as if to pee, she spread her pink pussy lips apart visualizing she was fucking with a big cock inside her pounding deeper and harder, while her cunt was wet and pulsating with pleasure about to climax again.

She came so hard her body quivered in extacy while her pussy felt so good, as if she had sex for the first time in years. She was very naughty and very satisfied. She enjoyed her adventurous little hike in the woods. 

She left with happy eyes and the most sexy smile on her face.

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