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Dark Clouds Of Lust

I was sitting In a Mc Donald’s one day relaxing after a long hard day at work. I was sitting in a booth eating my burger and fries wondering what the fuck I was going to do with my life. I couldn’t believe how quickly my life has changed. I hated my job and I hate all of the fucking people working there. A few months back, I lost my real job due to the slow economy. I searched for a job in my field but I couldn’t find anything. The girl I was seeing wasn’t any help either. After I lost m job she called me a loser and dumped me. It wasn’t till that moment that I realized what a fucking cunt she was. Everything was fine as long as I had money to buy her shit and take her out.

I was forced to take a part time job at Home Depot. The job only paid six dollars an hour. I had to take this rotten job in order to pay my rent. But I barely mad enough money to pay my car. Six dollars an hour doesn’t cut it for a grown man, especially in New York.

I was sitting there eating my food when a couple of young girls walked past me. One of them was Asian. I don’t know if she was Chinese or Japanese or what. All I knew was that this little bitch was hot. She was dark skinned Asian girl, she stood about 53” and she had a very small breast. I’ve always wanted to fuck a chinky-eyed girl. I came close once in college but it didn’t pan out.

They sat in the booth behind me and started rambling on. I guess they where in college or something because they started talking about school. The three other girls that where with the Asian girl talked about there teaches in the past tense. It sounded like they were giving the young Asian girl advice on what classes to take and what professors she should talk to. I kept my head down and listen to there conversation. I had nothing better to do anyway. And plus the giddy sound of there young voices was turning me on. It had been months since I’ve gotten laid. And jerking off was becoming kind of stale. Listening to there conversation reminded me of when I was there age. It also reminded me of how sweet young pussy was. I haven’t fucked an 18-year-old girl since I was 18.

Just listening to those little bitches talk got my cock hard. Then I heard the Asian girl say to the other girls.

” My parent left this morning for the weekend. I have the whole house to myself.”

When she said that my cock got harder imagining that sweet young Asian pussy home alone. Then one of the other girls said,

“ Are you still dating that black guy…. is he gonna come over to night.”

” Hell yeah…. I’m so sick of doing it in his car…Its gonna be fun to finally do it in my room…My parents don’t like him cause he’s black…If my parent ever find out that I had a black guy in there house they would freak.”

I’m sitting there listening this conversation and my blood is boiling. This little bitch was gonna let some black guy fuck her tonight. Shit…I wanted to fuck her. I would love to shove my white cock in her chinky-eyed cunt. They talked for a few more minutes. I over heard the Asian girl tell her friends that her black boyfriend was going to come over around ten o’clock. She said she wanted him to come over earlier, but he’s afraid that one of the neighbors might see him and tell her parents.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I was horny angry and jealous. I packed up my shit and got in my car. I was sitting in my car with a rock hard cock with no one to bury it in. I was about to drive away when I saw the group of girls coming out of the Mc Donald’s. I sat in my car fantasizing what it would be like to fuck that little Asian girl. Two of the white girls got in a car and drove away. The Asian girl and another white girl walking up the road. There was nothing exciting about the other white girl she was kind of plain. But the Asian bitch looked even hotter walking down the street. What really got me excited was the cut of jeans she was wearing. I don’t know what possessed me but I slowly started to follow them.

I kept my distance from them. I just wanted to look at her a little longer. After about 3 blocks the girls stopped. I pulled off to the side of the road. The spoke for a few minutes and the other white girl turned around and started walking down a side street. The Asian girl continued to walk down the block. She was alone now she had no clue that I was following her. She walked a few more blocks. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her tiny little ass. Her jeans had ridden up her ass and were separating her ass cheeks perfectly. For a moment I felt like a pervert. But my ragging hard cock reminded me that I was just a horny man.

She walked about 4 blocks up the road before she made a right and walked down what I guessed was her street. Her block was a dead end street so I didn’t bother to turn into it. She entered the last house on the left. I just sat there for a minute thinking about what it would be like to fuck her. I wanted to jump out of my car, bust into her house and make her mine. I’ve never raped a girl before but I’ve thought about it. I’ve thought about what it would be like to rape a woman. I’ve thought about it would be like to take a woman against her will. I’ve read a few rape stories on the web and found them very exciting. I would read these stories and wonder if I could ever do such a thing. I’ve read that seventy percent of the women that are raped in America never report it. I sat there thinking about the young girl. I started to wonder how she would react if a stranger broke into her house and raped her. I wondered if she would cooperate or would she put up a fight. While I was thinking about the pros and cons of rape I saw the people who lived in the house next door to hers come out of there home with suitcases and bags. The couple seemed like there were in a hurry, the husband seemed to be rushing his wife and kids into that car. It looked like they also were planning on going away for the weekend. It only took them about 5 minutes to pack up the there SUV and drive away. When the drove past me I noticed that the woman in the passenger seat was holding up a map.

After the drove past me I thought to myself.

“ The little bitch, is alone in that house.”

I then asked myself if I could do it. I asked myself if I could actually rape a woman. My brain was telling me no…. but my cock was telling me yes. I thought about it for a minute and then I said fuck it, I said to myself,

“ You’re gonna go over there and fuck this little Asian cunt.”

I knew I had to act quickly, I had to or else I knew I would talk myself out of it. From the rape stories that I’ve read on the web I knew that I had to instill fear into this young bitches heart. That way she wouldn’t fight me. If I scared her she would cooperate. I was ready and I was horny. I parked my car on the corner and started walking toward her house. Before I got out of my car I grabbed the box cutter I used at Home Depot to open boxes with. I put in my pocket and walked quickly toward her house.

As I walked toward her house I could feel my heart rate increasing. The closer I got to her house the more excited I got. As I walked up to her front door I knew there was no turning back. Everything was perfect. The block was kind of deserted. I guess because it was really hot outside, it had to be close to 95 degrees.

I was breathing heavy and sweating when I rang the buzzer. I heard movement going on in the house.

“ Just a minute,” she yelled out.

And just like that the little Asian bitch walked up to the door and opened it. She only opened it half way she was standing behind the door, which was perfect.

“ Hi… can I help you?” She said in the sweetest voice.

Before she could say another word I lifted my leg and kicked open. The little bitch went flying across the room. I quickly slammed the front door behind me. And jumped on top of her. My adrenaline was pumping and I was moving fast. I reached in my pocket and pulled out my box cutter before she could even realize what was happening. I could feel her little body squirming underneath me. She was about to scream so I quickly put my hand over her mouth to shut her up. She continued to fight which was something I didn’t want. I pulled my hand back and smacked her hard across the face.

“ Shut the Fuck up!!!” I growled at her.

The little bitch was feisty. She raised her hand up toward my face and tried to scratch my face.

“ Get off me motherfucker” she shouted.

That’s when I grabbed her shirt around her neck and slightly I lifted her up. I then smacked the shit out her again.

“ Shut the fuck up…I said Shut UP!!!!! You stupid cunt”

That blow had a huge affect on her because she stopped moving. I covered mouth then reached into my pocket and pulled out my box cutter. When she saw my boxer cutter she knew I meant business. The look on her face was incredible. It was looking into the eyes of a frightened child. I had to act fast, I wanted to fuck this little bitch and get the hell out of there. I brought the box cutter up to her face and said,

“ You better be quiet or else or else I’m gonna cut you into little pieces.”

“ Are you gonna be quiet…. Are you gonna be quiet.?” I asked angrily.

She nodded her head and I slowly moved my hand but I was ready to put my hand over her mouth if she tries to scream again. As soon as I moved my hand she started crying.

” Please mister…don’t hurt me…please….I…I…have $50.00 in my purse over…please take the money and leave.”

“ Shut Up!!!…I don’t want your fucking money…I want you…. I’m gonna fuck you.”

You should have scene her eyes when I told her I was going to fuck her. She looked mystified; I didn’t know why she looked so confused. Why else would a man break into a woman’s home and jump on her? Things were happening fast, she looked scared and confused. I even found the tears that began to flow from her eyes sexy.

“ No…. mister please…. my parents have jewelry up stairs please take what every you want and leave…please I’m begging you.” She cried as I picked her up and started walking her toward her living room.

Her entire body trembled with fear. I loved how her frightened body felt against mine. I was also scared, but it was a totally different type of fear. My mind was constantly thinking about my next move. That’s when I wrapped my arm around her throat from behind. I saw that there was a small couch in the corner of the room. I figured that would good spot to rape her. I didn’t want to go upstairs into one of the bedrooms. I figured that it would be best if I stayed on the first floor in case I had to make a run for it. I hooked my arm under her throat and said,

” What’s your name?”

She didn’t respond immediately. So I tightened my grip under her throat.

“ I said, What’s your fucking name little girl…. look we can do this the quick and easy way or we can do it the hard way…I can either beat the shit out of you or slice you up into bits and then fuck you…or you can cooperated and get through this with out a mark on your body…there’s nothing you can do…It doesn’t matter to me because I’m not leaving until I fuck you.”

It was weird hearing myself say those words. I said in a low throaty voice trying to sound as evil and as mean as possible.

“ My…My name is Anna…..please mister don’t hurt me Ill do what ever you say just don’t hurt me.

“ Are you gonna play nice?…are you gonna shut your mouth? Are you gonna do as I say, because I’m not fucking around with Anna…I meant what I said…don’t test me bitch because if you do, you will fail.”

” I…I swear…I…I do what ever you say…just don’t hurt me.”

I had her exactly where I wanted her. My cock throbbed with anticipation. I sat her down on the couch and told her to sit still. I sat down right next to her and looked into her eyes. I told her to stop crying. I sat there and stared at her and thought about my next moved. She was mine and I was going to enjoy myself.

“ Lift up your shirt…lets get a look at those little tits.”

She didn’t hesitate she lifted up her shirt. She wasn’t even wearing a bra. Her skin was beautiful, light brown just a shade darker then caramel. If she didn’t have chinky-eyes she could easily pass for a light skinned black woman. Her dark little nipples looked delicious. I leaned my head towards her breast and immediately started sucking on them. Her flesh was hot and her body trembles as my lips made contact with her young tender nipples. She smelled so sweet and her flesh felt so amazing. It reminded me of when I was young. It reminded me of the young girls I fucked when I as her age. When you’re that age you really don’t appreciate the softness of a young girl skin. Its only when you get older and that you realize how sweet and tender the flesh is on a younger woman. I sucked on her breast for a few minutes. She may have looked innocent but I’m sure this little bitch has been fucked a bunch of times. I guess that’s why I didn’t feel sorry for her at all, plus she was planning on fucking some young black later on that night.

She started whimpering a little when started unbuckling her jeans. After I unbuckled her jeans I started pulling on them. She was wearing the most sexiest pair of pink cotton panties that I had ever scene. I felt like I was in a time warp. It started feeling like I was the younger person in the room. The whole thing felt weird. I felt a lot of the same feelings I felt before I got my first piece of ass when I was 15-years old.

I tugged on her jeans until they got stuck under her ass. I looked up at her and gave her an evil look. It was magical how I communicated with just my eyes. I didn’t have to say a words she raised her hips up in the air. The control I felt at that moment was that of a God. It was powerful; I gained strength and confidence at that moment. This little bitch had to be a slut. It wasn’t until I reached for her panties that I noticed she had one of the ridiculous belly piercing.

I placed her legs on the couch and started tugging her panties down. She grabbed her panties trying to stop me.

“ Anna…. don’t make me hurt you…. remember what I said…don’t test me bitch.”

I guess she needed a little verbal reminder. My heart was racing as I slowly pulled her panties down. I could feel the sweat building up on my brow as I unveiled my prize. And what a prize it was. Her pussy was beautiful and completely bald. She was completely shaved. It was amazing how her skin got darker between her legs. She must have just shaven it cause it looked so smooth. There wasn’t a cunt hair in sight. My mouth was drooling. And when I placed my hand on the smoothest cunt I ever felt in my life I thought I was going to have a heart attach.

Her pussy was warm and it was moist. In the stories I’ve read the rapist always talked about their victims being wet when they fucked them. I’ve always had a hard time believing that until this moment. The more I passed my hands against her cunt the wetter she got. I spread her cunt lips apart and slowly slipped my finger inside of her. She was nice and tight. I dipped my finger in and out of her a few times. That’s when I was hit with hit the sweet scent of her youthful cunt. Her aroma was hypnotic in a sense. It tickled my noise and made me dizzy with desire.

I wanted to eat her pussy but I didn’t want her to try anything. If I buried my head between her thighs she might try something. I was sweating like crazy. I stopped for a minute and took off my shirt. Then I pushed her legs back and told her to place her hands on her boots.

From that position I could easily keep my eyes on her hands while a sampled some of that pussy with my tongue. I don’t know if she knew what I was about to do. But her eyes got wider as I brought my mouth toward her pussy.

I watched her face as I slithered my tongue into her warm hole. He pussy tasted sweeter then I could have ever imagined. She closed her eyes and her body shock as I wrapped my tongue around her swollen little clit. I licked and sucked her clit as though it was the last meal I would ever have on this earth. The more I licked her cunt the heavier her breathing got. The more I licked and sucked on her clit the wider her legs seemed to be spreading.

My tongue acted like a jackhammer as it attempted to dig into her core. I hungered for her; I hungered for her to release her juices. I wouldn’t have to wait long. Her young body shuddered as she came in my mouth. She moaned as her hips bucked up wards. She came hard and heavy and her juices flooded my mouth. My tongues acted like a sponge, I soaked up everything that she had to offer.

After I raped her pussy with my tongue I stood up and looked at my little Asian victim. She looked adorable. She brought her hands up to her face and started weeping. I knew why she was weeping it was just like I had read in the stories. Sometimes women reach orgasm during the act of rape. They go into a state of confusion as they try to understand why there body is responding to such an act.

The clock was ticking and my balls were aching for some satisfaction.

” Come on little girl Its my turn…get on your knees.”

She slowly got off the couch and got on her knees. I quickly took off the rest of my close and when I stood up my cock was rock hard and just a few inches away from her face.

“ Have you ever sucked a mans cock before?”

She looked up at me and slowly nodded her head.

” Then I guess I don’t have to explain to what I want you to do.”

She slowly brought her hand up and wrapped it around my cock. I took one step forward, that’s when she closed her eyes and slowly opened her mouth.

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” Open your eyes Anna…I want to see those pretty eyes while you suck my cock.”

She opened her eyes and looked up at me as her tongue made contact with my cock. Her tongue felt incredible.

“ Aggghhh…yeah…. suck it baby…suck my cock.”

She took my cock deep into her mouth. It felt so good to have my cock someplace other then my hand. I felt alive again as she started going back and forth on my cock. She was giving me a magnificent blowjob. She was no amateur cocksucker. She knew how to use he tongue and everything. I was sure she had gotten a lot of practice sucking on her boyfriends black cock.

“ Yeah baby…yeah that’s it faster…faster make me cum…make me cum.” I moaned breathing heavy and sweating profusely.

She followed my orders; She started sucking my cock like crazy. I could feel my balls twitching…my legs started to trembling as I felt myself about to exploded. I grabbed her by her hair and rammed my cock in to the back of her throat and exploded. My cock erupted in her mouth.

“ Aggghhh…fuck…. Aghggghhh fuck yeah…. I’m Cumming….Agghh…Agghhhh.”

I howled liked a dog as I hurled thick globs of cum into her throat.

” Yeah bitch…..fuck…drink it baby….get it….get all of it…Drink my fucking cum you little whore.”

Anna didn’t even blink. She accepted my offering like a grown women. She swallowed my frustrated seed as though she has done this act a thousand times. I’ve had my dick sucked and I’ve shot my load in a lot of mouths but I’ve never had the balls to push my cock in their throats.

After I unloaded what seemed to be about three months worth of backed up cum down her throat I pulled my deflating cock out of her mouth. My cock came out of her mouth almost as clean as it did before she started sucking my cock. There was no evidence of my load, just a thin sheen of her saliva on my cock.

“ Where did you learn how to suck cock like that…. that was awesome baby…God Damn!!!…. You are an incredible cock sucker baby girl.”

She didn’t say a word and I kind of didn’t expect her to. I don’t even know why I gave her such a compliment. I was feeling things I’ve never felt before in my life. I felt like as though I was on top of the world. I’m just a regular guy but at the moment I felt like a giant. Before I knew it and faster then I thought it would take, my cock was once again rock hard. Then she said,

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” Please Mister I’ve done what you wanted. Please go…please don’t rape me.”

“ What’s the matter Sweetie…you don’t want me to stick my cock in your cunt…Are you afraid you might cum again….Fuck you!!!…. I’m gonna stick my cock in you weather you like it or not and if you cum…well that’s to fucking bad…Now shut the fuck up and sit on the couch…I don’t want to hear another word out of your mouth.”

She quickly got off the ground and sat on the couch but she didn’t spread her legs. She looked into my eyes and then she looked down at my hand that was slowly stroking my rock hard cock. She then looked up at me again. I gave her that mean look again and she knew that wasn’t going anywhere until I fuck her. She knew that she was going to get fucked. She looked defeated as she sat back and spread her legs. I felt like a commanding general. It felt like I was standing in front of the enemy as they laid down their arms and surrender. My war was on a more personal level. My enemy was unarmed; my enemy was nothing more then a frightened little Asian girl. She looked so helpless and so sexy all at the same time.

I got down on my knees and placed her right leg on my shoulder. I placed my cock at the entrance of and gently rubbed it on top of her pussy. I could feel her little clit gliding on the underside of my shaft. It was at that moment that the events that lead me to this point raced through my mind. It was like having a high-speed videotape flying through my brain. The tape started from the time I got up this morning, going to my lousy job, going to the Mc Donald’s, following this girl home and breaking in.

All these thought flashed through my brain as I slowly started sinking my cock in to her tight young Asian pussy. I pushed my thick white cock into her slowly. I had to hold myself back. A part of me wanted to ram my cock into this cunt and another part of me wanted to go slowly. I pushed it in her as slow as I could. I wanted to remember and feel every centimeter of my first piece of chinky-eyed pussy.

Watching her cunt spread for me was amazing. Her pussy was perfect and my cock fit inside her like a glove. I took a couple of deep long strokes in and out of her pussy. Each stroke got easier as her cunt walls stretched for me.

I looked down at her. She had her yes closed and seemed to be some place else. I didn’t give a fuck. Her mind may have been someplace else but her cunt belonged to me. Her entire body was there for my pleasure and I loving it.

She was so fucking pretty. This little bitch was designed by God and built for fucking. I found my rhythm and increased my pace. Each thrust into her cunt was better then the one before it. Before I knew it I was Rocking and Rollin in her sweet pussy. I pulled my cock out of her to survey the damage. Her cunt looked gorgeous all stretched out and dripping wet.

“ Put your hand on your cunt and spread your pussy lips Anna.” I demanded.

She quickly placed her hands by her bald pussy mound and spread her flesh apart. As soon as she spread her cunt lips apart I rammed my cock inside. I pounded her cunt like mad man. She was weak and her cunt was wide open and defenseless, her pussy was like the Taliban and my cock had the strength, the power and the authority of the United States Military behind it. She was no match for me.

My thrust where like bombs as I pounded her tight asian pussy with my seven inch missile. I was locked on to my target. Each time I descended my cock in her I felt the earth shake and my balls rumble. I pounded her pussy with cock bombs. My balls slapping against her ass only added to the melody that I was enjoying.

Anna cunt was on fire and her juices were flowing. Her cunt fought back the only way it could. She got wetter and wetter, it was the only way her cunt could help her. I drove my cock in her hard and fast, plowing my way into her core. I was out of control and my mind was lost someplace deep inside her soul. The rumbling in my balls woke me out of my trance as I felt my cock was about to explode. I quickly pulled my cock out of her in just a nick of time.

Anna had one more hole that I need to explore. I’ve fucked a lot of girl in the past but none of them ever let me fuck them in the ass. This was my chance. I was going to fuck my Asian delight in the ass and there wasn’t a damn thing she could do about it.

“ Get up…. turn around and bend over baby.”

She was well trained by this point she got up of the couch turned around and bent over she even stuck her ass out for me. I don’t think she would have moved so fast if she knew which hole I was planning on sticking my cock in next. My cock had a nice thick coat of her cunt juices. I sized up my target. Her asshole looked so tiny. Even I started to wonder if I could fit my entire cock in there. I dipped the head of my cock into her wet cunt to get it a little more cunt juice on it. I then put the tip of my cock at the entrance to her tiny little puckered asshole and started pushing.

“ No…No…please not there…please don’t put it in my ass…please stop,” she cried out as she tried to squirm away.

“Bitch…. Shut the Fuck up. This ain’t a democracy…this is a dictatorship…I thought you might have gotten the message by now. I’m in charge and my vote is the only one that counts…. I’m gonna fuck you in the ass…Now stop acting like a little brat.”

“ Please mister don’t fuck me in the ass…I…I…I’ve never done that before…please mister your cock is to big…It’ll rip me apart please mister…I’m begging you…please don’t put your cock in my ass.”

Her begging only excited me. The sound of her voice cracking as she begged me not to fuck her in the ass sent chills throughout my entire body. She continued to beg and I continued to push forward.

“No….No…Please!!!!!!” she screamed as I slammed my cock in to her virgin ass.

“ Agggghhh…fuck yeah…Ohhhhh… fucking God,” I moaned as I plowed my way in to her anus.

Her ass was the tightest thing I have ever stuck my cock in. It was like entering another realm of human sexuality. You never forget the first time you stick your cock in a woman’s cunt. But when I sank my cock into Anna’s asshole those feeling and memory was whipped out. The feeling and the sensations were totally different. Her asshole felt totally different then her cunt walls.

“ Please…take it out…you’re killing me please take it out…I can’t take it please…sir…please take it out.” She begged.

“ Shut up!!!…. Shut up and take it…it’ll be over soon… you better shut up or else I’m really gonna hurt you.”

My threats worked. She shut her mouth and I pounded her asshole. I used her asshole like a punching bag. I worked out my frustrations on her ass. I couldn’t tell if she was crying but she was whimpering. She sounded like a wounded as she squealed with my cock buried deep in her ass.

And just like her cunt, her ass started to give way and adjust to my cock. What I enjoyed the moist about fucking Anna in the ass was the tightness I felt around the base of my cock when I drove it all the way in. Unlike her pussy that would spread around the base of my cock. The ring of her asshole would tighten and squeeze my shaft at the base.

I felt that familiar feeling stirring my balls. I then started my final assault. I kicked it to over drive and let her have it.

” Agggh…Agghh…Its almost over baby…I’m gonna cum Anna…I’m gonna cum in you ass baby girl…. you want me to cum in your ass baby?…you want me to get out of your house?…Say it….tell me you want me to cum in your ass…Say you fucking bitch.”

“ Yes….yes…Please…!!! For Gods sake… please cum…Cum in my ass.” She said as I tore into her ass with violet thrust.

“ Agggggghhhhh…fuck…here it comes baby….Agghgggghghhgggghg!!!!!”

I rammed my cock in to her ass and exploded flooding her asshole with a fresh batch of cum. I could feel her tight ring clutching around the base of my cock. I pulled my cum spiting cock out of her ass and pulled her to the ground.

“ Open your mouth… open your fucking mouth bitch!!!!”

She opened her mouth just in time. I quickly fired two big thick blast of cum into her mouth.

“ Yeah that’s it….Agggghh…fuck drink it drink it Anna…drink it up baby.

After I fired my load into her mouth I told her to stroke my cock. She grabbed my cock and stroked it, squeezing and milking all the cum out. I looked down at my victim and admired my work. Her raped body and cum covered face brought closure to my mission. The thick globs of cum that were pasted all over her lips brought me spiraling back to reality.

I had just raped a woman. I had just raped an innocent young girl. I felt bad…I felt horrible inside but I couldn’t show that on the outside. I had to get out of there. I quickly got dressed.

Before I left I tied her up. I tied her up but I made sure that she could get out if the binds but not right away.

Looking down at her raped body, I knew I had done wrong. I could see the come leaking out off her asshole as she curled up into the fetal position turning away from me. Her cum cover face made me feel sick inside. I had to say something; I just left I felt that I had to say something. But what do you say to a woman after you rape her. What do you say to a woman after you’ve rape every opening in on her body?

” Look Anna…I’m sorry…I’m sorry I raped you…I know what I did was wrong but I couldn’t help myself…. I know my apology wont change what happened here but I just felt I had to say it.”

After I got dressed I looked around the house for a minute to make sure I left nothing behind. Then I walked over to Anna and checked the extension cord that I used to tie her up. Then I walked over to the door and peaked out the window. Everything looked cool. I quickly walked out of her house and down the block. The walk to my car was intense. I walked fast but calmly. I got in my car drove away as fast as I could.

While I drove home I started to cry. It’s amazing how reality hits you; it’s amazing how reality hits you after the dark cloud of lust dissipate from your mind. It hits you hard and if you have any trace of humanity in your DNA it hits you with a vengeance. I couldn’t believe what I had just done. I thought about my own sisters. I thought about what I would do to someone if I found out someone did that to my own sisters.

I never went back to my job at the Home Depot. I was afraid to leave my apartment. I only opened my door to collect my mail and the newspapers. Everyday I combed the papers looking for news. But everyday I came up blank. The rape was never reported.

A week later I packed up my shit and moved to Florida. I stayed with my buddy until I found me a decent job. They say that rape victims are never the same. That incident changed my life forever. This happened over five months ago. And to this day I still can’t look a woman in the eyes.

The end

This was just a story and nothing else. The Zilla Network and Its Authors do not promote the raping of young girls. Rape is a horrible crime. Those who commit this act should be punished. Please send your thoughts and comments.

Peace Be With You…..

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