When was the last time you masturbated?

When was the last time you masturbated?

Be honest….


Tell us about the last time. Give us naughty details. If it was fast or slow. Did you do it at home, or in public, did you use a toy? If so what toy. Feel free to drop a naughty pic showing you doing the dirty deed.

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Husband wakes to find his wife masturbating.

He awakes with a start. An imperceptible tremor rocks the bed. Instinctively, he turns his head towards her. She is splayed on her back, sheets and blankets balled up at her feet, her nightgown pulled up around her shoulders. Her breathing ragged. He watches her raise her hips and lovingly stroke the length of her glans. Her pleasure barely audible, her mouth open wide, she begins to flick her hooded lady with her thumb as she thrusts two fingers deep inside her pussy. He adjusts his position, moving to face her. A broad smile crosses his face. Her eyes flash open as she feels the bed move beneath her. She shoots him a look of uneasiness. He reaches out his hand, running it across her brow, gently pushing the dewey strands from her forehead. “Go on.” He whispers. She beams at him and returns to her private dance. Languorously, she moves one hand across the flat of her stomach and down to rest against the head of her mound. Bringing her finger up along the length of her slit she works herself, moving her hand harder and faster against her pelvis. Her breaths catch as she continues and pushes her fingers deep inside her folds. She arches her head back and grabs hold of the edge of the mattress to brace herself. She furiously pounds her clit, teeth clenched, sweat gathering at her neck. She gasps for air, shudders, and lets out a tiny laugh. Her movements slow down and then halt. She sits up on her elbows and reaches for the glass of water perched on her bedside table. One, two, three long gulps, a wipe of her damp brow as she prepares to continue. He reaches out to touch her, his hand running down her back to her round ass cheeks. She is the embodiment of beauty. Daring and Cautious. Lissome and unbending. A paradox. Her beauty undoes him. His desire to hold her and consume her is insufferable. She smiles at him and wraps her pussy stained fingers around his hand. She meets his understanding gaze. She lifts her hand off of his. They are in concert in this end game. She takes her fingers deep inside her mouth, lubricating them with her tongue. Closing her eyes she brings her fingers back to her pussy. Her lips are soaking. The slapping sound of her fingers meeting her lips fills the space between them. She rocks back and forth against her fingers, buried knuckle deep inside of her. Her thumb reaches towards her swollen nob and she flicks it, letting out a sharp moan with each tap. He smiles in knowing. He knows of her pleasure and the tenor of her moans. He knows that before long, her orgasm will engulf her in a wall of flames. He grabs hold of his rigid cock. Stroking slowly, he watches her face contort, and nods as her guttural moan grows to a high pitch cry. Her orgasm is infinity. She lifts her hips as the first contraction shoots through her cunt. The contraction reverberates through her core and like the ripples of a stone skipping across the water, the contractions spread gracefully to her clitoris. Her cries keep her rooted in her bed. In her home. In her life with him. While her body soars and mingles with the sublime. He watches as her orgasm consumes her. The abundance of her loosens his heart and he is unbounded. She lies still. She turns to face him, running her sticky hand over his cheek, down the center of his chest, following the hair in a line to his groin. She places her hand over his. The two move their hands together up and down the length of his shaft. His fingers capture his precum. He runs his sticky finger across her knuckles. She slips her hand over his mushroom top head. He pulls her to him and presses his cock against her belly. She wraps her arms around his waist and drapes her legs across his thighs. He kisses her forehead. She nuzzles the tip of her nose against his chest. They hold each other tight. The rhythm of their breaths in sync. Closing their eyes now, they settle back into slumber.


On the Bus

I glanced at the couple in the seats opposite me. She was leaning on him, eyes shut and he was staring out of the window. Good. I’d spent the previous night at a gathering of the clans, stoned and chatting to one of the DJs, all brown eyes and flashing grin and sexy Irish accent. As dawn had approached we’d decamped to the cliff edge and made out over the firey trails that the rising sun had tattooed on the water, hands, lips, nipples, cock, pressure here and a caress there, thigh between thighs and urgent movement, but nothing more. I had been soaking wet and about to take him down my throat when his friends came looking for him. Very frustrating. I wriggled in my seat and let the soft material of my top slide across my breasts. My nipples sprang erect and I moved again, feeling them rub against the course lace. The friction sent a pang down to my groin. Another wriggle and the seam of my jeans pressing against my clit; some relief, but not enough. Not nearly enough. I pressed my thighs together, and glanced across at the couple. Still oblivious. I positioned myself so that even if he turned around he’d see nothing untoward and slowly moved my hand up my t-shirt, pulling the lace of the bra down and to the side, rolling my right nipple between thumb and forefinger. Surreptitiously, I took my hand out and licked my fingers and then went back to rubbing the nipple, squashed up against my bra. I breathed deeply. I wanted to cum so badly but there was no way I could do more than this. I moved my hand across my breasts and did the same with the other nipple, then both hands on both breasts, turned towards the window in the hope that nobody noticed, writhing in my seat, a little. I groaned a little, forgetting where I was. I glanced over my shoulder at the couple and saw the man, with a shock of blonde hair and sky blue eyes, looking at me with a startled expression. He hadn’t seen anything, had he? I avoided his gaze, and moved as if I was adjusting my underwear (I was) and settled back. Another hour of this and I would be home with my collection of toys. I ran through them in my mind; the rabbit or the g-spot vibrator? I’d certainly be using the nipple clamps. Thinking about my toys made me gush; my knickers were clinging to my labia and were soaking wet. I opened my legs slightly and could smell the rich almond flavor of precum. No good. I closed my legs, pressing my thighs hard against each other, feeling my swollen cunt press tightly against my jeans. Not able to help myself, I groaned again. The man across the aisle carefully disentangled himself from his girlfriend. “You’ll be more comfortable with more space to sleep in, darling,” he said, in a tender tone, and came and sat by me. “You don’t mind?” he asked me. “You looked like you could do with some company.” Inwardly I was cursing. “Of course,” I said, giving one final wriggle. My nipples, still erect, were prominent against my top. “I couldn’t help but notice how hot it is,” he said, standing up to open a window. As he sat down, his hand brushed against my breasts. I took a sharp breath as I felt an electric tingle through my body. How could I carry on a conversation feeling like this? “Oh, I am sorry,” he said, and reached over and pinched a nipple. “I couldn’t help but notice what you were doing and I wondered if you would like some help with those.” I opened my mouth, unable to speak for some seconds. “Yes please,” I said. He put his hand down my top and cupped my breast, squeezing it softly. “Is this what you want?” he asked. “Yes,” I said. “Oh, yes, please. Yes” “It’s a bit public, though,” he said, “Can’t be too careful.” He ran a finger down the fly of my jeans, and then, as my legs opened, along the seam covering my clit, rubbing up and down. I felt my hips bucking, pressing against his hand. “Oh, yes please,” I said. “Please.” “Best not,” he said, taking his hand away. He leaned towards me, his body hiding me from view. “Where are you from?” he asked. “What a treat to find someone in this state on the bus! Really, I should know your name, but it’s much better like this. Do you want me to carry on?” and he put his hand on my thigh, half way up. I bucked and moaned. “Yes,” I said. “Yes.” He pulled the zipper of my jeans down, and slowly inserted an index finger down my opening, teasing the clit. I felt myself throbbing and pressed up against his finger, trying to pull his whole hand down and in. Into me. “Now, now,” he said. “Don’t be greedy.” “I want to cum,” I said, gasping, reaching for his cock, bulging in his trousers. “Oh, no, I’ve got a much better idea,” he said, and reached into his pocket, pulling out a tiny travel vibrator. He switched it on and ran it up and down my cunt on the outside of my trousers. I gasped. I had no control left. Some part of my brain wondered about the noise, but the rest of me didn’t care. I put my hands back on my nipples and lost myself in the sensation. I wanted more. He put his hand inside my knickers. “My, my, you are wet,” he said, thrusting two fingers up my cunt, circling the swollen nub, squeezing hard. “Do you really want it” “Yes, I really want it,” I said. “I can’t hear you,” he said. “Do you really want it? Do you want me to make you cum?” “Yes, I really want to cum,” I said, loudly. Two people three rows ahead turned around. “Cum to your house,” I added. “You’re going to have to do it yourself while I watch,” he said. “I’m faithful to my girlfriend, after all.” I took the vibrator and pulled my trousers down around my hips, pressing the cold steel up against my cunt, slippery with juice. I rubbed it around my lips, feeling the pressure building, wanting more, and then slipped it inside, pushing and stretching my cunt, with a feeling of relief. I pulled my trousers up, crossing my legs to push the vibrator further into me. I felt the heavy weight inside, and waves of sensation like liquid gold radiating out. I put my hands on my breasts, pinching my nipples hard, hips rotating. I gasped. So near, and yet so far. I hung on the edge of a precipice, over the cliff. “Oh, that’s excellent,” he said. “Very pretty. Are you cumming yet?” Some small part of me resented being played with like this. “No,” I said. “I like it like this. You’re not good enough to make me cum.” I smiled at him. Behind him, his girlfriend coughed. “Darling,” she said. I looked at her and she had one hand between her legs and the other rubbing her breasts. “Make her cum. For me!” He smiled, and leant over and kissed me, one hand sliding down my trousers to finger my ring. Push, push, push, forwards into the vibrator and back into his finger, sliding in and out. I felt the orgasm growing. “No,” I said, wriggling away, but every movement I made gave more sensation. “No,” I moaned as it grew and came crashing over me like the waves on a beach, repeating contractions, “No,” I yelped as I gave up to it and in to it, bucking like a boat on heavy sea and the tides of pleasure and releasemrolled over me and I came again and again and again and again. “There,” he said. “You enjoyed that, didn’t you?” and he patted me on the shoulder. “I’ve got to do my girlfriend now,” he added, and moved back across the aisle. “But I’ve got your vibrator,” I said. “It’s yours now,” he said. “Watch.” And I did.


Our Masturbating Threesome

My husband works from home and often times is up very late. During the day, he is in his office, but late at night, he likes to work at the kitchen table. On this particular night, I had been watching TV in our bedroom and wanted to check on him before I turned in. As I came downstairs, I could see him sitting at the table working on his laptop, but he didn’t seem to be doing his usual work. As I moved down the stairs, I noticed that he was sitting in a T-shirt, but he didn’t have anything else on. As I got even closer, I could tell he was holding his dick in his hand. This is the kind of work I like to watch. I got to the bottom of the stairs and he turned to look at me. After winking at me, he returned to what he was doing. I had to see what he was watching. As I got even closer, I noticed that he was watching a video I had made for him for his birthday of me getting myself off. I really enjoy making all kinds of videos for my husband and by now he has quite a collection. In this particular video, I was sitting on the couch completely naked, legs spread wide open, playing with my big tits and rubbing my pussy. He loves to watch me masturbate. I moved off to the side so that I would not disturb him, however I could still see the video and see him jerking off. By this time, his rod had gotten pretty hard. When I realized that I was going to watch him cum while watching a video of me fucking my own pussy, I got immediately wet. I decided that I was not going to be able to just stand aside and simply watch this awesome scene. I slowly pulled my shirt over my head as my big, heavy DD-cups fell to my body. My nipples were already hard so I tugged on them a bit. Next, I pushed my shorts all the way down my legs to the floor. As I stepped out of them and stood back up, I gently slid my hands up the inside of my legs until they were on top of my snatch. I was warm and wet and my pussy seemed to suck a couple of fingers inside of me. At one particular point in the video, I grabbed one of my dildos. When my husband saw that, he stripped off his T-shirt and spread his legs. As I shoved that big toy into my wide open pussy, in the video, he grabbed his now rock hard shaft with more purpose and really got to work. I could hear his hand slamming down against his body. That was it. I had to get involved. I crawled on the floor and under the table until I was between his legs. I starting fingering myself and got after his balls. I played with them, I licked them, I sucked them…and the entire time, he was beating his meat right in my face while he watched me dildo the shit out of my own pussy. This went on for some time. The longer I sucked his balls, the tighter they got. I knew he was building up quite a load of cum and I wanted it all over me. I could also feel my own orgasm building inside of me. I could tell the time was getting close for all “three” of us to cum. We could both hear the juicy sounds on my dildo slamming in and out of me as I moaned on his laptop. Finally, the video got to the point that I started screaming that I was going to cum. I had been working my pussy and tits as hard in the present as I had been in the video all while I was just inches away from him pounding his prick. I screamed again, in the video, that I was cumming and just as I came on the screen, my husband blew his huge load all over my face. As soon as I felt the first blast hit my face, I came so hard that I almost fell over. Over and over again, he shot his jizz on me until it was running down my cheeks and dripping on my tits. When he was done, my husband just sat there, so I did too. I was staring at his spent cock with his cum all over me. This must have been some sight. In the video, I was holding on to my huge knockers and pulling my nipples with a toy sticking out of my spent pussy. My husband was sitting with his hands on his dick after shooting his creamy load all over my face. I was limp between his legs with my fingers still jammed in my pussy and cum all over my face and dripping down my body. I don’t know if it counts as a threesome…but whatever it was, it was awesome. I will have to check on him more often.


Playing with Julie

I have always had a bit of a flirtatious relationship with my wife’s friend Julie. We had been family friends for about 15 years, though in recent years, her and her husband had moved away, so we would catch up only a couple of times a year. Her relationship with her husband had always seemed a bit strange, though over recent years, the gap seemed to grow, particularly in their warmth and intimacy to each other. Our greetings would always be very friendly and over the years had become friendlier — the peck kiss on the cheek moving to the lips — and then to at times with slightly open lips. And during those greetings, my hand had progressed from her arm to her hip, and around to her ass, and her breasts were gradually pressed into me more firmly. Julie had told my wife of various sex toys that she had bought, my wife relaying these stories to me in the surprise of her sharing this with her — knowing that my wife has never had any interest in sex toys. I remembered her telling me about the clit stimulator that Julie had bought, with Julie telling her about how she could have it inside her panties and no-one knew, and how good the orgasms were. My wife was surprised that she would share such detail, though I was happy that she did, as it sent my cock rock-hard! I had suggested to my wife that she might like to buy one, however, she scoffed at this. However, my imagination had taken off, thinking about Julie getting herself off — and it became one of my regular fantasies to masturbate to. Julie had happened to be in town for a few days to catch up with her mother and had come alone. My wife had a few things for Julie and I volunteered to take them to her, to the spare family apartment that she was staying at, with thoughts of her and her sex toys in the back of my mind. I walked up the stairs to the apartment, with feelings of nervous excitement, wondering whether there would be any flirting. Julie opened the door and greeted me with a big smile, throwing her arms around me in a big hug. Her greeting kiss was a bit friendlier than usual — her lips slightly open and I could feel the soft wetness of her lips, as one of my hands held her hip while the other gently cupped the upper part of her ass. Our embrace was slightly longer than usual — not that I minded her body being pressed up against mine! “Well that’s a very nice hello,” I said to her with a smile. “Yes — it’s nice to see you, it’s been a while,” she replied smiling at me. We moved into the kitchen, where we had the regular kind of catch up chat — what we had been doing, what the kids were doing and so on, since we had last met. I handed her the things from my wife and she suggested to move into the family room to continue talking, taking a drink with us. We sat down on the sofa and I couldn’t believe my eyes, that there on the table was a new rabbit vibrator, just having been taken out of it’s packaging. “I hope that I haven’t interrupted anything?” I asked her with a tinge of embarrassment. “No you haven’t ….. not yet anyway,” she smirked at me. “I was just checking it out and getting it ready.” “What have you bought?” I said, asking the obvious. “Do you mind if I have a look at it?” as I reached to pick up her brand new toy. “No, not at all. It’s a vibrating rabbit and I bought it so that I can leave it here, rather than taking them backwards and forward on the plane and get leering looks from the baggage inspectors,” she smiled at me, as I ran my finger slowly along the shaft accentuating it’s length … as I could feel my own shaft getting longer in my pants. “Do you have one at home?” I asked. “No, but I thought that it looked good so I wanted to try it,” she answered. “From the look of this, you won’t have any need for a real cock,” I said to her, as I formed a small circle with my thumb and finger and slid the shaft of the vibe through it, simulating it sliding into her pussy. “I don’t know about that …. there is something special about getting hot and sweaty with someone else, that a toy can’t take the place of, ” she answered with a glint in her eye, as I noticed the outline of her nipples growing under her light dress, adding to my hardness. “Mmm — true,” I answered, as I picked up the batteries from the table and put them in place in the vibrator. “So … how does it work?” I asked her, knowing very well how it worked. “You can probably work it out for yourself,” she taunted back to me. “So let me guess …. this part slides into your pussy,” as I slowly ran my finger along the shaft, “and this part nestles into your clit and vibrates away,” as I ran my finger along the rabbit ears, looking directly into her eyes, though briefly being diverted downwards to her hard nipples, now clearly outlined through her dress. “Very good!” she replied, her look acknowledging that I had noticed how aroused her nipples were. Meanwhile, my cock was throbbing in my pants. “What about these?” I asked, as I ran my fingers across the rows of beads at the base of the shaft. “They are supposed to rotate … just for a bit more stimulation,” Julie answered. “Are you sure you are ever going to want a real cock again? No guy can do all of that!” I asked jokingly. “So which part get’s you off?” I asked. “The penetration or the vibration on your clit?” I asked her, my mouth feeling dry with excitement, knowing that we were entering uncharted waters. “I don’t know yet, but I’ll let you know when I do,” Julie answered to me, looking deeply into my eyes. “Yes — make sure you do!” I answered back. “But in the meantime, I think I need to take a cold shower,” I said to her, as I adjusted myself on the sofa, trying to relieve some of the tightness on my cock. “A bit hard and uncomfortable are you?” she asked, raising her eyebrows with a knowing smile and looking down towards my cock. “Ummm … yes, just a little,” I answered with a smile. “But the rabbit is supposed to be for my pleasure, not yours!” she teased. “Yes, I know. I guess I was just using my imagination and visualizing you trying it out,” I answered. “Ahhh …. so you’d like to watch me, would you?” she teased further. “Mmmm … that would be verrry erotic,” I answered Julie, as I reached down and adjusted my hard cock in my pants. She watched my hand adjusting myself “Maybe we can watch each other?” she mischievously asked. “Ahhh …. so you’d like to watch me, would you?” I teased back to her “Mmmm … that would be verrry erotic,” Julie answered, mimicking me. “How hard are you?” she asked. “Very hard.” I answered as I reached down to feel my cock through my pants. “Show me.” she instructed “Why should I?” I taunted back, gently running my fingers along my hard cock outlined through my pants. “Because I’d like to see how aroused you are …. and I know you’d like to show me”, she replied with her mischievous smile. “And what are you going to show me?” I taunted her. “I’m going to show you how that rabbit works … if you will ever give it to me,” she teased back, as she slid her dress off one shoulder and started circling her hard nipple through her bra. “Well — I can’t keep a lady waiting …. especially one that looks so aroused and ready to try out her new toy,” I smiled, as I got up to pass the rabbit to her. “And just for something to help you start — this is where I’d like my tongue to be!” I told her, as I kissed the end of the shaft and took the rabbit ears between my lips and looking deep into her eyes. “Mmmm …. yes please!” she purred, as I handed her the toy. Julie put the rabbit in her lap and reached forward and started undoing my pants, pressing the palm of her hand against my hard cock. “I think we should establish some rules here ….. no touching each other,” I stammered. “For our own safety,” I added as I stepped back away from her, but continued undoing my pants and letting them fall to the floor — my erection clearly visible in my jocks. “Hmmm … I agree,” she frowned as she took the toy and started rubbing the head of the dildo around her bra covered nipple, before also sliding that off her shoulder and rubbing the head around the puckered skin of her hard nipple. I moved back to the sofa that I was sitting in, rubbing my hardness through my jocks. Julie swung one of her legs up onto the sofa and lifting her foot to near her butt, her dress riding up her thighs as she spread her legs with her other foot stayed on the floor. I could just make out her panties, though they became much more visible as she lifted her skirt and I could make out the dark furry patch through her light coloured sheer panties. Was that a wet patch I could see — or was it my hopeful imagination. She began slowly tracing the head of the dildo up the inside of her thigh and lightly brushing it across her panty covered pussy, as a faint gasp escaped her mouth. She pulled her panties to the side and ran the head along the length of her slit — teasing herself, as her eyes were fixed on my hand working its way inside my jocks and onto my hard cock. I could see the moisture of her arousal glistening on her pussy lips as she applied more pressure to the toy. Slowly she slid the dildo deep into herself “Ooooooohhhh yesssss!” she gasped. “Ohhhhh fucking yesssss!!” went through my mind too, as I slid my jocks off — fully exposing my rock hard cock to Julie for the first time — my hand working along my shaft. “Yes — stroke your cock for me!” she directed me, as she began working the dildo between her lips. “With pleasure!” I gasped. “… as long as you keep fucking yourself for me!” I added. “Why don’t you take the rest of your clothes off?” I asked her. “Yes, I should,” she replied, as she removed the toy from her pussy, glistening with her juices. She stood up and lifted her dress over her head and tossed it to the side, where her bra and damp panties soon followed. Julie layed on the rug on the floor, her head propped on a couple of cushions and her spread legs directing her pussy at me. “You look sooooo wet — I’d love to slide my tongue between your lips!” I said. “Mmmm — that would be very nice!” she replied. “OMG — I am sooo wet — and I haven’t even turned this thing on yet!” as she spread her wet lips with her fingers and slowly slid the toy back into her soaked pussy. I watched eagerly as she spread her lips up and away from her clit, nestling the rabbit against her hard exposed clit, thinking that it wouldn’t take much for me to start spurting my cum, so I needed to ease off a little, as a drop of pre-cum started leaking from the tip of my cock. Julie began slowly sliding the dildo in and out of her soaked pussy, making sure that she was holding her lips apart so that the rabbit made good contact with her clit. “Ohhhh fuck …. you’ve got goo leaking from my cock here,” I gasped to her, and her eyes drifted back towards me. “Why don’t you come down here and show me?” she answered. I got up from the sofa and moved down to the floor and kneeled next to her breasts, my rock hard cock directed towards her face, my hand slowly working along my shaft — resisting the temptation to quicken my pace and spurt my cum all over her face. “Yesssss … stroke it for me!” she purred, her hips starting to gyrate in rhythm with the movements of the dildo . “You like what you see?” I asked coyly, as the pre-cum continued leaking from the eye of my swollen cock and was about to start running down the sensitive underside of my erect shaft. “Yesss I do!” she moaned, “and I want to taste you!” she added. “But only if I can taste you too,” I answered, as I wiped the slippery clear goo from my swollen head and placed my finger between her lips. “Mmmmmmmm, ” she purred, as I felt her mouth and tongue work my finger as though it was my cock in her mouth. I reached down to her hand that was working the toy inside herself and help ease the toy out of her soaked pussy. I brought it to my mouth and slowly licked her juices from it, while staring into her eyes. “Mmmmmm,” I purred back at her, before gently placing it back at her open pussy and slowly sliding it back into place. “Ohhh yesss!” she gasped, as her hips pushed up to meet the dildo sliding deep into her. Her hand moved to mine, as we started working the toy into her dripping pussy. I let go of the toy, leaving it to her … and I gently spread her wet lips away from her clit so that the rabbit ears could again make good contact with her swollen clit. “Sorry about the no touching rule,” I said with a smile, as I brought my fingers to my lips to taste her juices and I moved down to kneel between her legs. “That’s ok, you were only helping,” she smiled “Mmmmmmmm … you taste divine!” I moaned, looking into her eyes, as she lifted one leg and placed her foot on my shoulder. “Ohhh fuuuuuck,” I moaned. “I could sooooo easily just slide my cock into you!!” I gasped. “Yessss! I know you could! …. and I would fucking love it too!!” Julie gasped back at me, her hips now writhing in rhythm with the toy sliding into herself. I amazed myself at my self control not to slide my cock into her. Again I had eased off on stroking my cock, but now I knew that I had passed the point of no return — as I watched my wife’s good friend — with her legs spread wide in front of me, fucking her sodden pussy with her new vibrator. “Fuck Julie … I’m gonna cum,” I whispered to her. “Ohhhhh ….. soooo am I!!” she moaned ….”I want you to shoot your cum all over me!” she cried, as I could tell that her orgasm was about to overtake her. She slammed the vibrator hard into herself and pushed against my shoulder to thrust her hips upwards, “Yessssssssss!!!” she cried and just as the convulsions of her orgasm started, I thrust my cock into my hand … rubbing the slippery pre-cum into my shaft, as I could feel the cum leaving my balls. “Ohhhhhhh fuuuuuuck!!” I moaned as the cum started spurting from my cock — the first stream landing on her tit and across her belly. I lowered my cock to her pussy so that the next stream of my warm cum covered her hand and pussy … followed by the next … and the next … and the next …. as she used her other hand to rub my cum into her clit. Her foot slipped from my shoulder as her orgasm subsided and she rubbed my cum into her tit and belly and licked my cum off her fingers. “Mmmm … I never knew this new toy would be so good!” she said with an exhausted smile.

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